List of RiverClan cats

List of RiverClan cats

Warriors is a novel series written by Erin Hunter. The following is a list of characters who are in "RiverClan", as listed in the allegiances section (character list) of the books.

RiverClan cats are the only ones known to enjoy swimming, and are known for the river that runs throughout their territory. RiverClan cats have the unique ability to swim efficiently in fast-moving water, and are generally among the only cats that possess the knowledge of fishing. Due to their main diet of fish, their pelts are typically silkier and glossier than most other Clans' which grants them increased mobility in water. Their prey also includes some aquatic mammals such as water voles. RiverClan often have border disputes with ThunderClan over the Sunningrocks, a section of land on ThunderClan's side of the river that ThunderClan claimed from them a long time ago (it was formerly an island).[1] They are not openly hostile, but can be prone to ally themselves with potentially hostile Clans (namely ShadowClan).

RiverClan, along with the other Clans, undergoes a dramatic shift in territory during the course of The New Prophecy series. During the time that Stormfur, Feathertail, and the others are on their journey, much of RiverClan's territory is destroyed as the Twolegs proceed with their deforestation of the area.[2] Eventually RiverClan and the other Clans are able to relocate to the lake territory, the RiverClan camp of which is set in a wetland bordered by small rivers. RiverClan's lake territory consists of a variety of terrain, including a small strip of pine forest on the border with ShadowClan, and open moorland bordering WindClan. RiverClan is also closest to the newly designated Gathering location, an island located closely off their shores. Fish remain the main diet of RiverClan.[3] Their territory is routinely disturbed by Twolegs during the spring and summer seasons, due to a water recreation area being located on their grounds.


Crookedstar's Promise


Crookedstar, a huge light-colored tabby tom with green eyes, is the leader of RiverClan during the first half of the original series. He has a twisted jaw, the result of an event during his kithood, which gives him his warrior name of Crookedjaw. Crookedstar's brother, Oakheart, was made a warrior before him because he broke his jaw as a kit. As an apprentice he became friends with Bluestar (Bluepaw at the time). When he becomes RiverClan deputy, he ended his friendship with her. He became leader when Hailstar died of a rat bite. His first deputy was Timberfur. He asked his brother Oakheart first, but he declined saying he had not earned the title yet.[4] Crookedstar's leadership is generally not described in detail during the series. He allies his Clan with ShadowClan in an effort to attack WindClan during the climax of Fire and Ice,[5] proving that he is not afraid of fighting.

Crookedstar's relationships with the other cats in his Clan are relatively unknown, a trend that is common for non-ThunderClan cats. His mate is Willowbreeze and they have three daughters Willowkit, Minnowkit and Silverstream. He has a soft side for his daughter Silverstream. It could be thought that Silverstream led Crookedstar to StarClan when he died. It is also revealed in Bluestar's Prophecy that his brother is Oakheart, making Crookedstar uncle to Mistystar, Stonefur and Mosskit.[4] He's also son to Rainflower and Shellheart, granduncle to Graymist and Reedwhisker (Mistystar's kits), great-grand uncle to Mallownose and Sneezepaw (Graymist's kits), grandfather to Stormfur and Feathertail, and great-grandfather to Pine and Lark (Stormfur's kits). In Crookedstar's Promise, his mother is Rainflower. His name before Crookedkit was Stormkit, because he was born during a storm. When he is a kit, he makes a promise to Mapleshade, an evil RiverClan cat, that no matter what, he will be loyal to RiverClan.


Graypool, a thin gray she-cat with patchy fur and a scarred muzzle and amber eyes, is a half-WindClan, half-RiverClan elder and queen introduced in Forest of Secrets. She was entrusted by Oakheart to look after the two kits he had claimed to have found in the forest, which are later revealed to be Mistystar and Stonefur, the kits of Bluestar. She realizes that they are from ThunderClan by their smell and that Oakheart was not truthful in his story of how he found them, but she does not pursue the matter out of the kindness in her heart. She raises Mistystar and Stonefur as if they were her own kits, and finally reveals their origin to Firestar during his investigation. In addition to fostering Mistystar and Stonefur, she is the true mother of one unnamed tabby kit introduced in Forest of Secrets.[6] Her mother's name was Fallowtail, and she had at least one sister, Willowbreeze, who later became Silverstream's mother. Her father was Reedfeather of WindClan (as revealed in Battle of the Clans).[7]


Mistystar a blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes, is a RiverClan warrior prominently introduced in Forest of Secrets and is the current RiverClan leader. Mistystar initially becomes friends with Firestar and Graystripe when they rescue her kits, who had been stranded by a river flood during Forest of Secrets.[6] She then becomes something of an ally to Firestar and Graystripe, giving them valuable information from across the river from time to time. Mistystar and her brother, Stonefur, become the focus of a large sub-plot in the series when it is discovered that they are in fact the children of Bluestar, thus making them of "half-Clan" origin. They are initially furious with Bluestar when confronted by her about this, but soon rescend their anger and stay to comfort her as she dies at the end of A Dangerous Path.[8] Mistystar and Stonefur are later the targets of discrimination from Tigerstar after he learns of their true mother, and he holds them prisoner outside the RiverClan camp during his rule in The Darkest Hour. While Stonefur is killed, Mistystar escapes with the help of Firestar, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw along with Feathertail and Stormfur, who were also being held prisoner. She later joins the battle against BloodClan along with her remaining Clanmates.[9]

