List of current Days of our Lives characters

List of current Days of our Lives characters


Horton family

Maggie Horton
Portrayed by Suzanne Rogers
Owner of Chez Rouge. Maiden name is Simmons. Widow of Mickey Horton. Mother of Sarah Horton with Neil Curtis and adoptive mother of Melissa Horton. Besides Kate, Maggie was the only other person who knew of Daniel and Chloe's affair. She had agreed to keep quiet, however, for her nephew Lucas' sake. Maggie's home has become a boarding house of sorts as she has let Melanie Layton and later Mia McCormick live with her. Her grandson Nathan has recently come to Salem to begin his first year as a medical intern. Carly approached Maggie about allowing her to also move into her home and has sinced moved in, much to Melanie's disapproval. Maggie was devastated when Mickey died suddenly while preparing to leave on their cruise. She revealed that she tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.
Will Horton
Portrayed by Chandler Massey
Formerly Roberts. Student at Salem High School. Son of Lucas Horton and Sami Brady. Brother of Alice Caroline Horton and half-brother of Johnny and Sydney DiMera. Returned to Salem from living in Switzerland with Austin and Carrie after learning of his mother's return from witness protection and his father's relapse into alcoholism. Had found a friend and confidante in Mia, the young girl who ,unbeknownst to him at the time, was Baby Grace's biological mother. Became angry with his mother, Sami, when she revealed that Grace was really her daughter and that she had been keeping the truth from everyone to protect her from E.J.

Brady family

Caroline Brady
Portrayed by Peggy McCay
Matriarch of the Brady Family and owner of the Brady Pub. Widow of Shawn Brady. Mother of Roman Brady, Kimberly Brady and Kayla Brady with Shawn; and Bo Brady with Victor Kiriakis. Later adopted Frankie Brady and Max Brady. For many years, Caroline raised Bo as Shawn's son until a life or death situation forced her to reveal the truth that Bo was actually the product of an affair she had with Victor. Was the prime suspect in the murder of Trent Robbins but the charges were dropped after police arrested Nicole Walker.
Roman Brady
Portrayed by Josh Taylor
Chief of Police at the Salem Police Department. Formerly married to Anna Fredericks, Marlena Evans and Kate Roberts. Son of Shawn and Caroline Brady. Brother of Kimberly, Kayla, Bo, Frankie and Max Brady. Father of Carrie Brady with Anna; twins Eric Brady and Sami Brady with Marlena; and twins Rex Brady and Cassie Brady with Kate.
Bo Brady
Portrayed by Peter Reckell
Police Commissioner. Married to Hope Williams. Formerly married to Billie Reed. Son of Victor Kiriakis and Caroline Brady; and adoptive son of Shawn Brady. Brother to Roman, Kimberly, Kayla, Frankie and Max Brady. Half-brother to Isabella Toscano (deceased) and Philip Kiriakis. Father of Shawn-Douglas Brady, Zack Brady (deceased), and Ciara Brady with Hope; and Chelsea Brady with Billie. Underwent a life-saving partial pancreatic transplant with daughter Chelsea as the donor. On Christmas Eve, Bo fell off of a ladder and suffered a minor injury to his head. As a result, Bo began to have disturbing visions of people in danger. Due to these visions, Bo was able to help Lexie Carver find her son ,Theo, after he ran away from her on the pier in addition to dispatching an ambulance to the DiMera mansion after Theo fell down the steps a couple of weeks later. Hope was crushed when Bo kept from her a vision of her accidentally shooting Kayla during a stand-off with Mayor Marino's killer. Perhaps the most disturbing vision Bo received was one where he saw Hope in bed with Roman. Much to his relief, the vision turned out to be false. Bo later had another frightening vision. This time it was of finding Ciara's teddy bear in the woods with no trace of his little girl in sight. While visiting his late son Zack's grave, Zack appeared to Bo, warning him that Ciara would be in danger if she ever lost the teddy bear. The vision later came true as Ciara was kidnapped by a disgruntled police officer and his accomplices. Bo later had a vision that Ciara would be killed if they complied with the kidnappers demnands. Against Hope's wishes, Bo called off the ransom exchange and decided to offer the money as a reward for the safe return of their daughter and the capture of her kidnappers. Ciara was later rescued when her kidnapper, officer Dean Hartman, decided to kill his accomplices to make it look like as if he had found Ciara. Shortly thereafter Hope annoounced to Bo that she would be leaving and taking Ciara with her under the suggestion of Ciara's therapist. Putting further strain on their relationship, Bo's former love, Carly Manning, returned to Salem seeking Bo's help, living for a time in the home he shares with Hope.
Hope Williams Brady
Portrayed by Kristian Alfonso
Detective with the Salem Police Department. Married to Bo Brady. Formerly married to Larry Welch. Daughter of Doug Williams and Addie Horton. Mother to Shawn-Douglas, Zack (deceased), and Ciara Brady with Bo. Half-sister of Douglas LeClair and Steven and Julie Olson. Hope was less than pleased to find out that the generous donation she had given to the hospital had not remained anonymous as she had previously wished. She is now being stalked as a result. Was distraught over Ciara's kidnapping and was infuriated when Bo went against her wishes and called off the ransom exchange. Was later accosted in her home by Dean after Ciara recognized him as one of her kidnappers when he came to talk to Hope about the reward for his "rescue" of Ciara. Justin and later Bo intervened and Dean was promptly arrested. Hope decided to leave Bo after she felt that he endangered Ciara by not complying with the kidnapper's demands. She and Ciara currently live in the Kiriakis mansion.
Ciara Brady
Portrayed by Lauren Boles
Daughter of Bo and Hope Brady. Sister of Shawn-Douglas Brady and Zack Brady (deceased). Half-sister of Chelsea Brady. Kidnapped by officer Dean Hartman, who wished to get revenge on Hope as he felt she had unfairly been promoted to detective over him. Ciara has since been rescued.

