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Catarina, the Portuguese form of the name Catherine, may refer to:

In Portuguese Infantas:
*Infanta Catarina of Portugal (1436–1463), daughter of king Edward of Portugal
*Infanta Catarina, Duchess of Braganza (1540–1614), granddaughter of king Manuel I of Portugal and pretender to the Portuguese throne
*Catherine of Braganza (1638–1705), wife of Charles II of Great Britain

In geography:

* Catarina, Masaya
* Catarina, San Marcos
* Catarina, Texas
* Santa Catarina (Caldas da Rainha)
* Santa Catarina (island)
* Santa Catarina (state)
* Santa Catarina, Cape Verde
* Santa Catarina, Nuevo León
* Santa Catarina Barahona
* Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan
* Santa Catarina Mita
* Santa Catarina Palopó

In other fields:

* Catarina or La Fille du Bandit, Jules Perrot's 1846 ballet
* Catarina Eufémia, illiterate harvester from Alentejo, Portugal who was murdered during a worker's strike
* Catarina Lindqvist, professional tennis player
* Catarina van Hemessen, Flemish Renaissance painter
* Cyclone Catarina, a South Atlantic tropical cyclone
* Misión Santa Catarina Virgen y Mártir, a Spanish mission
* "Santa Catarina" (ship), a Portuguese carrack that was seized by the Dutch East India Company

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