Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C.

Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C.
Evian TGFC
Full name Evian Thonon Gaillard Football Club
Founded 2003
Ground Parc des Sports,
(Capacity: 15,600)
Owner Groupe Danone
Chairman Patrick Trotignon
Manager Bernard Casoni
League Ligue 1
2010-11 Ligue 2, 1st (promoted)
Website Club home page
Home colours
Away colours
Third colours

Evian Thonon Gaillard Football Club (French pronunciation: [evjɑ̃ tɔnɔ̃ ɡajaʁ]; commonly referred to as Evian TG or simply Evian) is a French association football club originally based in Gaillard near the Swiss border and the city of Geneva. In 2007, the club moved to Thonon-les-Bains. Evian was founded in 2003 as a result of a merger and currently play in Ligue 1, the first division of French football after earning promotion from Ligue 2 in the 2010–11 season. The team is managed by Bernard Casoni and captained by midfielder Cédric Barbosa.

Evian was founded under the name Football Croix-de-Savoie 74 and have since gone under two other different mergers. The original incarnation of the club was known as FC Gaillard and existed from 1924–2003. Gaillard achieved minimal honours in its life only winning the Division d'Honneur of the Rhône-Alpes region in 1999. Evian have proved more successful ascending up to the professional divisions after just three seasons. The club won the Championnat de France amateur in 2008, the Championnat National in the 2010, and are the current champions of Ligue 2.

Evian formerly played its home matches at the Stade Joseph-Moynat in the club's hometown, but moved to the Parc des Sports in nearby Annecy for the 2010–11 season as the Joseph-Moynat did not meet the Ligue de Football Professionnel's standards. The Parc des Sports will serve as a temporary stadium for the club, while the club contemplates building a new facility or renovating the Stade Joseph-Moynat. Prior to moving to its current facility, Evian sought to play at the Stade de Genève in nearby Geneva.



The badge of Football Croix-de-Savoie 74, the original club

Evian Thonon Gaillard Football Club was formed in 2003 under the name Football Croix-de-Savoie 74 as a result of a merger between FC Gaillard and FC Ville-la-Grand. Gaillard was founded in 1924 and spent most of its life playing in the Ligue Rhône-Alpes, while Ville-la-Grand was founded in 1928. The new club finished 3rd in the Championnat de France amateur (CFA) Groupe B section for the 2003–04 season. Normally, only the top club in each of the four amateur groups are promoted to the Championnat National; however, both the 1st and 2nd placed clubs in the group were reserve sides of professional teams, namely Lyon and Metz. As such, Croix-de-Savoie was promoted.[1] The club's first season in National saw them narrowly avoid relegation, finishing 14th out of 20, two points above relegated 17th place Besançon.[2] The 2005–06 season was less successful; Croix-de-Savoie finished 18th with 41 points, one point behind SO Châtellerault, thus falling back to the fourth division.[3] Croix-de-Savoie's average attendance also dropped from 933 to 716.[4]

In 2007, the club underwent a further merger, this time with local team Olympique Thonon-Chablais; the club's name changed once again, with it becoming known as Olympique Croix-de-Savoie 74. Whilst the former club had been heavily associated with the commune of Gaillard, the new club moved to the nearby commune of Thonon-les-Bains because the stadium in Gaillard was, in August 2005, deemed unfit for use in the National division. The decision resulted in club being forced to move to Stade Joseph-Moynat in Thonon, a facility with 2,700 seats and a capacity of 6,000. The club returned to the Championnat National as the CFA Group B winners, for the 2008–09 season. In the summer of 2009, the president of the Groupe Danone, Franck Riboud, was made honorary president of the football club. Riboud yet again changed the name of the team to Evian Thonon Gaillard Football Club. He also put money into the team in order to improve the youth system of the club and harbored aspirations of the side achieving promotion to Ligue 2.[5] On 16 April 2010, the club completed the feat in Riboud's first season presiding over the club achieving promotion to Ligue 2, for the first time, following its 1–0 victory over Amiens.

