Weekly Daily Giz Wiz

Weekly Daily Giz Wiz
Weekly Daily Giz Wiz
Hosting Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte
Updates Weekly (formerly Daily)
Debut February 20, 2006
Genre Technology-Gadgets
Website http://www.gizwiz.biz

Weekly Daily Giz Wiz (formerly known as Daily Giz Wiz) is a daily Podcast featuring Dick DeBartolo and Leo Laporte and is part of the TWiT.tv Network. It is a short, daily discussion about one technology or gadget. A shorter version of The Weekly Daily Giz Wiz (formerly The Daily Giz Wiz) also appears on Laporte's syndicated radio show The Tech Guy. It celebrated its 600th episode on the 20th June 2008. The "Daily Giz Wiz" was renamed to represent new show new format of a weekly podcast.



Each episode of the Daily Giz Wiz starts out with a gadget. The reviewer depends on the day.

  • Monday: Dick DeBartolo
  • Tuesday: (Turn The Table Tuesday) Leo Laporte
  • Wednesday: (Theme-Free Wednesday) Dick DeBartolo
  • Thursday: Dick DeBartolo
  • Friday: Gadget Warehouse Friday: Dick DeBartolo

All have been retired due to the new format.


The show has several jingles and songs it uses to indicate different sections or events, including (First aired in brackets):

Most have been retired due to the new format.


Dick usually finishes with his signature line, "I'll be here".

Additional information

DeBartolo appears as a monthly guest of Computer America, heard in New York, Boston and 28 other markets, plus streaming on the Internet. He also has a periodic "gadget" segment on ABC World News Now.

600th Show special

The 600th episode was recorded on Friday the 20th of June 2008. Dick travelled from NYC to Petaluma to do the show with Leo, which aired on 27 June 2008. The gadget featured was "Fred Lanes" third hand.


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