List of Mobile Fighter G Gundam mobile suits

List of Mobile Fighter G Gundam mobile suits

This is a list of mobile suits featured in the Japanese anime television series Mobile Fighter G Gundam (機動武闘伝Gガンダム Kidō Butōden Jī Gandamu?, Mobile Fighting Legend G Gundam) and subsequent spin-offs. In G Gundam, a fighting tournament between the space colonies is held every four years. Each country sends its representative Gundam Fighter to fight on Earth until one is left and the winning nation has earned the right to govern over the colonies.


Mobile Fighters

Unlike a normal mobile suit, which is piloted by a standard pair of hand and foot operated controls, a mobile fighter is controlled through the use of a system called the mobile trace system. By dressing in a specially designed mobile trace suit and using the mobile trace system a pilot could operate his or her mobile fighter by the movements of their own body and the channeling of their chi energy. This produces a degree of control of the mobile fighter that is so precise that it is nearly unparalleled. However only the strongest fighters are even able to equip a mobile trace suit without having their bones broken by the pressure of the suit being applied. But some warriors of exceptional prowess, such as the Shuffle Alliance, are able to control a mobile fighter through their own chi energy alone, not needing the assistance of a mobile trace suit.

Hao Gundam  
Though the GF12-035NH/GF13-001NH Hao Gundam was a relatively simple Gundam, it helped Master Asia to defeat Gentle Chapman and become the champion of the 12th Gundam Fight in FC 56. The Kowloon's armaments were limited to two standard machine cannons and a kowloon cloth, but that was more than enough for a master martial artist like Master Asia (aka Toho Fuhai). As a fighter, Master Asia possessed lightning-fast reflexes and superhuman strength. In fact, he was fully able to destroy mobile suits on his own without the use of a Gundam. Also, Master Asia did not require the fighting suit utilized by the Mobile Trace System to control the Hao Gundam. With his superb skills, Master Asia bore the symbol of King of Hearts and was the leader of the Shuffle Alliance until he passed on the symbol to his apprentice, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu.

Since Master Asia used lengths of cloth as his primary weapon in standard martial arts, the beam generated kowloon cloth served as the main weapon of the Hao Gundam. Master Asia also possessed a powerful ultimate attack, the Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan. He used this move in conjunction with Domon's GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam to fight off the hordes of Dark Army suits that were attacking Tokyo. The master and apprentice were Tokyo's last hope against the Dark Army, until it was discovered that Master Asia was a servant of Kyoji Kasshu's JDG-00X Dark Gundam. However, Master Asia also had another secret. Underneath the exterior of the Kowloon Gundam was something far more sinister: the powerful GF13-001NHII Master Gundam.

Master Gundam  
As the champion of the 12th Gundam Fight and the former King of Hearts, Master Asia (aka Toho Fuhai) was the most powerful martial artist in the world. He was also the mentor of Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu, but he hid a dark secret: he was a servant of the JDG-00X Dark Gundam. After pretending at first to be Domon's ally, Master Asia revealed the Master Gundam, which was hidden beneath his old GF12-035NH/GF13-001NH Hao Gundam. Since Master Asia was powerful enough to destroy mobile suits on his own, the Master Gundam was simply an extension to his superhuman fighting skills. No other mobile fighter in the entire Gundam Fight was more powerful than the Master Gundam, save the Hyper Mode of Domon Kasshu's GF13-017NJII Burning Gundam. As with the Hao Gundam, Master Asia was able to control the Master Gundam without having to use the standard fighting suit of the Mobile Trace System. Since Master Asia used his belt as his main weapon in normal combat, the master cloth served the identical function of the kowloon cloth. The Master Gundam's hands could also extend to far distances and function as a projectile weapon. The hands also contained beam cannons that could emit powerful beams. Master Asia also had several ultimate attacks. One such attack was the Choukyuu Haou Den'eidan, which he also employed in his Hao Gundam. He also used the Darkness Finger, a powerful variant on Domon's Shining Finger. Master Asia also had the Juuni Ouhouhai, in which he could attack an enemy with multiple miniature copies of himself. Master Asia's most powerful ultimate attack was the Sekiha Tenkyoken, a ball of powerful energy. As a former Shuffle Alliance, Master Asia was also capable of creating a golden Hyper Mode like the current Shuffle Alliance despite the fact the Gundam being a part of the Dark Army.

