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Dabayin is located in Burma
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 22°28′0″N 95°9′0″E / 22.466667°N 95.15°E / 22.466667; 95.15Coordinates: 22°28′0″N 95°9′0″E / 22.466667°N 95.15°E / 22.466667; 95.15
Country Burma
Division Sagaing Division
 - Mayor
Population (2005)
 - Religions Buddhism
Time zone MST (UTC+6.30)

Dabayin (Burmese: ဒီပဲယင်း; also spelled Debayin, Depayin, or Tabayin, or Ngapayin) is a town in the Sagaing Division in Myanmar.



Located a few kilometers west of Shwebo, the birthplace of Konbaung dynasty, Dabayin was a major source of many Konbaung soldiers and officials, including the country's most famous general Maha Bandula.[1][2] Having Dabayin as fief was a powerful symbol before one became king. King Naungdawgyi was Prince of Dabayin before he became the second king of Konbaung dynasty in 1760.[3] Crown Prince Thado Minsaw was another famous Prince of Dabayin, who conquered Arakan (now Rakhine State) in 1784. In 1808, Thado Minsaw's son Prince of Sagaing (later King Bagyidaw) inherited the title Prince of Dabayin.[4]

In 2003, Dabayin again became center of attention in Burmese politics. The Dabayin Massacre took place on 30 May 2003, during a tour of the country by the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.[5] The last stanzas of a recent poem titled "Diparinga" (ဒီပရင်္ဂ), which refers to the ancient name of Dabayin and extols the past glories of the place, by Khin Maung Than, raised the ire of the authorities as they read like a thinly veiled reference to the massacre.[6]


Dabayin is linked to Monywa, Budalin, Ye-U and Kin-U by road.[7]


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