Rope stretcher

Rope stretcher

In ancient Egypt Rope stretchers were surveyors who measured property demarcations and foundations using knotted cords which they stretched in order to take the sag out of the rope. When performed by kings during the initial stage of temple building [Wilson, "op.cit.", p.38] the "Stretching of the Rope" was probably a religious ceremony rather than a surveying job. [Breasted: From the Great Karnak Building Inscription (Year 24 of the reign of Thutmose III), "op.cit." § 608] On artefacts as ancient as the mace of the Scorpion King the Egyptians document the process the royal surveyors used to restore the boundaries of fields after each inundation or flood.

Rope stretchers used 3-4-5 triangles and the plummet [ [ Petrie Museum website: plumbs] ] , which are still in use by modern surveyors. The plummet can be used with a square ruled off into intervals on tongue and blade to get a unit rise and run or angle when taking an elevation to a distant point as with a modern sextant.


The first surveyors to use ropes and plumbs may have been Egyptian. ["Encyclopedia Britannica", op.cit.", p.828] Rope stretching technology spread to ancient Greece and India, where it stimulated the development of geometry and mathematics. Some think that it was India which influenced Greece. [Chattopadhyaya, "op.cit.", p.153]


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