When Master Asia III revealed his nefarious intentions to Domon, Domon realized that he would have to train very hard to be able to fight his master. During the time that Domon trained in the Guyana Highlands, Master watched from nearby until the Dark Gundam was ready to reveal itself. After a fierce battle, the Master Gundam was apparently destroyed along with the Dark Gundam. However, the Master Gundam possessed the self-regeneration abilities of the Dark Gundam and reappeared in Neo Hong Kong for the Gundam Fight Finals. As the Finals began, Master Asia conspired with Wong Yun Fat to resurrect the Dark Gundam. He and Wong arranged for Domon to fight the most powerful opponents to prepare Domon to be the new pilot for the Dark Gundam. Unfortunately, Master Asia's health began to slowly fail him, and he also had to deal with Wong's machinations. During the Battle Royale on Lantao Island, Domon killed his brother Kyoji and defeated the Dark Gundam again. Afterwards, Master Asia fought his student for the last time and revealed his true intentions. Disgusted by the destruction caused by the Gundam Fight, Master Asia hoped to use the Dark Gundam to destroy humanity and restore the Earth to its natural condition. During this final battle, Domon finally bested his Master and defeated him. Soon after Master Asia died, passing on the King of Hearts symbol to Domon, as well as the title Gundam of Gundams as the winner of the fight. After the Gundam Fight ended, Master Asia's horse Fuunsaiki chose Domon as his new master.

Gundam Maxter

As the 13th Gundam Fight began, one of the favorites is Gundam Fighter Chibodee Crocket of Neo America. As a champion boxer, Chibodee's GF13-006NA Gundam Maxter was designed to take advantage of his skills. Gundam Maxter is equipped by seven boosters (one on each legs, one on each shoulders, three at the back) During battle, the armor mounted on the Maxter's shoulders could be removed and placed over the hand as powerful boxing gloves. The front chest armor could also be removed to reveal a powerful interior. Other weaponry included two hip-mounted Gigantic Magnum guns as well as a shield that could double as a surf board for extended flight. Chibodee's main finishing moves included the Cyclone and Burning Punches, which functioned as their name implies. While training in the Guyana Highlands, Chibodee developed his own Hyper Mode and a new final move, the Gounetsu Machinegun Punch (or Bursting Machinegun Punch). This new move allowed Chibodee to throw multiple punches at an opponent to overwhelm them, but it was ultimately defeated by Domon.

Gundam Rose

As Neo France's entry for the 13th Gundam Fight, the GF13-009NF Gundam Rose was a throwback to old days of chivalry and honor in the Middle Ages. Gundam Fighter George de Sand was no exception to this and adhered to a strict code of chivalry that governed his life. George was a master fencer, and it is no surprise that the Gundam Rose's main weapon is a chevalier beam saber (though it is also armed with two head-mounted standard vulcan guns). Far more effective were the Gundam Rose's many rose bits, which are mobile weapons controlled by George's concentration. The rose bits can be deployed from many directions to attack an opponent at multiple angles. The bits can work together to form George's final move, the powerful Roses Screamer. George also trained in the Guyana Highlands and developed a Hyper Mode and a new final move, the Roses Hurricane. This new move caused the rose bits to spin around rapidly and create a cyclone of energy that trapped the opponent and rendered him helpless. If you look carefully, you will see that the shape of Rose Gundam is similar to the portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Dragon Gundam

