Cry Yourself To Sleep

Cry Yourself To Sleep

"Cry Yourself to Sleep" is a one-shot comic book published by Top Shelf Comics and written and drawn by Jeremy Tinder. The black-and-white book is in digest form, much smaller than typical comic size.



The story follows a brief period in the lives of three characters: a bunny, a man and a robot. The bunny and man are roommates but not close friends, who are acquainted with the robot. While the first two stumble through failed attempts at success, the robot seems content to wander through its days pondering the "why" of things. Themes of rejection and distress are consistent through the work, which concludes with all characters finding happiness and a road to better lives while they accept the things they cannot change but endeavor to succeed where they're able to.


It was awarded the 2008 Decker award for "Best Short Story to Recommend."[citation needed]


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