Mistystar is appointed deputy by Leopardstar after the death of her previous deputy, Stonefur, who is Mistystar's brother, at the paws of Darkstripe and Blackfoot. She is later captured by Twolegs during the deforestation of the Clans' territories during The New Prophecy series and held in a barn along with other captive cats such as Leafpool, and Brightheart and Cloudtail. After her escape due to the assistance of ThunderClan, she returns to RiverClan to retake her position as deputy, to which Hawkfrost had been appointed in her absence.[2]

Mistystar is the new leader, as of the second book in Omen Of The Stars, Fading Echoes, with her son Reedwhisker as her deputy.[10] Her paternal grandmother's name was Rainflower and her paternal grandfather's name was Shellheart, and her uncle was Crookedstar, making Silverstream her cousin, and best friend. Mistystar's also mother to Graymist (Reedwhisker's sister) making her grandmother to Mallownose and Sneezepaw (Graymist's kits), niece to Snowfur (Bluestar's sister), cousin to Whitestorm, grand-daughter to Moonflower and Stormtail (Bluestar's parents), grandniece to Goosefeather (Moonflower's brother), grandcousin to Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail (Whitestorm's kits), Stormfur and Feathertail (Silverstream's kits) and great-grandcousin to Lark That Sings At Dawn (Lark) and Pine That Clings To Rock (Pine) (Stormfur's kits) and Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, Molepaw and Cinderheart (Sorreltail's kits). Mistystar mentored Feathertail.


Stonefur, a blue-gray tom with battle-scarred ears, is a RiverClan warrior first properly introduced in Forest of Secrets.[6] He is the brother of Mistyfoot and Mosskit, and enters into Firestar's point of view far less frequently than his sister. As a result, not much is known about Stonefur aside from his intense loyalty and willingness to fight for his Clan as evidenced by his mostly tattered ears. After Crookedstar dies and Leopardstar is appointed leader, she gives Stonefur the position of deputy. Stonefur is equally as angry as his sister when it is revealed that they are actually the kits of Bluestar, but they forgive Bluestar before she dies at the end of A Dangerous Path.[8]

Stonefur is one of the "half-Clan" cats accused during Tigerstar's rule over TigerClan during The Darkest Hour, and is ordered to kill his apprentice, Stormpaw, and his sister, Featherpaw, in order to prove his loyalty. When he refuses, Tigerstar orders Darkstripe to kill him. Stonefur, despite being half-starved and weakened due to his imprisonment, defeats Darkstripe soundly. Tigerstar then orders Blackfoot to finish the job, and Stonefur's throat is torn out by Darkstripe while Blackfoot holds him down.[9]

Stonefur's parents are Oakheart and Bluestar, though he was fostered by Graypool. He has two sisters, Mistyfoot and Mosskit, and two cousins, Silverstream and Whitestorm, due to the facts that Oakheart and Crookedstar are brothers and Crookedstar is Silverstream's father and Whitestorm's mother being Bluestar's sister. He has mentored Stormfur and Shadepelt, and was apprenticed by his uncle, Crookedstar. Bluestar's mentor was a ThunderClan warrior called Stonepelt, and she named Stonefur in order to remember the river. Stonefur's also nephew to Snowfur (Bluestar's sister), grandson to Moonflower and Stormtail (Bluestar's parents) and Rainflower and Shellheart (Oakheart's parents even though Lilystem was noted as his mother in a book), grandnephew to Goosefeather (Moonflower's brother), grandcousin to Stormfur, Feathertail (Silverstream's kits), Rainwhisker, Sootfur and Sorreltail (Whitestorm's kits), great-grandcousin to Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Honeyfern and Molepaw (Sorreltail's kits), uncle to Graymist and Reedwhisker and granduncle to Mallowpaw and Sneezepaw (Graymist's kits).


Oakheart is a tawny colored tom with green eyes. He is brother to Crookedstar and son of Rainflower (in a previous book, his mother was named "Lilystem"). He was mate to Bluestar, but only for a short time, and father to Stonefur, Mistyfoot (later Mistystar), and Mosskit.[4] He is the grandfather of Graymist and Reedwhisker (Mistystar's kits), great-grandfather to Mallowpaw and Sneezepaw (Graymist's kits), as well as uncle to Silverstream, great-uncle to Stormfur and Feathertail (Silverstream's kits) and great-great-uncle to Pine and Lark (Stormfur's kits). Mentioned in Into the Wild,[11] his backstory is further explored in Forest of Secrets and Crookedstar's Promise. Previous deputy of RiverClan before being killed by a rockfall during a battle with ThunderClan, contrary to belief that Tigerstar killed him after he killed Redtail, shortly before Firestar enters the forest.[6]


Mapleshade is a highly skilled warrior of the Dark Forest. She came to Crookedstar in dreams and visions even before he was apprenticed, training him in exchange for his promise that he would place loyalty to his Clan above all other concerns.

At first Crookedstar believes Mapleshade is one of StarClan. Her anger at his attachment to individual Clanmates confuses him. He obeys her when a dog attacks the Riverclan camp, chasing the dog and protecting the Clan instead of tending to the fatal injury done to his mother, Rainflower. Crookedstar suspects Mapleshade is responsible for sending the crooked-jawed squirrel sign that convinced Hailstar to make Crookedstar his deputy after Shellheart retired to the elders' den. When Hailstar is injured on his last life, she head butts Crookedstar away while he attempts to save Hailstar's life.