Neo China's entry in the 13th Gundam Fight was a continuation of thousands of years of martial arts traditions. The GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam was designed to be used by a skilled martial artist, in this case Sai Saici. Sai was trained in the fighting style of the ancient Shaolin Buddhist monks, which have not been very popular since the establishment of the Neo China space colony. The Dragon Gundam was equipped with a variety of weapons that made it a formidable match for any opponent, including the undefeated Domon Kasshu. The Gundam's arms, called Dragon claws, were extendable and able to grab an opponent from a long distance and shoot fire (the technique is called "Baopei", or "The Dragon Fire"). Dragon Gundam was also equipped with a long braid called a benpatto, which could be used as a close combat stinging weapon. The Gundam also carried a dozen feilong flags, which were used for the finishing move known as the Houka Kyouten Juuzetsujin. This move involved planting the feilong flags around an opponent to trap them, allowing Sai to move in and finish them off. He also trained in the Guyana Highlands and developed his own Hyper Mode and a new finishing move, the Shin Ryuusei Kochouken. This ultimate Shaolin attack created a pair of butterfly wings and makes the Gundam much more powerful, but it also required the sacrifice of the pilot's life.

Bolt Gundam

Neo Russia's entry in the 13th Gundam Fight relies on raw power. In fact, the GF13-013NR Bolt Gundam was the second most powerful Gundam in the tournament in terms of raw power, second only to Neo Canada's GF13-037NCA Lumber Gundam. Also, Gundam Fighter Argo Gulskii was an odd choice as a pilot, mainly because he was a convicted criminal and former space pirate. While the Bolt Gundam was very powerful, at first the government of Neo Russia wouldn't allow Argo to even fight. The Bolt Gundam's main armament consisted of four head-mounted vulcan guns and one Graviton hammer for close range attacks. Like the rest of the Shuffle Alliance, Argo trained in the Guyana Highlands and developed a Hyper Mode and a new final move: the Zakaretsu Gaia Crusher. This powerful attack could make the ground spike up to either surround an enemy or impale him, but apparently the move makes a recoil to the Gundam's legs because of the pressure.

Shining Gundam

GF13-0137NJ Shining Gundam, piloted by series protagonist Domon Kasshu, is the first mobile fighter representing Neo Japan in the 13th Gundam Fight. Shining Gundam is equipped by thirteen boosters (three on each legs, two on each arms, three on its back) Shining Gundam is armed with two beam sabers, four vulcan cannons(two on head, two on chest), and the "Shining Finger" ability. This attack focuses heat into the Gundam's hand, which causes it to glow green and allows it to easily crush the head of an enemy Gundam. It contains an Emotion Energy System (also called "Super Mode"), which if given enough input allows the gundam to power up significantly, allowing it to channel the Shining Finger energy into one of the swords, creating a Shining Finger Sword, which is large and powerful.

God Gundam

After the Shining Gundam is no longer able to function, Domon Kasshu receives the titular G Gundam, short for God Gundam; known as the Burning Gundam in the English version. GF13-0137NJII G Gundam is equipped by six boosters (two on the back, two on each legs), ten cooling exhaust (two on chest, one on each shoulder, two on head, two on each legs), and six "wings", which will opened if the God Gundam enter its "Hyper Mode". The spine function is to absorb energy from outside, created a some kind of "overdrive", which boosts the Gundam power by approximately 150%. It is armed with two beam sabers, ten vulcan guns (four head mounted, six chest-mounted), two pairs of fang-blades (one on each hands), and an upgraded version of Shining Finger, the "God Finger" (Erupted Burning Finger), which is plunged into the enemy and allows it to subsequently discharge its power in a secondary technique called "Heat End". Not only that, the "God Finger" energy can also be shot to a certain range, creating a some kind of energy rifle. Domon develops other moves for countering his opponents, such as "God Slash" (Erupting Burning Slash) and "God Shadow" (Burning Shadow), but the most notable example is where Master Asia helps him learn his most advanced technique "Sekiha Tenkyoken" to help Domon in the finals. It is also able to transform into a super mode, which is referred as "Hyper Mode" in which its chest plate opens to expose an internal power regulator and the wings divided into 6 spines that generated a ring of fire around its back. The Hyper Mode itself, is activated by Domon Kasshu's Serene Mind (also known as Mekyo Shishui).