DiMera family

Stefano DiMera
Portrayed by Joseph Mascolo
Patriarch of the DiMera family. Married to Kate Roberts. Formerly married to Vivian Alamain. Son of Santo DiMera. Half brother of John Black. Has had numerous affairs with several women with whom he has fathered six children. They are Renee DuMonde (deceased) with Lee DuMonde; Lexie Carver with Celeste Perrault; Benji Hawk (deceased) with Ellen Hawk; and E.J. DiMera with Susan Banks. He is also father to Megan Hathaway (deceased) and Tony DiMera (deceased) with Daphne DiMera who although is not Stefano's biologically, was raised by him and carried the family name. Most recently Stefano discovered that he fathered Chad DiMera. Has been responsible for terrorizing the Brady family and those involved with them for the past two decades. This ruthless man has also harmed his own children, killing son Benji, holding daughter Lexie captive for several months and exiling Tony to an island while having Tony's lookalike cousin pose as him for more than 20 years. Also responsible for erasing the minds of John and Steve Johnson and using them as mercenaries. Distraught over the death of his son Tony, Stefano along with E.J. ordered a hit on Philip Kiriakis. Stefano later fell ill and was convinced that Victor Kiriakis had him poisoned. After collapsing again at the hospital, Lexie diagnosed Stefano with having type II diabetes. Was later kidnapped and kept near death by the Kiriakis' as payback for the attempt on Philip's life. After being freed and recovering, Stefano later revealed to Nicole that he knew about her switching Sami and Mia's babies. He agreed to keep quiet, however, as he told her that he admired what she did. Forced Kate into marrying him by promising to protect her from going to jail for her attempted murder on Chloe. Recently skipped town to evade charges of trying to have Rafe Hernandez killed. Upon his return, Stefano was nearly strangled to death by E.J. who had recently learned of his involvement in Nicole's baby-switching scheme.
Kate Roberts DiMera
Portrayed by Lauren Koslow
Business executive. Married to Stefano DiMera. Formerly married to Curtis Reed, Victor Kiriakis and Roman Brady. Mother of Austin Reed and Billie Reed with Curtis; Lucas Horton with Bill Horton; Philip Kiriakis with Victor; and twins Rex Brady and Cassie Brady with Roman. Was once a high paid escort but turned into a respected businesswoman. After being diagnosed with lung cancer Kate, underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant with soon-to-be daughter-in-law Chloe Lane as the donor. Upon learning of Chloe's affair with Daniel, Kate vowed revenge on the both of them. She stole some sheets from Dr. Jonas's prescription tablet and after learning to forge his signature, Kate had someone pose as Dr. Jonas in order to obtain a prescription for a deadly toxin. Kate poisoned an apple from Daniel's gift basket and offered it to Chloe. The poison did not have the effect that she desired and so Kate poisoned more food for Chloe to eat during a taping of Hearth and Home. Kate later planted evidence in Daniel's apartment in order to implicate him in the poisonings. After Daniel was found not guilty for poisoning Chloe, he started to find evidence that pointed to Kate. She later agreed to marry Stefano in exchange for his help in protecting her from the law.
E.J. DiMera
Portrayed by James Scott
Lawyer. Formerly known as E.J. Wells. Formerly married to Sami Brady and Nicole Walker. Son of Stefano DiMera and Susan Banks. Father of Johnny DiMera and Sydney DiMera with Sami. Hired by Mickey Horton to practice law at his firm. E.J. was unaware that Nicole miscarried their baby and that the baby he thought was his with Nicole is actually his child with Sami. Had Stephanie Johnson kidnapped to use her as a bargaining chip against the Kiriakis family, who at the time, were holding Stefano hostage and near death. E.J. was devastated to find out that the late baby Grace was his daughter and vowed to make Sami pay for keeping her from him. At the time, he was still unaware that Nicole switched Grace and Sydney at birth and that Grace was not his daughter at all. Despite brokering a truce with the Kiriakis family, E.J. was angrily confronted by Stephanie Johnson at Grace's funeral for his part in her kidnapping. Later obtained a court order granting him temporary full custody of his son, Johnny. E.J. half-heartedly agreed to drop the custody suit against Sami at Nicole's insistence but changed his mind after finding out that Rafe was moving in with Sami. E.J., however, has since relented but has vowed that Sami and Rafe will eventually pay for their misdeeds. E.J. became increasingly suspicious of Nicole and was determined to find out what she was hiding. Since learning of Nicole's misdeeds, E.J. kicked her and Sydney out of the mansion, still unaware that Sydney was in fact his biological daughter until the truth was revealed to him by Sami and Rafe. Hired his former sister-in-law Anna, to kidnap Sydney away from Nicole in an attempt to break up Sami's relationship with Rafe. E.J. along with his father Stefano kidnapped and erased Rafe's memory replacing him with a double while carrying on an affair with his then wife Nicole Walker's sister Taylor Walker.