After earning promotion to Ligue 2 for the 2010–11 season, Evian were rumored to be pursuing a move to play its home matches at the Stade de la Praille in Geneva, Switzerland after it was determined that the club's current facility, the Stade Joseph-Moynat, did not meet the Ligue de Football Professionnel's (LFP) standards. Thonon-les-Bains, the commune where the club situates itself, is a few kilometers from the Swiss border and is only 34.6 kilometres (21.5 mi), a 45 minute car drive, from the city of Geneva. It was reported that the club's president, Patrick Trotignon, had been in the process of advocating for the move since the beginning of the 2009–10 Championnat National season just in case the club had achieved promotion to the second division. The vice-president of Swiss club Servette FC, who occupy the stadium, questioned the move citing possible schedule conflicts, as well as the health of the pitch if both clubs were to use the stadium on a weekly basis.[6] However, his claims were refuted by Benoît Genecand, who serves as president of Fondation du Stade de Genève (FSG), which owns and operates the facility. The club responded immediately to Genecand's comments via a press release posted on the club's official website.[7] Evian petitioned to the State Council of Geneva and obtained approval from the LFP for the move in early May. On 20 May 2010, Evian received a favorable ruling from the French Football Federation (FFF) with the Federal Council voting in favor of the move. According to the federation, the move now had to be agreed upon by a UEFA executive committee, which is composed of seventeen officials.[8][9] On 8 June, UEFA officially denied Evian's request to play at the Stade de la Praille meaning the club will likely play its home matches at the Parc des Sports in nearby Annecy.[10]

On 9 January 2011, Evian recorded an upset victory over the defending French champions Marseille in the Coupe de France. The team defeated the Ligue 1 club 3–1 in the Round of 64.[11] Strong form throughout the season saw Evian secure a second successive promotion as champions of Ligue 2.


Current squad

As of 03 July 2011.

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 France GK Johann Durand
2 Ghana MF Mohammed Rabiu
3 France DF Guillaume Rippert
4 Côte d'Ivoire MF Éric Tié Bi
5 Brazil DF Felipe Saad
6 France MF Jérôme Leroy
7 Comoros FW Ali M'Madi
8 France FW Sidney Govou
9 France FW Kévin Bérigaud
10 France FW Hervé Bugnet
12 Denmark MF Christian Poulsen
14 France MF Cédric Barbosa (captain)
15 Serbia DF Saša Cilinšek
16 France GK Bertrand Laquait
17 France DF Aldo Angoula
No. Position Player
18 Denmark DF Daniel Wass (on loan from Benfica)
19 France MF Guillaume Lacour
20 Côte d'Ivoire MF Yannick Sagbo
21 Democratic Republic of the Congo DF Cédric Mongongu
22 France MF Cédric Cambon
23 France MF Nicolas Farina
24 France MF Olivier Sorlin
25 Ghana DF Jonathan Mensah
26 Côte d'Ivoire DF Brice Dja Djedje
27 France FW Youssef Adnane
28 Switzerland MF Fabrice Ehret
29 Tunisia FW Saber Khelifa
30 Denmark GK Stephan Andersen
40 United States GK Quentin Westberg

Out on loan

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player

Former players

For a list of former and current Evian players, see Category:Evian Thonon Gaillard FC players.

Management and staff

Club officials

Senior club staff[12]
  • President: Patrick Trotignon
  • Honorary President: Franck Riboud
  • Board of Directors: Esfandiar Bakhtiar, Jacques Bungert, Christophe Chenut, Jo Dupraz, Pierre Fillon, Patrick Fournier, Richard Tumbach
  • Association President: Alain Gay
  • Association Vice-President: Jean-Louis Escoffier, Marco Berguglia
  • Treasurer: Murielle Biglione
  • Secretary: Philippe Lefevre
  • Assistant Secretary: Patrick Lepart
Coaching and medical staff[13]
  • Sporting Director: Pascal Dupraz
  • Manager: Bernard Casoni
  • Assistant Manager: Stéphane Bernard
  • Goalkeeping Coach: Jean-Yves Hours
  • Reserve team coach: Ronan Salaün
  • Fitness Coach: Rodolphe Duvernet
  • Kinesiotherapy: Nicolas Le Coroller, Jean-Paul Meynet Gauthier, Dominique Vellut
  • Doctor: Louis Koosilinin, André Prunier
  • General Intendant: Michaël Chassan



Year Division Level Position Points Name Club
2003-04 Championnat de France amateur 4 3thArrow-up.gif 90 FC de Gaillard+FC Ville-la-Grand = Football Croix-de-Savoie 74
2004-05 Championnat National 3 14th 46 Football Croix-de-Savoie 74
2005-06 Championnat National 3 18thArrow-down.gif 41 Football Croix-de-Savoie 74
2006-07 Championnat de France amateur 4 2th 92 Football Croix-de-Savoie 74
2007-08 Championnat de France amateur 4 1thArrow-up.gif 108 Football Croix-de-Savoie 74+Olympique Thonon Chablais = Olympique Croix de Savoie 74
2008-09 Championnat National 3 5th 57 Olympique Croix de Savoie 74
2009-10 Championnat National 3 1thArrow-up.gif 85 Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C.
2010-11 Ligue 2 2 1thArrow-up.gif 67 Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C.
2011-12 Ligue 1 1  ?  ? Evian Thonon Gaillard F.C.


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