Mushroom (disambiguation)

Mushroom (disambiguation)

A mushroom is a type of fungus.

Mushroom may also refer to:

In music:


  • Mushroom cloud, a cloud produced by certain types of bombs.
  • Mushroom anchor, a type of mushroom-shaped boat anchor for use on soft bottoms
  • Mushroom management, so called form of corporate management
  • Mushroom Kingdom and Super Mushroom, features of the Mario series of video games
  • Toad, a fictional humanoid mushroom character from the Mario series video games
  • Mushroom Men, video games
  • The deformation of various expanding bullets, such as hollow point bullets
  • Tellermine 43, an anti-tank mine, called the Mushroom
  • Mushroom TV, a British television company which runs several satellite TV channels
  • Mushrooms (Law & Order), an episode of Law and Order
  • Mushroom Networks, a company specializing in networking solutions

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