Detect and Eliminate Computer Acquired Forensics (DECAF) is a counter intelligence tool specifically created around obstructing the well known Microsoft product COFEE used by law enforcement around the world.[1] However, the tool does not prevent access by other more advanced computer forensics tools, and so computers protected with DECAF can still be examined by non-COFEE tools.

On December 18, 2009, the authors remotely disabled the software, with the aim of convincing security professionals to "band together" to offer better support to government entities.[2] The tool was patched and re-enabled by a group called SOLDIERX on December 23, 2009.[3][4]

DECAF provides real-time monitoring of COFEE signatures on USB devices and in running applications.[2] When a COFEE signature is detected, DECAF performs numerous user-defined processes. These may include COFEE log clearing, ejecting USB devices, and contamination or spoofing of MAC addresses.[5]


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