Finally Mapleshade acknowledges to Crookedstar that she is not of StarClan but from the Dark Forest, and explains her evil actions and deceptions: she had originally been a ThunderClan cat, but when ThunderClan discovered she had become the mate of a RiverClan cat they cast her out. While fleeing from ThunderClan to RiverClan along with her two kits to be with her mate, her kits were swept away by the river current. Her RiverClan mate blamed her for the kits' deaths, and she found she was unwelcome in RiverClan as well. When her former mate took another she-cat as his mate, after having promised to love Mapleshade forever, embittered by the lack of loyalty she perceived she renounced StarClan and swore revenge on her former mate and his descendants. Lastly Mapleshade reveals that Shellheart, Crookedstar's father, was the grandson of her former mate, and that she feels her own descendants should have attained the greatness that is Crookedstar's destiny. Crookedstar blames Mapleshade for the illness (greencough) and death of his mate Willowbreeze and two of their newborn kits, Willowkit and Minnowkit, in addition to the earlier deaths of Rainflower and Hailstar.


Brambleberry is a pretty white she-cat with black spotted fur, blue eyes, and a strikingly pink nose. A medicine cat, she healed Crookedstar's jaw when he was a kit and was the mentor of Mudfur. She was mentored by Milkfur.

Warriors (Original Series)

The original series covers events in the story from Into the Wild to The Darkest Hour. Many characters mentioned here were introduced in the original series, but play minor or significant roles in The New Prophecy and Power of Three series as well.


Leopardstar (Leopardfur before A Dangerous Path), an unusually spotted golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes, preceded Mistystar as leader of RiverClan and was introduced in Fire and Ice.[5] Initially she is appointed deputy after the death of Oakheart, RiverClan's former deputy, during the opening sequence of Into the Wild.[11] She is highly ambitious, and assumes a strong and authoritative hold over her Clan after the death of its former leader, Crookedstar. Leopardstar is known for being highly aggressive to all other Clans, especially ThunderClan, with whom RiverClan has had an ongoing border dispute over the Sunningrocks in the forest. Her mother, Brghtsky, died at her birth, along with her other siblings. Her father was Mudfur before he became medicine cat apprentice when Leopardstar was only an apprentice. She was known as a loved kit, able to wrap her tail around anyone. She was named by her father who called her Leopardkit so the mighty Clan could give her strength. She is the first (and consequently, only) leader to align her Clan with Tigerstar in the creation of TigerClan during his attempts to rule the forest in The Darkest Hour.[9]

Despite Leopardstar's numerous hostile encounters with ThunderClan and WindClan and her affiliation with Tigerstar, she does not appear to be an evil cat. She regards her relations with other Clans in a strictly businesslike manner, and does not harbor personal resentment against any particular cat except Graystripe, who accidentally killed her former apprentice Whiteclaw. She and the leader at that time, Crookedstar, willingly allows ThunderClan to shelter in her camp after the forest is burnt out in Rising Storm, and treats the situation as an opportunity to retake the Sunningrocks as a form of "payment".[12]

Her apprentices include Whiteclaw (who was also her mate), who was accidentally killed by Graystripe in Fire and Ice,[5] and Hawkfrost, yet another result of faulty character judgment. Her mentor was Whitefang.

Leopardstar loses her final life in Fading Echoes. She is replaced by her deputy, Mistyfoot, now Mistystar. [10] Mistystar is Bluestar's daughter, and is said to meet Stonefur, Silverstream, and Bluestar in Fading Echoes, although this may not be true. The Erins also said after news of Leopardstar's death reached fans that one of the true reasons why she had allied her Clan with Tigerstar in The Darkest Hour was because she was in love with Tigerstar.[13]


Silverstream, a beautiful silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, is a RiverClan warrior introduced in Fire and Ice. She is the daughter of Crookedstar, RiverClan's leader, and Willowbreeze, and as such is a highly valued member of RiverClan. She initially meets Firestar and Graystripe when she appears in order to rescue Graystripe from drowning in the river that divides RiverClan's and ThunderClan's borders. She falls in love with Graystripe shortly after, and sneaks out of her camp in order to meet him at the border, having her cousin Mistyfoot cover for her absences in much the same way that Firestar covers for Graystripe. When it becomes clear that he cannot force Graystripe to stop sneaking out, Firestar attempts to reason with Silverstream instead; the result is similar. Eventually Firestar accepts that he cannot force them apart, and he and Silverstream become slight friends. He refuses to attack her during a battle with RiverClan in WindClan's territory during the end sequence of Fire and Ice due to Graystripe's pleading.[5]

It is eventually revealed that Silverstream is pregnant with Graystripe's kits, Featherkit and Stormkit. When she finally gives birth to them in Forest of Secrets, Graystripe realizes that something is wrong and fetches Firestar and Cinderpelt to assist her. Cinderpelt successfully saves the kits, but is unable to help Silverstream; in a bitter twist of fate, she dies shortly afterward due to birth complications. Graystripe joins RiverClan momentarily before returning to ThunderClan, since he realizes that no matter how strong his love for Silverstream is, his loyalty remains in ThunderClan.[6]