Nicole Walker DiMera
Portrayed by Arianne Zucker
Socialite. Married to E.J. DiMera. Formerly married to Trent Robbins, Lucas Horton and Victor Kiriakis. Daughter of Paul Mendez and Fay Walker. Sister of Taylor Raines. Half-sister of Brandon Walker. Was frightened when a man from her past, Trent Robbins, arrived in Salem. It was revealed that she and Trent were actually married making her former marriages to Lucas and Victor invalid, prompting Victor to take back the hefty divorce settlement he gave her. At one time was the main suspect in Trent's murder until it was revealed that Nick Fallon was responsible. Nicole and E.J. were expecting their first child together until Nicole tragically miscarried. She then faked the entire pregnancy and resolved to find a baby to raise as her own. She met a young girl named Mia McCormick and after much persuasion convinced the girl to give her baby up to her. Later found out that Sami was also pregnant with E.J.'s baby and was able to successfully switch Mia's baby with Sami's, having found out about Sami's whereabouts during her stay in witness protection and covertly steering her toward giving birth at the Fairway Clinic. Nicole experienced extreme guilt and anguish over the death of baby Grace. Upon Stephanie admitting to her that she would be testifying against E.J., Nicole urged him to not go through with the custody suit against Sami. Part of Nicole's secret was accidentally revealed when Brady, thinking he was speaking to Nicole, told E.J. that the secret was out. E.J. subsequently investigated further and found out about Nicole's miscarriage and the revelation that Sydney is not his biological daughter, although that particular part of the secret was untrue. As a result, E.J. kicked both Nicole and Sydney out of the mansion. Nicole was then confronted by Chad Woods, the biological father of the baby she switched with Sami's, who was determined to gain custody of the daughter he thought was his. Feeling that she no longer had any more options and fearing that Sami would learn the truth, Nicole attempted to leave Salem, ironically with Sami's help. The plane she boarded was ordered to return to the gate by Stefano, who wanted her to come to him immediately with Sydney. After having second thoughts about revealing the truth to Sami, a spiteful Stefano agreed to further help Nicole hide the truth from both E.J. and Sami. Nicole, at Stefano's behest, asked Mia to continue the lie by telling Chad, that she had slept with multiple partners and that he may not be the father. Nicole later confessed to Sami that Sydney was indeed her daughter after Sami, who was shown evidence by Rafe, angrily confronted her. After the baby-switch was revealed Nicole was promptly arrested and jailed until Brady, who was unaware of the baby-switch, bailed her out. She then kidnapped Sydney from the DiMera mansion and changed both of their identities. With the help of her misinformed mother, Fay, Nicole was able to acquire fake passports and money for bus tickets so that she and Sydney can leave the country. However, Nicole had second thoughts and as she was about to call Sami, she was attacked and knocked out. After spending several months in jail for the baby-switching scheme, Nicole finally remembered the voice of the woman who took Sydney from her. She blackmailed Ana into helping her receive a pardon from Governor Ford. Immediately upon her release, Nicole sought out Brady in the hopes of rekindling their once romantic relationship. Nicole is now the roving reporter for Titan TV taking over for Cici Chavez and was surprised to find out that the new production assistant is none other than her rival for Brady's affections, Arianna Hernandez.
Chad DiMera
Portrayed by Casey Jon Deidrick
Barista at the Java Cafe. Biological father of Grace McCormick Woods (born Grace Brady deceased) with Mia McCormick. Son of Charles Woods and Madeline Peterson. Chad showed up at the Java Cafe on Mia's first day on the job, much to her shock and chagrin. In order to be closer to her, Chad applied and was ultimately hired as a barista at Java Cafe. He later introduced himself to Will Horton as Mia's boyfriend, although Mia quickly falsified the claim. After hearing about Mia's rehab rumor from a gossiping Kenzie, Chad asked Will if he believed it and Will angrily told him that he wouldn't be discussing Mia's business with him. He later told Mia that he was not convinced and that something else was going on. Chad vowed to get to the bottom of it until he was confronted by Nicole DiMera, who threatened to make Chad's life miserable if he did not stop bothering Mia. Chad was unaware of his daughter's birth and subsequent death from meningitis. Chad has since enlisted Kenzie in his scheme to break up Will and Mia. Chad later found out about Nicole's miscarriage and was told by Mia that Sydney was his baby. Chad started a battle for custody but was thwarted when Mia pretended to confess that she had been with multiple partners and that the child was probably not his. Chad was devastated upon learning the truth about his daughter Grace's fate after learning of Nicole's deceit. He later reached out to Will by asking if he had any pictures of his deceased daughter.