Gundam Spiegel

The fighter representing Neo Germany in the 13th Gundam Fight was a man shrouded in mystery. Never before had anyone seen the face of the masked Schwarz Bruder, who seemingly appeared at random in many places at the right time. Schwarz's GF13-021NG Gundam Spiegel (Shadow Gundam in the English version) was armed with several melee weapons which suited his fighting style. The Gundam Spiegel's main armament consisted of two spiegel blades that were mounted underneath the arm and deployed in a forward position for combat. Schwarz's lightning fast movements allowed him to use his spiegel blades to score multiple hits on an opponent at any one time. The Gundam Spiegel was also equipped with an iron net and many small throwable messergranz knives. The Gundam Spiegel's Ultimate Attack, Sturm Und Drang, was performed by Schwarz spinning around rapidly in the air like a top. Schwarz used the Gundam Spiegel to help train Domon to perfect his skills as a fighter and assist in fighting off the Devil Gundam, Master Asia and the Death Army and then won most of his matches in the finals undefeated before being defeated by Domon in the final preliminary match. Ultimately the Gundam Spiegel was destroyed in the final Battle Royale just before Schwartz died. It is interesting to note that spiegel is German for mirror.

Nobel Gundam

Piloted by 17 year old Allenby Beardsley who represents Neo Sweden. Known as Noble Gundam in the English version. The key feature of the Nobel Gundam is the Berserker System, which allows the Gundam and its fighter to fight at 120% of their potential, but the fighter goes into a berserker rage as a result. After a tag team match with God Gundam against Bolt Gundam and Neo Canada's Lumber Gundam, Neo Hong Kong's Prime Minister Wong Yunfat kidnaps Allenby and obtains the Nobel Gundam and has both infected with DG Cells. During the finals on Lantau Island, Nobel Gundam transforms into one of the four kings of the Devil Gundam, the Walter Gundam. However, Rain Mikamura arrives in the Rising Gundam and defeats the Walter Gundam and saves Allenby.

