Custom Coaches SB50

Custom Coaches SB50

The Custom Coaches SB50 is a new-generation school bus body built by Australian company Custom Coaches. Like its CB80 sibling, the SB50 uses new technology in its construction.

Features include:

  • A seating capacity up to 61
  • Larger rear engine door with removable bumper
  • Large side doors for easy access
  • Removable front bumper
  • A large access hatch for front end sign
  • Hinged air conditioning ducting with access to wiring
  • Small A-pillar for maximum visibility
  • Personal air conditioning boost fan for the driver
  • Two extra large driver's lockers
  • A personal reading light
  • Wraparound driver's display
  • Ultra wide entry and exit door
  • Step heights kept to an absolute minimum
  • Designed for children and their school bags

The SB50 frame is built using stainless or galvanised steel , which is built using 3D technology, making it more accurate. Parts are no longer manually produced, instead they are computer designed and formed by a five-axis router.

It was built upon a Hino chassis and was unveiled in 2010.