Create (TV network)

Create (TV network)
Type Home improvement, Arts and crafts, Cooking, Travel, and other DIY programs
Country United States
Availability OTA digital television and cable
Founded 2006
Slogan Taste adventure, explore life
Owner American Public Television in association with WLIW and WGBH
Launch date January 10, 2006
Picture format 480i (SD)
Official website

Create is a digital television public television network in the United States. The network was created after the closure of PBS YOU in 2006. Create is a public television network, and runs mainly how-to, DIY, and other non-commercial educational television shows from the libraries of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and American Public Television (APT).

The non-profit Public broadcasting service airs its television programs through PBS affiliate member stations' and digital subchannels nationwide. NETA also provides services and programming to this network.

Many of PBS' charter affiliates are also its major providers of programming, such as WGBH Boston, and WLIW and WNET in New York City.

Saturdays the network has marathons based on themes, food related holidays or of a particular program.[1]

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