Devil Gundam Corps

JDG-009X Devil Gundam  
Originally named the Ultimate Gundam, the Devil Gundam (known as the Dark Gundam in North America) was created in Neo Japan by Dr. Raizo Kasshu and his eldest son, Kyoji Kasshu, with the noble purpose of healing the planet Earth through the use of nanomachines, later called Devil Gundam Cells (DG Cells for short). However, shortly before the 13th Gundam Fight, the Ultimate Gundam was stolen, by Kyoji Kasshu, who fled to Earth with the Ultimate Gundam to keep it out of the hands of Major Ulube who learned of its existence. The Ultimate Gundam was severely damaged by the atmospheric re-entry, and it crash landed on Earth. After it crash landed, the Ultimate Gundam's systems malfunctioned, and when it began to repair the damage it had sustained, it started to change. It would evolve into the monstrous Devil Gundam, and it set about accomplishing its goal of healing the world. However, as the Devil Gundam saw it, the problem with the world was humanity, and eliminating mankind became its number one priority. The Devil Gundam has three features that was supposed to help it heal the Earth, self-evolution, self-regeneration, and self-replication.
Death Army  
The standard Death Army mobile suits were short, stubby, bipedal humanoid mobile suits. Their head was small and round with one large pink cyclops eye, and a spike on top. They were mostly yellow and brown in coloration. The Death Army were often armed with a spiked-club which also doubled as a machine gun. Individually the mobile suits of the Death Army were quite weak, especially in comparison to the sheer might of martial arts masters like Domon Kasshu and Master Asia, who were capable of destroying them in hand to hand combat even outside of their Gundams. Their strength came in sheer over-whelming numbers, and when in danger one Death Army unit could send a call for help to every other Death Army unit, which would proceed to swarm to the area the distress originated from. Because the units of the Death Army were capable of evolving there were also several different variations of the standard Death Army.
Death Beast 
The Death Beast is a high-mobility Death Army variant, and it is the first variant seen. It is essentially the same as the standard Death Army suits, save for the fact that it sports four long, spiderlike legs while its original stubby legs are pressed against its back and function as a backpack (and back to legs again should the quadruped legs be damaged). It carries a long machinerifle as its standard armament.
Death Birdy  
The Death Birdy was an aerial version of the standard Death Army mobile suit. This version was a newer model created after the Devil Gundam left Tokyo, Japan and followed Gundam Fighter Domon Kasshu to the Guyana Highlands. The Death Birdy features large bird-like wings on its back and a narrow bird-like tail. The Death Birdy's arms were very large and its human-like manipulator hands were replaced by three claws with a beam cannon in their center. The Death Birdy could also eject its winged backpack and drop to the ground to engage an opponent in hand to hand combat.
Death Navy  
Like the Death Birdie the Death Navy was a new Death Army variation created when the Devil Gundam arrived in the Guyana Highlands. The Death Navy was created to be able to operate in shallow waters, such as the plentiful rivers in the highlands. The legs of the mobile suit are docked with a large propellant unit for easy mobility on the surface of the water, and it can eject from the base, turning it into a large torpedo. For combat it carried a trident.
Death Dragon  
A highly specialized version of the Death Army, the Death Dragon was basically a standard Death Army created with armor and weapons that give it the appearance of Neo-China's GF13-011NC Dragon Gundam. This single unit attacked the camp of Neo-Russia's Gundam Fighter, Argo Gulskii, causing Argo to blame Neo-China's Gundam Fighter, Sai Saici. After the Death Dragon was found to be the true culprit it was destroyed and Sai Saici was vindicated.
Death Master  
The Death Master variation was simply a standard Death Army that has a head and backpack cloak designed similar to the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam. After escaping from Tokyo Domon Kasshu encountered these unique mobile suits and chased them down thinking it was the real Master Gundam. Domon failed to realize that they were imitations sent to lure Domon into a trap, and it was only through the intervention of Neo-German fighter Schwartz Bruder that Domon was saved. In the Playstation 2 game Super Robot Wars IMPACT, the Death Master could perform a "Fake Darkness Finger" attack.
Death Bat  
This Death Army variant appeared in the final episodes of G Gundam, having a green snake-like appendage instead of a lower body and sporting red, bat/devil-like wings. In most cases they were seen connected to Gundam Heads through their lower bodies. They are also featured in SD G Generation F Playstation game and the Playstation 2 game SD Gundam G Generation Wars in the final stage of the G Gundam storyline, equipped with a machine gun. It is capable only of space flight and cannot be used in atmospheric environments unlike its closest variant, the Death Birdy.
Death Ball  
While not a mobile suit at all, the silver sphere is also a part of the Death Army. They appeared in the anime and the Playstation game SD G Generation F and the Playstation 2 game SD Gundam G Generation Wars. The Death Ball has no attacks whatsoever other than having the ability to self-detonate, dealing a huge amount of damage to any Mobile Fighters that get too close to it. They reside only inside the Devil Gundam Colony to stop the New Shuffle Alliance from reaching the Devil Gundam Core.
Gundam Head  
The Gundam Heads were long snakelike devices with heads resembling that of a Gundam. Aside from having powerful snapping teeth, the Gundam Heads were armed with beam cannons in each eye and mouth. After their first appearance in the Guyana Highlands, the Gundam Heads later reappeared in Neo Hong Kong and in space with noticeably larger forms when the Devil Gundam evolved to its final form: the Colony Devil Gundam. In the final episodes, they could spit out Death Bats.
Grand Gundam  
After Chapman of Neo England was infected with dg cells his John Bull Gundam (Royal Gundam in the English Version) transforms into the massive Grand Gundam. This gundam first made its appearance when Domon was racing to make it to the finals and was one of the four gundams who attacked him. It was later confirmed that it was Chapman who was piloting this gundam in his second fight with George De Sand. Its primary weapons are a several spikes on the gundams shoulders. It is one of the four kings of the Devil Gundam. After its defeat at the hands of Chibodee Crocket and George De Sand it later became a part of Grand master gundam.
Gundam Heaven's Sword  
(Or Soaring Raven Gundam in North America). This is one of the very few gundams shown to have wings. After Michelo Chariot of Neo Italy became infected with dg cells his Neros gundam transformed into Gundam Heaven's Sword. This gundam first made its appearance when domon was racing to the gundam finals and was one of the four gundams who attacked him. It later made an appearance during Domons rematch with Michelo Chariot and Neros Gundam. After the arena is covered in smoke Domon is attacked by Gundam Heaven's Sword and is defeated by his Burning Finger. Domon didn't realize though that Michelo was the pilot of this gundam until Master Asia forces Domon to fight the four kings of the Devil Gundam. There it is ultimately defeated by Sai Saichi and Argo Gulsky. Its primary weapons are its feathers which can be shot at an opponent as projectiles. It also has sharp talons which can rip into its foe.It later becomes a part of Grand Master Gundam.
Walter Gundam  
This is one of the four kings of the Devil Gundam. After Wong kidnapped Allenby Beardsly he infected her with dg cells causing her to transform into this gundam. As one of the four kings Domon is forced to fight against this gundam on his way to combat the Devil Gundam. Rain in Rising Gundam then arrives and the both gundams fight until it is ultimately defeated by one of Rising Gundams Rising Arrows. Later when Domon and Fuunsaiki are headed to space to save Rain and defeat the Devil Gundam Wong appears in the Walter Gundam and fights Domon. He is easily defeated though due to his lack of fighting ability. The Walter Gundam later becomes a part of the Grand Master Gundam. Its primary weapons are its two arms which serve as tentacles which can be used to attack foes.
Grand Master Gundam  
The Grand Master Gundam was the last Gundam created by the JDG-009X Devil Gundam from the power core of Neo-Japan's colony. This Gundam was a combination of parts from the Devil Gundams previous four Gundams. It had the legs and tusks of the Template:Grand Gundam, the wings and talons of the Template:Gundam Heaven's Sword, the Template:Walter Gundam attached by a cord which acts as the monster's tail, and the upper torso of the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam. However, it is much larger than the original units it draws components from- the torso of the Dragon Gundam was able to easily fit in the mouth of the Walter Gundam tail. The unit was piloted by Major Ulube and then operated on its own following his death.