Kiriakis family

Victor Kiriakis
Portrayed by John Aniston
Owner of Titan Industries. Married to Vivian Alamain. Formerly married to Carly Manning, Kate Roberts and Nicole Walker. Son of Yurgos and Sophie Kiriakis (both deceased). Brother of Alexander Kiriakis (deceased). Father of Isabella Toscano with Loretta Toscano; Bo Brady with Caroline Brady; and Philip Kiriakis with Kate. Vowed vengeance against the DiMera's after they ordered his grandson Brady Black to be beaten and Philip to be shot. Responsible for having Stefano kidnapped and kept near death by withholding Stefano's diabetes medication. After the attempt of Melanie's life by Vivian, Bo vowed to his father that if anything happened to Carly, that he would kill Vivian. In an effort to avoid this, Victor agreed to marry Vivian if she would agree to not harm Carly or any of her loved ones. It seems as of late, however, that Victor has taken an interest with the recently widowed Maggie Horton.
Justin Kiriakis
Portrayed by Wally Kurth
Head Legal Counsel for Kiriakis Industries. Formerly married to Adrienne Johnson. Son of Alexander and Christina Kiriakis (both deceased). Nephew of Victor Kiriakis. Father of Alexander Neil Kiriakis with Angelica Deveraux and Jackson Kiriakis with Adrienne. Adoptive father of Joseph and Victor Kiriakis II. Victor summoned Justin from Dubai in order to provide representation for Daniel's attempted murder case. Was shot trying to help Hope while she was being held hostage from Ciara's kidnapper but has since recovered. Justin was furious with Hope when she misread his feelings for her and in an attempt to help fix his failing marriage, summoned Adrienne to Salem.
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis
Portrayed by Judi Evans
Owner of The Cheatin' Heart. Formerly married to Justin Kiriakis. Daughter of Duke and Josephine Johnson. Sister of Steve Johnson and Jack Deveraux (born William Earl Johnson). Mother of Jackson Kiriakis with Justin, stepmother of Alexander Kiriakis and adoptive mother of Joey and Victor Kiriakis II. Adrienne was summoned to Salem by Hope, who told her that Justin was in trouble. Adrienne confronted Hope, telling her to butt out of her relationship with Justin.

