Cyclohexanone oxime

Cyclohexanone oxime

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Cyclohexanone oxime (registry number 100-64-1) is a different compound; both have the empirical formula C6H11NO, but are structural isomers of each other.

As the name implies, cyclohexanone oxime is a 6 membered ring, with a double bond to an oxime group (=N-OH) (this replaces the double bond to an oxygen group seen in cyclohexanone).

Caprolactam is analogous to cyclohexanone with the NH group inserted into the ring, creating a 7 membered ring with a double bond to an oxygen side group adjacent to the NH group.

Caprolactam can be produce from cyclohexanone, by producing it's oxime and rearrangement to Caprolactam, an example of Beckmann rearrangement.