Neo Japan

JMF-1336R Rising Gundam  
The Rising Gundam is piloted by Rain Mikamura and was built by Neo-Japan. It is only seen during the Final Round of the 13th Gundam Fight. This unit is same as Shining Gundam in normal mode, only the color of red and blue are reversed. Rain used this Gundam to fight against the Berserker Mode Nobel Gundam/Walter Gundam piloted by Allenby Beardsley of Neo-Sweden when she was possessed by DG Cells. This is the only time we see Rising Gundam in a fight; however, it was also used (along with Neo-Germany's Gundam Spiegel) to deflect one of the barriers surrounding Lantau Island during the Battle Royale, allowing Neo-France's Maria Louise to disable the barrier entirely.
JMS-60 Busshi  
The Busshi is primarily a space combat unit utilized in defending the space colony of Neo Japan from any threats while the JMS-71 Nobusshi handled the burden of protecting mainland Japan down on Earth. The primary armament of the Busshi is a hand-carried beam cannon. The beam cannon is connected to the right side of the Busshi's torso by a red power cable, signifying that the beam cannon was probably powered directly by the Busshi's ultracompact fusion reactor.[original research?] And in an interesting note the Busshi is listed as being constructed from a super-ceramic rare metal hybrid alloy known as "zakurium". This is an Easter egg meant to poke fun at the Busshi's resemblance to the Zaku series of mobile suits seen primarily in the Universal Century timeline.[citation needed]
JMS-71 Nobusshi  
The Nobusshi was tasked to defend mainland Japan down on Earth. Most of the Nobusshi were destroyed by the hordes of Death Army created by the JDG-009X Devil Gundam when it took up residence beneath the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Only a handful of Nobusshi remained, and they took up camp in Shinjuku along with Gundam Fighters Domon Kasshu and Master Asia where they fought back against the Death Army and protected what few remaining citizens there were. The Nobusshi are better armed than the Busshi mobile suits, carrying the standard a beam cannon but also having head vulcans and a beam saber for use in close combat. And in an interesting note the Nobusshi is listed as being constructed from a super-ceramic rare metal hybrid alloy known as "gimnium". This is an Easter egg meant to poke fun at the Nobusshi's resemblance to the GM series of mobile suits seen primarily in the Universal Century timeline.[citation needed]


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