Carver family

Abe Carver
Portrayed by James Reynolds
Mayor of Salem. Married to Lexie Carver. Son of Benjamin and Rita Carver. Brother of Theodore, Karen and Jonah Carver. Father of Brandon Walker with Fay Walker and Theo Carver with Lexie. Had a disorder that caused him to lose his sight. However, underwent cornea transplant surgery after Zack Brady's corneas were donated. Abe and Lexie were recently informed that their son Theo has been diagnosed with autism. Abe became furious when he found Lexie being comforted by Dr. Jonas. He warned Daniel to stay away from his wife. He then accused Lexie of cheating on him as she had done before with his son, Brandon and Tek Kramer. He and Lexie are currently in counseling to deal with issues in their marriage as well as their son's autism.
Lexie Carver
Portrayed by Renee Jones
First Lady of Salem. Doctor at Salem University Hospital. Maiden name is Brooks. Married to Abe Carver. Biological daughter of Stefano DiMera and Celeste Perrault. Adoptive daughter and biological niece of Grace Brooks. Mother of Theo Carver with Abe. Has been struggling to keep her marriage to Abe afloat after the stress of learning that their son Theo is autistic.
Theo Carver
Portrayed by Terrell Ransom Jr.
Son of Abe and Lexie Carver. Half-brother of Brandon Walker. Diagnosed with autism. Sustained a head injury after falling down the stairs in the DiMera mansion and had to have emergency surgery to relieve pressure to his brain. He has since recovered.

