Cuban Eight

Cuban Eight

A Cuban Eight or Cuban 8 is an aerobatic figure eight maneuver for fixed-wing aircraft both full-scale and radio controlled.

Variations include the Half Cuban Eight and Reverse Half Cuban Eight, intended as directional changes and which are listed below.

According to the Aresti Catalog, a Cuban Eight is performed thus:

5/8s of a loop to the 45 degree line, 1/2 roll, 5/8s of a loop to the 45 degree line, 1/2 roll, 3/8s of a loop to level flight (half of the Cuban Eight is called a "half Cuban Eight", and the figure can be flown backwards, known as a "Reverse Cuban Eight").

Aeros fig cuban8.svg


Half Cuban Eight

From level flight, 5/8s loop to the inverted 45° line, 1/2 roll to erect down 45° line, pull to level flight. The move is similar to an Immelmann turn with the difference being in the location in the loop at which the roll is performed. The roll in an Immelmann turn is at the top of the loop.

Aeros fig halfcuban8.svg

Reverse Half Cuban Eight

From level flight pull to the 45° up line, 1/2 roll to inverted 45° up line, then 5/8s of a loop to level flight.

Aeros fig revhalfcuban8.svg

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