Silverstream, now a member of StarClan, returns during Firestar's leader ceremony in The Darkest Hour to give him one of his nine lives. She is shown to still love Graystripe dearly during this scene, but is unable to speak to Firestar regarding her feelings.[9] Later, she appears to Graystripe during his journey back to the lake territory in Graystripe's Trilogy in order to assure him of her acceptance of his new mate, Millie. She also appears to accompany Feathertail, her daughter, upon her death in the mountains in Moonrise of The New Prophecy.[14] During "Long Shadows", she watches over Millie who is sick with greencough. She says Graystripe doesn't deserve to have his heart broken again.[15] Silverstream's also grand-daughter to Rainflower (Crookedstar's mother), niece to Oakheart, cousin to Mistyfoot (whose also was her best friend), Stonefur and Mosskit (Bluestar and Oakheart's kits), grandcousin to Graymist and Reedwhisker (Mistyfoot's kits) and great-grandcousin to Mallownose and Sneezepaw (Graymist's kits). Not only are Silverstream and Mistyfoot's fathers brothers, but Sliverstream's mother, Willowbreeze, and Mistyfoot's adopted mother, Graypool, are sisters.


"River" is a silver, sleek, long-furred tom with green eyes that became RiverClan's founding leader. He was the first cat who had no fear of water. He was generous and warmharted with his own clan, but had no interest in the lives of the other clans.[1]

The New Prophecy Series

The New Prophecy series covers events in the story from Midnight to Sunset. Many characters here were first mentioned in the original series, but had minor or insignificant roles. In addition, as with the original series, most characters listed here play minor or significant roles in the following series, Power of Three, as well.


Feathertail is a beautiful young tabby she-cat with a silvery-gray coat and bright blue eyes. She is the daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream, the sister of Stormfur, and the half-sister of Bumblestripe, Briarlight, and Blossomfall. Feathertail is first introduced as a kit in Forest of Secrets, along with her brother, when they are born by their mother, Silverstream, as she bleeds out her life at Sunningrocks in ThunderClan territory. After their mother's death, they were briefly fostered by Goldenflower (who was still nursing Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt) while they stayed in ThunderClan before their father, Graystripe, takes them to RiverClan. They were said to be fostered by a queen named Greenflower when they arrived in RiverClan although in later books the role was given to another queen, Mosspelt. Regardless their father decides to stay with them as he couldn't bear to be separated from them; as a result she and Stormfur were always keenly aware of who their father was and remained close to him despite the fact that he later returned to ThunderClan.[6] Featherkit becomes an apprentice, Featherpaw, along with her brother in A Dangerous Path, after their father is driven out of RiverClan because he refused to attack his best friend Fireheart during a battle.[8] She was mentored by her mother's cousin, Mistyfoot. Later, in The Darkest Hour, she, Mistyfoot, and her brother Stormpaw are imprisoned under Tigerstar's orders for being half-Clan cats, as he now rules RiverClan and ShadowClan under the TigerClan alliance. Stormpaw's mentor and Mistyfoot's brother Stonefur is ordered to kill her and Stormpaw in order to prove his loyalty, but refuses and is killed instead. Featherpaw, Stormpaw, and Mistyfoot are later rescued by Graystripe, Firestar, and Ravenpaw and taken to ThunderClan, where they remain until BloodClan is defeated and the Clans revert back to four again. Featherpaw also participates in the battle between LionClan and BloodClan, along with her brother.[9]

She is seen as a warrior, Feathertail, in Midnight, and is chosen by StarClan as the RiverClan representative on the journey to the sun-drown-place. Though her brother Stormfur did not receive the message, he chooses to go with her out of concern for his sister.[16] Throughout the course of the journey, Feathertail begins to develop feelings for Crowpaw, the WindClan representative. They soon fall in love, but unfortunately Feathertail is killed when she dies to protect him and the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth, a mountain lion, in Moonrise. She now walks with her mother, Silverstream, with a paw in both StarClan and the Tribe of Endless Hunting (this might imply that the two sets of ancestors can now communicate with each other).[14] Later, Crowpaw chooses his warrior name, Crowfeather, in her honor.

Feathertail appears to Leafpool in her dreams to help her teach Willowpaw, a RiverClan medicine cat, about StarClan and once to send a message to Crowfeather 'not to be blinded to the living.' This seemed to be Feathertail's way of accepting his relationship with Leafpool. [16][14][2][3][17][18] Feathertail's also granddaughter to Crookedstar (Silverstream's father), grandniece to Oakheart, great-granddaughter to Lilystem and kin to Stonefur, Mistyfoot (who was her mentor), Mosskit (Oakheart's kits), Graymist, Reedwhisker (Mistyfoot's kits), Sneezepaw and Mallowpaw (Graymist's kits).