Hernandez family

Rafael Hernandez
Portrayed by Galen Gering
Construction Worker. Former FBI Agent. Brother of Arianna, Dario and Gabi Hernandez. Took over as guard for Sami Brady while she was under witness protection after her first two guards quit. Was stabbed by Mayor Marino's killer while out shopping for Christmas gifts for Sami's children. Upon returning to the safe house, he urged Sami not to call a doctor but instead stitch up his wound herself. After the murder of Sami's former guard, Hilda, Rafe felt that it was no longer safe for Sami to live at the safe house and moved her to a convent. After Sami was released from witness protection, Rafe found himself falling in love with her. Rafe later expressed his wishes to adopt Grace much to Sami's delight. However, his sister Arianna was not too happy about the idea. Rafe was devastated over the death of baby Grace and stood by Sami's side as they dealt with the tremendous grief. He displayed extreme defiance when the subject of his late fiance, Emily, was brought up. Rafe demanded that Arianna nor Sami ever speak of her again. All that is known of Emily was that she died on the day she was supposed to marry Rafe. Rafe became suspicious of Nicole after learning of her connection with Dr. Baker. Rafe discovered Dr. Baker dead after tracking him down in the Dominican Republic. Rafe later learned of Nicole's miscarriage by eavesdropping on a conversation she had with Brady. Ready to take action, Rafe was thwarted by Emily's sister, Meredith, who attacked him and kept him prisoner in her home. Meredith once again attacked Rafe and thinking she had killed him, dumped him in the Salem River. An unconscious Rafe was later found and rescued by Carly Manning who brought him on board the boat she was using to travel back to Salem. Once the boat was docked in Salem, Rafe found his way back to his sister's apartment where he waited for the right time to reveal himself and what he had learned of Nicole's secret. Rafe had been working tirelessly to get to the bottom of Sydney's kidnapping and was furious when Sami didn't tell him about the second ransom note. He has since broken up with Sami, although he still loves her. Rafe worked non-stop to find the real story behind Sydney's kidnapping. He was able to track Anna down and, by offering Calliope Jones help with her tax problems, convinced her to wear a wire and get the entire story out of her hold friend, Anna. Rafe was jailed shortly thereafter in a foreign prison where he made acquaintance with Shane Donovan, who was jailed after being accused of an assassination attempt on a political figure. The two men paired up and successfully escaped and are currently on their way back to Salem.
Sami Brady Hernandez
Portrayed by Alison Sweeney
Formerly married to Austin Reed, Brandon Walker, Lucas Roberts and E.J. Wells. Daughter of Roman Brady and Dr. Marlena Evans. Mother of Will Horton and Alice Caroline Horton with Lucas; and Johnny and Sydney DiMera with E.J. Twin sister of Eric Brady. Half-sister of Carrie, Rex and Cassie Brady, Donald Craig Jr. (deceased) and Belle Black. Has fallen in love with her former protector Rafe Hernandez. She was hiding the fact that she had a daughter with E.J. She later found out that Baby Grace was actually the daughter of Mia, a teenaged girl who Nicole Walker convinced to give up her baby. Unbeknownst to both Sami and Mia, Nicole switched the babies so that she would be raising E.J.'s biological child. Sami was devastated when Baby Grace was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and died soon thereafter. Distraught over the loss of her "daughter," Sami had decided to tell E.J. that Grace was also his. E.J. later obtained a court order, receiving full temporary custody of their son Johnny. Sami later pleaded with her cousin, Stephanie, to help her in bringing down E.J. with the truth of his involvement in Stephanie's kidnapping. Sami later became curious about Rafe's late fiancee, Emily Hudson, as well as the circumstances of her mysterious death. While planning a romantic picnic for Rafe at her favorite spot, Sami came upon a grieving woman who explained to Sami that this spot was also a favorite of her late sister. The woman turned out to be Meredith Hudson, Emily's sister. The woman had a deep hatred for Rafe and kidnapped him and later tried to kill him. When Rafe returned, he gave Sami proof of her real relationship to Sydney.
Dario Hernandez
Portrayed by Francisco San Martin
Brother of Rafe, Arianna and Gabi Hernandez.
Gabi Hernandez
Portrayed by Camila Banus
Sister of Rafe, Arianna and Dario Hernandez. Arrived in Salem on Thanksgiving Day at the behest of her mother to check in on Rafe and Ari. Ari urged her younger sister to return home but Gabi insisted on staying since she was on break from school. Gabi was shocked to find a stash of cocaine hidden in Ari's room, widening the rift between the two sisters. Unknowingly helped Nicole DiMera escape with Sydney by giving her money for bus tickets in exchange for a diamond bracelet.

Deveraux family

Jennifer Horton Deveraux
Portrayed by Melissa Reeves
P.R. at Salem University Hospital. Recently divorced from Jack Deveraux. Mother of Abigail and Jack Deveraux Jr.
Abigail Deveraux
Portrayed by Kate Mansi
Student at Salem University. Daughter of Jack and Jennifer Deveraux. Sister of Jack Deveraux Jr.

