Cystopteris hybrid complex

Cystopteris hybrid complex

The fern genus Cystopteris is one that widely hybridizes internally.

North American Cystopteris Hybrids

The diploid parent species within the genus include:

The hybrid species include:

  • C. fragilis (C. "hemifragilis" X C. reevesiana; allotetraploid)
  • C. laurentiana (C. bulbifera X C. fragilis; allohexaploid)
  • C. tennesseensis (C. bulbifera X C. protrusa; allotetraploid)
  • C. tenuis (C. "hemifragilis" X C. protrusa; allotetraploid)
  • C. utahensis (C. reevesiana X C. bulbifera; allotetraploid)

Non-species hybrids include:

  • Cystopteris Xillinoensis (C. bulbifera X C. tenuis; allotriploid)
  • Cystopteris Xwagneri (C. tennesseensis X C. tenuis; allo-allotetraploid)
  • Cystopteris fragilis X Cystopteris tenuis (allo-allotetraploid)


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