A dark gray tom with amber eyes, Stormfur was formerly a RiverClan cat and has lived in ThunderClan and currently lives in the Tribe of Rushing Water. He was first introduced as a kit, Stormkit, in Forest of Secrets, when his mother, Silverstream, a RiverClan cat, bore him and his sister, Featherkit, on Sunningrocks in ThunderClan territory, ultimately bleeding out her life for it. Their father was Graystripe, a ThunderClan cat, and in order to avoid shedding blood because of a war between RiverClan and ThunderClan over the kits, he brought them himself to RiverClan and stayed with them.[6] Stormkit became an apprentice, Stormpaw, along with his sister Featherpaw, in A Dangerous Path, mentored by Stonefur.[8]

He and his mate, Brook, met in her Tribe home, and fell in love.[2] He and Brook returned to the forest and helped ThunderClan rebuild from the badger attack and head on to RiverClan.[18] Then, he stayed in ThunderClan when he was banished from the Tribe of Rushing Water.[19] He is Graystripe and Silverstream's son, Feathertail's brother, and the half-brother of Bumblestripe, Briarlight, and Blossomfall. Stormfur was very close to Feathertail, but as protective as he was of his sister, he wasn't very happy with her relationship with Crowpaw and openly rejected the tom. He has since decided to return to the Tribe with Brook. He forged his strongest relationships from the journey with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. In Moonrise, he felt a brief attraction to Squirrelflight, but flung his affections aside for the good of their Clans.[14] He was unable to ignore his love for Brook so easily. He gets over his mild crush on Squirrelflight and proves it by playfully teasing the two along with Tawnypelt about their care for each other. In Outcast, he shows a close relationship with Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's apparent son Lionblaze. He confides in Lionblaze his past feelings for his supposed mother, making Lionblaze wonder what it would have been like to have Stormfur as a father instead. When Stormfur, Brook, Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Crowfeather, Breezepelt, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather go with Night and Talon to help the Tribe with the intruders,[19] Stormfur and Brook decide that they want to stay in the Tribe, so they say good-bye to the others in Eclipse.[20] He is father of Lark That Sings At Dawn (Lark) and Pine That Clings To Rock (Pine). Stormfur's also grandson to Crookedstar (Silverstream's father), grand-nephew to Oakheart, great-grandson to Rainflower (formerly called Lilystem by the Erins), cousin to Stonefur (who also was his mentor), Mistystar, and Mosskit (Oakheart's kits), grand-cousin to Graymist and Reedwhisker (Mistyfoot's kits), and great-grand-cousin to Sneezepaw and Mallownose (Graymist's kits).


Hawkfrost is a dark brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and icy blue eyes, formerly a rogue named Hawk. He is the son of Tigerstar and Sasha, the brother of Mothwing and Tadpole and the half brother of Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt. He apparently has six nieces and nephews: Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf. However, this was proved wrong throughout the course of the Power Of Three series, as Brambleclaw was revealed to not be either Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, or Jayfeather's father.[15] Hawkfrost was mentored by Leopardstar.

In Starlight, Hawkfrost sided with Mudclaw of WindClan and some ShadowClan warriors and led a rebellion against Onestar (then Onewhisker) to kill him when he still had only one life. When he saw Mudclaw being killed by a falling tree, he apologized to StarClan for his actions.[3] In Twilight, his relationship with Brambleclaw becomes closer and Squirrelfight doesn't like this because she doesn't trust Hawkfrost.[17] When Mistyfoot came back to RiverClan from being captured by Twolegs, Hawkfrost was forced to let Mistyfoot become deputy again (he was deputy while she was gone). Once Mistyfoot took her place again, he started to insult her by saying that she's a traitor and that she's not fit to be a deputy. He ordered Brambleclaw to kill Firestar when he was trapped, but Brambleclaw decides he is loyal to ThunderClan and frees his leader. Hawkfrost lunged at him, trying to kill Firestar himself but Brambleclaw drove the stick that held the trap into Hawkfrost's throat, killing him but not before Hawkfrost revealed that he had help from a ThunderClan cat for trapping Firestar,[18] who was later revealed as Ashfur.

Like Tigerstar, Hawkfrost was denied access to StarClan and now walks the Dark Forest/Place of No Stars with his father, and is responsible for helping to train Lionblaze in visions as a warrior. Hawkfrost is nephew to Mistkit and Nightkit (Tigerstar's sisters), grandson to Pinestar and Leopardfoot (Tigerstar's parents), great-grandson to Sweetbriar (Pinestar's mother) and Swiftbreeze and Adderfang (Leopardfoot's parents), grandnephew to Patchpelt, Redtail, Spottedleaf and Willowpelt (Leopardfoot's siblings) and kin to Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail (Willowpelt's kits), Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Honeyfern and Molepaw (Sorreltail's kits). As his two great-grandmothers are direct descendants to SkyClan (Cloudstar and Birdflight having Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt as kits), Hawkfrost is part-SkyClan, and part-rogue, although he is regards himself as a member of his adopted Clan first and foremost. Hawkfrost once faked a sign from StarClan to make his sister Mothwing a medicine cat apprentice. Also, he made Mothwing fake other signs for his advantage.[18]


