Dale E. Twomley

Dale E. Twomley

Dale E. Twomley,PhD, is an American businessman, educator and author. He was the CEO of Worthington Foods, Inc. and was heavily involved in its sale to Kellogg.



Twomley was born to a Seventh-day Adventist family in Michigan and attended an Adventist elementary school and [academy] for high school.[1] He received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Andrews University in Michigan, his MBA from the University of Tennessee and his Ph.D. in Administration from the University of Maryland.[1]

Worthington Foods

Dale Twomley was President and CEO of Worthington Foods, Inc from 1986 to 1999, when the company was acquired by Kellogg.[2] During his time in leadership, he oversaw negotiations to acquire Loma Linda Food Co. and the acquisition of property in Zanesville, Ohio and the construction of a plant on the property.[2]

Other activities

As of May 2010, Dale Twomley was a co-chair of the President's Council of Andrews University in Michigan.[3] He had previously served as Principal of a number of Seventh-day Adventist secondary institutions including Shenandoah Valley Academy, and Mount Vernon Academy, as well as advisor to Takoma Academy. He is currently the principal and CEO of Fletcher Academy, Inc. [4][5] In 1994, Twomley was considered for the Presidency of Andrews University and was one of six finalists for the position.[6]

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