Other characters

Carly Manning
Portrayed by Crystal Chappell
Doctor at Salem University Hospital. Born Katerina Von Leuschner. Formerly married to Victor Kiriakis and Lawrence Alamain (deceased). Daughter of Henri Von Leuschner. Sister of Frankie Brady (born Francois Von Leuschner). Mother of Nicholas Alamain with Lawrence. Recently returned to Salem after fatally stabbing her husband Lawrence and is now on the run. Sought out the help of long-time friend Omar who let her board his boat and transported her back to Salem. Along the way, she rescued and treated a near-death Rafe Hernandez. Upon returning to Salem, she knew the only person that could help her was her former love, Bo Brady. Carly was less than pleased when Vivian visited her at Bo's house. Carly was later cleared of Lawrence's murder as a result of Vivian orchestrating the confession of the "real" murderer. Recently informed Bo of her desire to move into Maggie Horton's home so that she can be close to her long-lost daughter. Carly's relationship with Bo took a turn when Bo, believing his marriage to Hope to be over, cheated with Carly. Carly went to the Horton home to express her condolences to Maggie when Hope, who had already learned of the affair from Bo, angrily confronted and reviled her in front of the Horton family. She recently revealed that Melanie Layton is her daughter and was disheartened at her tenuous relationship with the young girl.
Vivian Alamain
Portrayed by Louise Sorel
Married to Victor Kiriakis. Formerly married to Steven Jones, and Stefano DiMera. Sister of Leopold Alamain. Aunt of Lawrence Alamain. Was the surrogate mother who gave birth to Philip Kiriakis. Recently received the ashes of her late nephew Lawrence and has vowed revenge against Carly. Vivian has since been reconnecting with old "friends" back in Salem and plotting her vengeance against Carly.
Brady Black
Portrayed by Eric Martsolf
Formerly married to Chloe Lane. Son of John Black and Isabella Toscano. Half-brother of Belle Black. Returned to Salem from Vienna. Unhappy with his life after moving to Vienna with then wife Chloe, Brady turned to drugs. He was believed dead after authorities found their home ransacked and stained with blood. Fearful, Chloe fled to Salem and was immediately named a suspect in Brady's disappearance. It was revealed however that Brady's grandfather Victor, was hiding him in a private rehab facility. Brady spent six months working on a farm in Vienna as part of an out-patient treatment program. Brady helped Nicole cover up the fact that she had miscarried E.J.'s baby and was looking for another to replace it. Before her wedding to E.J., Brady revealed to Nicole that he was still in love with her and pleaded with her not to go through with the wedding. Nicole refused but Brady arrived at the church in one last attempt to win her over. He was discovered by E.J. who demanded that he leave the church. E.J. then ordered one of his henchmen to savagely attack Brady. While Stephanie was kidnapped, Brady agreed to help Philip and Melanie rescue her. He was later locked in the Kiriakis mausoleum along with Melanie after an altercation with the kidnapper, Owen. He and Melanie were later rescued themselves by Bo and Hope. Brady bailed Nicole out of jail upon learning of her arrest but later regretted it after finding out that she had switched Sami and Mia's babies.
Taylor Walker
Portrayed by Tamara Braun
Daughter of Paul Mendez and Fay Walker. Sister of Nicole Walker DiMera. Half-sister of Brandon Walker.
Chloe Lane
Portrayed by Nadia Bjorlin
International Opera Singer.Formerly married to Brady Black and Lucas Horton. Daughter of Craig and Nancy Wesley. Sister of Joy Wesley. Known as Ghoul Girl back in high school. Returned to Salem from Vienna without husband Brady. Was a suspect in his disappearance until it was found out that Victor Kiriakis, Brady's grandfather, was hiding him in a private rehab facility. Victor blamed Chloe for Brady becoming a drug addict. Taking considerable risk as a former cancer patient, Chloe agreed to donate her bone marrow to help her soon-to-be mother-in-law Kate fight cancer. A flirtation between Chloe and Daniel Jonas developed and culminated with the two sleeping together on the night of Lucas and Chloe's engagement party. Chloe was unaware of Kate's knowledge of the affair and that Kate offering her a hosting gig on Hearth and Home was part of Kate's plan to ruin her. Chloe was shocked when Kate revealed that she knows of her affair with Daniel. Was hospitalized after eating an apple from Daniel's housewarming present that had been poisoned by Kate. Chloe later spent several weeks in a coma after being further poisoned by Kate. She recovered with Nathan's help and confirmed to Lucas that she was indeed in love with Daniel. Chloe also defended Daniel after she learned that he was the one accused of poisoning her. Since her recovery, Chloe has a desire to move on with her life with new love, Daniel, and has expressed her desire to have a child with him. After experiencing a hysterical pregnancy and upon finding out that Daniel had a long-lost daughter, Chloe began feeling insecure about her relationship with Daniel. Chloe was later tricked by Vivian Alamain into believing that Daniel had an affair with Carly Manning, the mother of his child. A distraught Chloe turned to former beau, Philip Kiriakis, himself having insecurities about his relationship with Melanie, and the two had sex. Nathan Horton and later, Carly, accidentally found out about