Mothwing, a beautiful dappled golden tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and is the current RiverClan medicine cat and formerly a rogue named Moth. She is the daughter of Tigerstar and Sasha, a rogue cat, the littermate of Hawkfrost and Tadpole, and half-sister to Brambleclaw and Tawnypelt. She originally was a warrior, but when Mudfur found a moth's wing outside the medicine cat den, he interpreted it as a sign that Mothwing should be his apprentice. It is later revealed that Hawkfrost had actually put it there without Mothwing's initial knowledge in order to help himself in his plan to gain power within his Clan. After he revealed the truth to Mothwing, her faith in StarClan was destroyed.[18] However, only Leafpool, Mistystar, Willowshine, and Jayfeather are the only cats to know this. When she first joined the Clan, she, along with Hawkfrost, had trouble being accepted into RiverClan because their mother was a rogue and their father was Tigerstar. Though she does not have faith in StarClan, a vital requirement for a medicine cat, StarClan have let her remain a medicine cat because they have seen how hard she has studied and trained for this role and for clear her devotion to her Clan. She has mentored one medicine cat apprentice, Willowshine. As her two great-grandmothers are direct descendants to SkyClan (Cloudstar and Birdflight having Gorseclaw and Spottedpelt as kits), Mothwing and her brother, Hawkfrost, are part-SkyClan, part-rogue (Sasha being their mother) and part-ThunderClan (Tigerstar being their father), although Mothwing is very loyal to RiverClan, her adopted Clan. Mothwing is half-aunt to Tigerpaw, Dawnpaw and Flamepaw (Tawnypelt's kits); niece to Mistkit and Nightkit (Tigerstar's sisters); grand-daughter to Pinestar and Leopardfoot (Tigerstar's parents); great-grand-daughter to Sweetbriar (Pinestar's mother) and Swiftbreeze and Adderfang (Leopardfoot's parents); grandniece to Patchpelt, Redtail, Spottedleaf and Willowpelt (Leopardfoot's siblings), and kin to Rainwhisker, Sootfur, Sorreltail (Willowpelt's kits), Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, Honeyfern and Molepaw (Sorreltail's kits).


Reedwhisker is a black tom, with small, neat ears. He is first introduced in Moonrise, when Leafpaw saves him from drowning in a river.[14] He later appears in Twilight, thanking Leafpaw (now Leafpool) for saving his life.[17]

In the Ultimate Leaders Election on the Warriors webpage, the Clan cats have an election; saying whether they want Firestar to lead them all (temporarily), or not. Reedwhisker votes for Firestar, saying "You saved my life once before, in the flood. I believe you can do it again",[21] suggesting that he was one of Mistyfoot's kits, that was washed away in the flood to later be rescued by Fireheart and Graystripe. This was confirmed in a webchat with Erin Hunter.[22] This would mean, however, that he has been an apprentice longer than most other cats, since both Feathertail and Stormfur, who are several months younger, earn their Warrior names before he does. Reedwhisker's also brother to Graymist, uncle to Sneezepaw and Mallowpaw, nephew to Stonefur and Mosskit (Mistyfoot's siblings), grandson to Bluestar and Oakheart (Mistyfoot's parents), great-grandson to Moonflower and Stormtail (Bluestar's parents) and Lilystem (Oakheart's mother), great-grandnephew to Goosefeather (Moonflower's brother), grandnephew to Crookedstar (Oakheart's brother) and kin to Silverstream (Crookedstar's daughter), Feathertail and Stormfur (Silverstream's kits). He is currently deputy of RiverClan.[10]

The Power Of Three


Willowshine (Willowpaw before Eclipse) is a gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, first introduced in Twilight as Willowkit.[17] When the RiverClan cats were suffering from the Twoleg poison, Willowkit saved Beechfur's (then Beechpaw) life, when she fished out some half-chewed yarrow out of his throat and otherwise assisting Mothwing and Leafpool. After that, she dreamed of becoming a medicine cat. She is mentioned in most Power of Three books, as she is one of Hollyleaf's best friends, and trains as a medicine cat apprentice alongside Jayfeather. She doesn't like Jayfeather as much, as he snapped at her on their first time meeting each other. She is one of RiverClan's two medicine cats (the other being Mothwing, her mentor) and receives her medicine cat name in Eclipse.[20] Additionally, it appears that she knows about Mothwing's secret-that her own mentor does not believe in StarClan.[23] However, she has agreed not to tell the Clan, as she sees that Mothwing is a wonderful medicine cat on her own.

Minor RiverClan Characters

The following are RiverClan characters introduced or appearing in the Warriors novel series, having small, less significant, and/or single instances in the story.

