Criminal Justice Act 1925

Criminal Justice Act 1925

The Criminal Justice Act 1925 (15 & 16 Geo.5 c.86) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Most of it has been repealed.

Section 36 of the Act makes it an offence to make a false statement to obtain a passport. The maximum sentence is two years.

Section 41 prohibits the taking of photographs in a court in England and Wales, save for the Supreme Court. In September 2011, Lord Chancellor Kenneth Harry Clarke announced that the government intended to partially repeal the ban in order to increase the public's understanding of the administration of justice.[1] Initially, filming of the handing down of judgments in the Court of Appeal will be permitted, with a view that filming will eventually be permitted in the Crown Court.[2]

Other provisions of the Act deal with criminal procedure against corporations, the defence of marital coercion, and unlawful possession of pension documents.

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