Chloe's affair although both do not know the identity of the other man. Nathan agreed to keep quiet, however, Carly urged Chloe to tell Daniel and if she wouldn't, Carly would tell Daniel herself. In desperate need of hiding the truth, Chloe, with Vivian's assistance, sets up a plot to kill Carly. Chloe herself falls victim to the plan and is injured. While being examined in the hospital, Carly revealed to Chloe that she is pregnant. Carly later has a change of heart telling Chloe that she would only tell Daniel if the child she was having was not his and would keep quiet if Daniel was determined to be the father. Chloe agrees to a paternity test and receives the results naming Daniel as the father. Unbeknownst to her, Stephanie Johnson hacks into the hospital's records and discovers that it is Philip who is the father of Chloe's child and that the results were later changed.
Melanie Layton
Portrayed by Molly Burnett
Nursing Student. Married to Philip Kiriakis. Biological daughter of Daniel Jonas and Carly Manning. Half-sister of Nicholas Alamain. Attended a boarding school in Marseille, France. Was shocked to learn that Max was her brother and excited at the fact that he was a celebrity, with Max having been a former racecar driver. Melanie later made acquaintance with Nick Fallon at the cafe in Marseille. Overhearing that he could potentially be a rich man, Melanie began a flirtation with Nick. After first refusing to return to Salem with Max, Melanie hid out on a family friend's yacht. She later received a call from her father, Trent, who asked her to "have a drink" with a man he owed a debt to. Melanie became furious with her father for essentially "pimping her out" as a way to settle his gambling debts and she soon found herself in trouble with the man. Nick tried to rescue her but was shot in the process. After some convincing, Melanie agreed to return to Salem with Max. When Trent was murdered, Melanie had been tormented with the thought that she may have killed her father and it was later revealed that she was being stalked by her friend, Nick , her father's true killer. As an apology, Nick signed over the patent to his Alternative Fuels project, allowing the conniving Melanie to gain inroads with Victor Kiriakis at Titan Industries. She was hired as an executive at Titan to oversee the project. However, after Melanie's advances were snubbed by Philip, she tried to sell the rights to the project to the DiMera's and was subsequently fired. She has since been working as a candy striper at Salem Hospital and has recently accepted into the nursing school. Melanie strongly considered moving to London with her brother but since Maggie's grandson, Nathan, arrived, she quickly changed her mind. After several failed attempts at a relationship with Nathan, Melanie soon began acting on her feelings for Philip. Despite her having strong feelings for Nathan, Melanie decided to marry Philip on Valentine's Day. The celebration was short-lived however, when Melanie accidentally intercepted a bullet meant for Vivian. Carly, who claims that Melanie is her daughter, accidentally shot her, when she fired at Vivian, the woman how has vowed revenge on Carly by harming her daughter. Melanie recently learned the truth of her true parentage when Carly and later Daniel told her that they were her parents. Melanie was crushed by the news that Trent was not her father as she felt that she suffered years of unnecessary abuse at his hands.
Daniel Jonas
Portrayed by Shawn Christian
Doctor at Salem University Hospital. Godson of Victor Kiriakis. Arrived in Salem to help in diagnosing Bo's puzzling condition. Performed the rare partial pancreatic transplant that saved Bo's life. While dating Chelsea Brady, it was revealed that Daniel shared a drunken tryst with Chelsea's grandmother, Kate, prompting Chelsea to immediately end her relationship with him. After helping Kate, who Daniel was dating at the time, deal with her cancer, he developed feelings for Chloe and the two had an affair. Daniel urged Chloe to tell Lucas the truth about them before she went through with the wedding. Chloe agreed at first but after Lucas nearly died in a gas explosion, Chloe vowed to stay with Lucas. Daniel had no choice but to accept this. Daniel reluctantly agreed to host a segment of Kate's television show, Hearth and Home, a position that would put him in close contact with Chloe. He was unaware, however, of Kate's deadly designs. Kate was successful in poisoining Chloe and planting evidence in Daniel's apartment. Daniel was the prime suspect in Chloe's poisoning until he was able to find evidence that pointed to Kate. Since helping to save Chloe, he expressed his desire to spend the rest of his life with her.

Minor characters

Julie Olson Williams
Portrayed by Susan Seaforth Hayes
Married to Doug Williams. Formerly married to Scott Banning and Bob Anderson. Daughter of Ben Olson and Addie Horton (deceased). Mother of David Banning with Scott and Robert Anderson Jr. (deceased) with Bob. Stepmother to her half-sister Hope Williams Brady. Was last seen on Christmas Eve 2009 celebrating with the Hortons and the Bradys.
Doug Williams
Portrayed by Bill Hayes
Born Brent Douglas. Retired. Married to Julie Olson. Formerly Married to Kim Douglas, Addie Horton, and Lee DuMonde. Father of Hope Williams Brady with Addie and Douglas LeClair with Rebecca North. Was last seen on Christmas Eve 2009 celebrating with the Hortons and Bradys.

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