Minor Characters in RiverClan
Name Pelt Color Description
Blackclaw Black Warrior frequently mentioned during all seasons. First introduced in Into the Wild.[11] Came up with the idea to widen and deepen the river in Dark River.[24] Dies in Fading Echoes.[10]
Copperpaw Dark Ginger Apprentice mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored by Duskfur.
Duskfur Brown Tabby Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored Copperpaw.
Hailstar Brown Tabby Leader of RiverClan before Crookedstar.
Heavystep Tabby Warrior first mentioned in Fire and Ice as an apprentice.[5] Walks with a limp due to a deformed leg. Becomes an elder in Twilight of The New Prophecy series,[17] supposedly early due to a muscular disease. Dies of greencough three times, due to confusion among the three authors.
Hollowpaw Dark Brown Apprentice mentioned in Fourth Apprentice.[25] Mentored by Reedwhisker. He is seen training in the Dark Forest in Night Whispers.[26]
Ivytail Brown Tabby Elder mentioned in Twilight.[17] There is an Ivytail in ShadowClan, but this Ivytail died so there was no name colliding.
Mosspelt Tortoiseshell Queen introduced in Rising Storm.[12] Feeds Graystripe's kits, and is one of the few RiverClan cats who is friendly to him. Her daughter, Willowshine, becomes Mothwing's apprentice in the Power of Three series.
Mudfur Light Brown Medicine cat introduced in Into the Wild.[11] Mudfur (as mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise) was a warrior that lost his taste for fighting after he lost his mate, Brightsky, and three of his newborn daughters, and decided he would rather save lives than destroy them. He became a medicine cat, mentored by Brambleberry. Present at most medicine cat gatherings. Takes Mothwing as his apprentice in Midnight of The New Prophecy series after being falsely led into believing that StarClan chose her.[16] Dies in Dawn just before the Clans depart the forest.[2] Appears in later books to Leafpool and Willowpaw to pass on messages to Mothwing. One of the two medicine cats from the first book who lived until the second series.
Shadepelt Dark Gray Warrior/elder mentioned in The Darkest Hour. Acted as deputy to Leopardstar after the death of her former deputy, Stonefur, until Mistystar returns to RiverClan.[9] Stonefur was her mentor, making her relatively young when she became an Elder. Chooses to remain in the old forest when the Clans begin their journey to the lake territory in Dawn of The New Prophecy series;[2] presumably dies sometime thereafter.
Loudbelly Dark Brown Warrior mentioned in Fire and Ice.[5] Becomes elder in between The Darkest Hour and Midnight.[16] Chooses to stay in the old forest while the Clans move on,[2] presumably dies sometime thereafter.
Silverpaw Silver Apprentice mentioned in Fire and Ice.[5] Mentored by Loudbelly.
Whiteclaw Dark Gray Warrior mentioned in Fire and Ice. Accidentally killed in battle by Graystripe when he causes him to lose his balance and fall off the gorge into the river below.[5] Mentored by Leopardfur.[1]
Mosskit Blue/Gray One of Oakheart and Bluestar's kits who died on the way to RiverClan[4] and one of the kits Rock talks to in Cats of the Clans.[27] She was originally a tom, but was later declared to be a she-cat in Bluestar's Prophecy. Littermate and sister of Mistystar and Stonefur.[4]
Greenflower  ? A queen mentioned in Forest of Secrets in the original series.[6] A friend of Silverstream's. She was supposed to have taken care of Graystripe's kits when they went to RiverClan, but later it was revealed to be Mosspelt who was taking care of the kits. It is presumed that she had died at some point between Forest of Secrets and Rising Storm, since she was never mentioned again after Forest of Secrets.
Dawnflower Pale Gray A queen who appears in The New Prophecy series, she is first met in the later books of the original series as an apprentice under Heavystep.[8] She is the mother of 3 kits, two of whom (Pebblekit and Minnowkit) are Warriors by the time the third series begins and one of whom dies as a kit from poison set by Twolegs. Dawnflower was the first adult cat to become sick, after licking her kits clean when they returned from playing in the poison while the other cats became sick from run-off into the water and from eating sick prey.[17] Dies in Fading Echoes.[10]
Minnowtail Black (The New Prophecy); Gray and white (The Power of Three) Minnowpaw first appeared in The New Prophecy series as a mischievous kit who regularly led her brother and sister into trouble. One such adventure caused an outbreak of disease in RiverClan when the three kits found poison, played in it and even drank some of it. After falling sick from the poison, she and her brother Pebblefoot survived but their sister did not.[17] Minnowpaw appears again in The Power of Three now as an apprentice, although she still had her downy kitten fur according to Lionblaze who couldn't believe that she was older than he was. It also seems that Mousewhisker had a crush on Minnowtail. She becomes a warrior over the course of The Power of Three series. Her mentor was Voletooth. Mentors Mossypaw. She is seen training in the Dark Forest in Night Whispers.[26]
Mintfur Light Gray Tabby Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored Nettlepaw.
Mossypaw Brown and White Apprentice mentioned in Fourth Apprentice.[25] Mentored by Minnowtail.
Nettlepaw Dark brown tabby Apprentice mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored by Mintfur.
Otterheart Dark Brown Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored Sneezepaw.
Pebblefoot Gray Son of Dawnflower and sibling to Minnowtail and an unnamed sister. As a kit, he became sick from Twoleg poisoning after playing in it and drinking it.[17] He returned in Power of Three as one of RiverClan's apprentices under Mosspelt and later a Warrior. Mentors Rushpaw.
Pinefur Tabby Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored Robinpaw.
Rainstorm Mottled Gray-Blue Warrior mentioned in Eclipse.[20]
Robinwing Tortoiseshell and white Warrior/Apprentice mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mentored by Pinefur.
Rushtail Light Brown Apprentice mentioned in Fourth Apprentice.[25] Mentored by Pebblefoot. In "Battles of the Clans", it is revealed that she accidentally invented a new RiverClan battle technique called the "Rushpaw Splash."[28]
Shellheart Silver A dappled gray tom. He is the father of Crookedstar and Oakheart and mate of Rainflower (in a previous book, his mate was named "Lilystem"). He was also the deputy of RiverClan when Crookedstar and Oakheart were kits. When Crookedstar broke his jaw, and Rainflower decided to rename him Crookedkit, Shellheart blamed Rainflower that she didn't love Crookedkit.
Swallowtail Dark Brown Tabby A she-cat that befriended Rainwhisker from ThunderClan when the Clans left their old territories together. Once their new territories were established, she and Rainwhisker parted ways, representing a return to normality for the Clans as did countless other cats who made friends in other Clans. She later appears as an Elder in The Power of Three.
Splashpaw  ? Apprentice mentioned in Dawn.[2]
Troutstream Gray Tabby Apprentice mentioned in Fourth Apprentice.[25] Mentored by Graymist.
Beechfur Light Brown Tabby

Apprentice to Blackpaw, Beechfur was one of the cats poisoned by Twolegs. He was very sick, and it was Willowshine, who as a kit, managed to remove poisoned food from his throat. He later went on to recover, despite being one of the sickest cats. By The Power of Three he was a warrior.

