DKT International

DKT International
DKT International logo
Founder(s) Phil Harvey
Founded 1989
Location Washington, D.C., United States
Area served Africa, Asia, Latin America
Focus Family planning, HIV/AIDS prevention
Method Birth control distribution, social marketing, family planning services
Revenue US$91,544,442[1]
Endowment US$79,434,492[1]
Motto Social Marketing Programs for a Better World

DKT International (DKT) is a charitable non-profit organization that promotes family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing. The Washington, D.C.-based DKT was founded in 1989 by Phil Harvey and operates in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Much of its revenue comes from its sales of low-cost contraceptives. In 2009, DKT sold 512 million condoms, over 61 million cycles of oral contraceptives, over 14 million injectable contraceptives, and over 600,000 intrauterine devices (IUDs). This is equivalent to just over 19 million couple years of protection (CYPs), making DKT the largest provider of contraceptives in the developing world. The average cost per CYP was US$2.29.[2] DKT's marketing strategies have included advertising, creating location-specific brands, working with local social networks and militaries, and targeting high-risk groups.[3][4][5][6][7] DKT also works with local health care workers and clinics that provide family planning products, information, and services.[3] Charity Navigator has given DKT a four star efficiency rating, with 97.6% of its budget going towards programs and 2.3% towards administration and fund raising in 2007.[1]



Phil Harvey first became interested in family planning in 1963 while working for CARE International in India.[8] In 1970, Phil Harvey and his UNC professor Tim Black founded the business Adam & Eve in order to finance their charitable activities and founded the charitable health organization Population Services International that same year.[8][9][10] DKT International, named for D.K. Tyagi, an early pioneer of family planning in India, was founded in 1989.[11] DKT has grown quickly over the years. For example, its revenue from selling contraceptives increased from US$4.5 million in 1996 to $58 million in 2009, and its CYPs increased from 5.7 million in 2002 to over 19 million in 2009.[12]

In 2006, DKT International lost its United States federal funding when it refused to take the anti-prostitution pledge, feeling the pledge would interfere with its HIV/AIDS services worldwide. DKT challenged the pledge as a violation of First Amendment rights, with the support of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ruled in favor of DKT in the District Court for the District of Columbia on May 18, 2006, but the Court of Appeals reversed the decision on February 27, 2007.[13][14]


As of 2009, DKT International is still headed by its founder Phil Harvey. Its 5-member board includes Tim Black, Robert Ciszewski, Phil Harvey, Dana Hovig, and Christopher Purdy.[15] In 2007, 53% of DKT's revenue was from contraceptive sales, 21% from grants and contracts, 18% from contributions (including goods and services), 3% from investments and royalties, and 6% from other sources. 44% of costs were related to sales, 54% to other program expenses, 2% to administration, and 0.1% to fund raising.[16] Revenue from contraceptive sales first exceeded donor support in 2005.[12] Adam & Eve donates more than 25% of its profits to DKT International.[9]


As of 2010, DKT International has 19 programs in 18 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.[17]

Program Geographical area Year created 2010 CYPs Additional info
Brazil Latin America 1991 927,345 Program description
China Asia 1996 474,689 Program description
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa 2009 25,696 Program description
Egypt Africa 2004 2,904,234 Program description
Ethiopia Africa 1989 2,014,309 Program description
Ghana Africa
India - Bihar (Janani) Asia 1996 1,759,553 Program description
India - Bombay Asia 1992 3,518,212 Program description
Indonesia Asia 1996 5,644,291 Program description
Malaysia Asia 1990 50,767 Program description
Mexico Latin America 2003 108,581 Program description
Morocco Africa
Mozambique Africa 2009 38,360 Program description
Philippines Asia 1991 2,810,161 Program description
South Africa Africa 2008 N/A HIV/AIDS prevention program
Program description
Sudan Africa 2005 1,273,269 Program description
Thailand Asia
Turkey Asia 2009 48,971 Program description
Vietnam Asia 1993 760,790 Program description


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