1891 in music

1891 in music


*October 16 - The Chicago Symphony Orchestra gives its inaugural concert

Published popular music

* "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" w. George Horncastle m. Felix McGlennon
* "Don't mind, my Darling!" w.m. Paul Steinmark
* "Hey, Rube!" w. J. Sherrie Matthews m. Harry Bulger
* "High School Cadets March" m. John Philip Sousa
* "Little Boy Blue" w. Eugene Field m. Ethelbert Nevin
* "The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo" w.m. Fred Gilbert
* "The Miner's Dream Of Home" w.m. Will Godwin & Leo Dryden
* "Molly O!" w.m. William J. Scanlan
* "Narcissus" m. Ethelbert Nevin
* "The Pardon Came Too Late" w.m. Paul Dresser
* "The Picture That's Turned To The Wall" w.m. Charles Graham
* "Reuben And Cynthia" w.m. Percy Gaunt
* "Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay" w.m. Henry J. Sayers
* "Wot Cher!" w. Albert Chevalier m. Charles Ingle

Recorded popular music

* "The Laughing Song" - George W. Johnson

Classical music

*Anton Arensky - "Cantata on the 10th Anniversary of the Coronation"
*Johannes Brahms - "Clarinet Quintet in B Minor, Opus 115"
*Max Bruch - "Concerto for Violin No. 3"
*Ethelbert Nevin - "Water Scenes"
*Erik Satie - "6 Gnossiennes for Piano"


*Frederick Delius - "Irmelin"
*Robert Fuchs - "Die Teufelsglocke"
*Miguel Marqués - "El monaguillo" (libretto by Emilio Sánchez Pastor, premiered in Madrid)
*Emile Pessard - "Les folies amoureuses" premiered on April 15 at the Théâtre de l'Opéra-Comique, Paris

Musical theater

* "Robin Hood", Broadway production
* "The Tyrolean", Broadway production
* "Der Vogelhändler" ("The Tyrolean"), Vienna production

Top hits

* "The Laughing Song" by George Washington Johnson


*January 25 - Wellman Braud, jazz musician (d. 1966)
*February 5 - Dino Borgioli, operatic tenor (d. 1960)
*April 2 - Jack Buchanan, Scottish singer, actor, dancer and director (d. 1957)
*April 23 - Sergei Prokofiev, composer (d. 1953)
*May 30 - Ben Bernie, US bandleader (d. 1943)
*June 9 - Cole Porter, songwriter (d. 1964)
*June 10 - Al Dubin, Swiss-born American lyricist (d. 1945)
*July 14 - Fréhel, French singer, actress (d. 1951)
*July 16 - Blossom Seeley, US singer and vaudeville performer (d. 1974)
*August 2 - Arthur Bliss, composer (d. 1975)
*October 29 - Fanny Brice, US actress, comedian and singer (d. 1951)
*November 27 - Giovanni Breviario, operatic tenor (d. 1982)
*"date unknown"
**Charles McCarron, composer and lyricist (d. 1919)
**Margaret Morris, dancer and choreographer (d. 1980)


*January 5 - Emma Abbott, singer (b. 1850)
*January 8 - Fredrik Pacius, composer and conductor (b. 1809)
*January 17 - Johannes Verhulst, conductor and composer (b. 1816)
*January 16 - Léo Delibes, composer (b. 1836)
*January 21 - Calixa Lavallée, composer (b. 1842)
*May 23 - Ignace Leybach, pianist, organist and composer (b. 1817)
*July 3 - Stefano Golinelli, pianist and composer (b. 1818)
*July 21 - Franco Faccio, composer and conductor (b. 1840)
*August 5 - Henry Charles Litolff, keyboard virtuoso and composer (b. 1818)
*November 9 - Frederick Mathushek, piano maker (b. 1814)
*December 28 - Alfred Cellier, composer (b. 1844)

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