Dak To District

Dak To District
Dak To District
Huyện Đắk Tô
—  District and village  —
Location in Kon Tum Province
Dak To District is located in Vietnam
Dak To District
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 14°42′N 107°51′E / 14.7°N 107.85°E / 14.7; 107.85Coordinates: 14°42′N 107°51′E / 14.7°N 107.85°E / 14.7; 107.85
Country  Vietnam
Province Kon Tum Province
Population (2004)
 - Total 29,015

Đắk Tô is a village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and in the so-called "tri-border" area where the borders of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia all come together. Located just north of the Vietnamese town of Tan Canh (nicknamed "Tin Can" by the American GIs), Dak To is populated by a Montagnard tribal people known as the Degar. It was viewed as a strategic area throughout the Vietnam War because of its proximity to a major branch of the Ho Chi Minh trail, which Hanoi maintained through the neighboring country of Laos. Dak To is in a lush region of forest covered mountains and deep valleys, with cool and refreshing streams in abundance.

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