Rainflower Light Gray Tabby Mother of Crookedstar and Oakheart. Formally named Lilystem before the Erins decided to change it.
Willowkit Smokey Black Daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze. Dies of greencough along with her sister Minnowkit.
Minnowkit Dark Gray Daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze. Dies of greencough along with her sister Willowkit
Rippletail Dark Gray Tabby Rippletail was an apprentice around the same time as Beechfur, making one speculate that they may be littermates. He is one of RiverClans' younger warriors by The Power of Three series. Mentored Mallowpaw. Killed by the beavers in The Fourth Apprentice.[25]
Voletooth Small Brown Tabby Voletooth was one of RiverClan's first apprentices to become a Warrior in their new terrority, earning his name between books 4 and 5 of The New Prophecy series. He becomes a mentor to Minnowpaw in The Power of Three series. He died in Fading Echoes.[10]
Stonestream Gray

Along with Voletooth, he was one of RiverClan's first apprentices to become a Warrior in their new home around the lake. Became elder in between Sunset and The Sight. It was early for him to join the elders because he became a warrior in Twilight.

Icewing White Described throughout much of The Power of Three as being 'heavily pregnant' Icewing is most noticeable when RiverClan temporarily shelters on the Island. She presumably has her kits later in the series. Mother of Beetlekit, Pricklekit, Petalkit, and Grasskit. She is seen training in the Dark Forest in Sign of the Moon.[29]
Graymist Pale Gray tabby Mistyfoot's daughter and Reedwhisker's sister, although it's unknown if the two are from the same litter or not. Graymist is the mother of Mallowpaw and Sneezepaw, two of RiverClan's newest apprentices as of The Power of Three.
Pouncetail Brown Tabby

Presumably one of Willowpaw's littermates as she becomes an apprentice around the same time as Willowpaw, Pouncepaw's mentor is Reedwhisker during The Power of Three series.

Dapplenose Mottled Gray

Presumably Willowpaw's littermate, an apprentice to Mistyfoot during the first books of The Power of Three series.

Beetlewhisker Brown and white Warrior/Apprentice/Kit mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mother is Icewing, siblings are Pricklekit, Petalkit, and Grasskit.
Pricklekit  ? Kit mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mother is Icewing, siblings are Beetlekit, Petalkit, and Grasskit.
Petalfur Gray and White Warrior/Apprentice/Kit mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mother is Icewing, siblings are Beetlekit, Pricklekit, and Grasskit. Chosen to go on journey to find out what was blocking the water in The Fourth Apprentice.[25]
Grasspelt Brown Warrior/Apprentice/Kit mentioned in Eclipse.[20] Mother is Icewing, siblings are Beetlekit, Pricklekit, and Petalkit.
Mallownose Light Brown Child of Graymist and grandchild of Mistyfoot, both Mallowpaw and Sneezepaw become RiverClan's newest apprentices during The Power of Three series.
Sneezepaw Gray and white Child of Graymist and grandchild of Mistyfoot, both Mallowpaw and Sneezepaw become RiverClan's newest apprentices during The Power of Three series. Mentored by Otterheart.
Sunfish  ? Kit/ Apprentice/ Warrior/ Queen mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise. Daughter of Lakeshine and Cedarpelt and mate to Beetlenose. Mother of Grasskit and Vixenkit and takes care of Silverkit.
Vixenkit  ? Kit mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise. Kit of Sunfish and Beetlenose, littermate to Grasskit and possibly a female.
Grasskit  ? Kit mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise. Kit of Sunfish and Beetlenose and littermate to Vixenkit.
Beetlenose Black Son of Hailstar and Echomist, mate to Sunfish and father to Grasskit and Vixenkit. He often made fun Crookedstar when they were younger.
Echomist Gray A long-haired gray she-cat. Her fur is tipped with white to give her a strange, cloudy appearance. Mate to Hailstar and mother of Beetlenose, Petaldust and Voleclaw.
Petaldust Tortoiseshell Kit/ Apprentice/ Warrior seen in Crookedstar's promise. Daughter of Hailstar and Echomist.
Voleclaw Gray Kit/ Apprentice/ Warrior seen in Crookedstar's Promise. Son of Hailstar and Echomist.
Duskwater  ? Elder mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise. Died in the flood. She gave Crookedstar's one of his lives.
Troutclaw Gray Tabby Elder mentioned in Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise. He gave Crookedstar one of his lives.
Softwing White Apprentice/ Warrior/ Queen mentioned in Crookedstar's Promise. She is Owlfur's mate and the mother Mallowbtail and Dawnbright.
Owlfur Brown And White Warrior mentioned in Bluestar's Prophecy and Crookedstar's Promise. His mate is Softwing and his daughters are Mallowtail and Dawnbright.
Mallowtail  ? Kit/ Warrior mentioned in Crookedstar's promise. Daughter of Softwing and Owlfur.
Dawnbright Ginger-and-White Kit/ Warrior mentioned in Crookedstar's promise. Daughter of Softwing and Owlfur.


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