County of Regenstein

County of Regenstein
County of Regenstein
Grafschaft Regenstein
State of the Holy Roman Empire
1160–1599 Bishopric of Halberstadt

Coat of arms

Capital Derenburg
Government Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
 - Partitioned from
    County of Blankenburg
1160 1160
 - County of
 - Personal union
    with Blankenburg
 - Joined
    Lower Saxon Circle
 - Fell to
    Bishopric of Halberstadt
1599 1599
 - Acquired by

The County of Regenstein was a mediæval statelet of the Holy Roman Empire.

Ruins of Regenstein Castle

The counts of Regenstein Castle near Heimburg were first mentioned in a 1169 deed, with Count Conrad of Regenstein, son of Poppo I, Count of Blankenburg (1095–1164), himself a nephew of Count Reinhard, Bishop of Halberstadt from the Ripuarian House of Reginbodo[1].

The most renowned Count of Regenstein was Albert II (1310–49)[2], who in the 1330s was frequently in dispute with the leaders of the surrounding estates like the Halberstadt bishops and the abbess of Quedlinburg. These tales were romanticised in the ballad The Robber Count (German: Der Raubgraf) by Gottfried August Bürger, melodized by Johann Philipp Kirnberger and the novel of the same name by Julius Wolff[3].

In the 15th century the comital family relocated its seat to Blankenburg; Regenstein Castle lapsed and was left to ruin. The last scion of the comital family, Count John Ernest, died in 1599. With Blankenburg it fell back to the Bishopric of Halberstadt. Shortly thereafter Blankenburg and Regenstein were separated. Regenstein remained with Halberstadt, while Blankenburg was annexed and held by the Dukes of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.


Counts of Regenstein

  • Siegfried (-1073), brother of Konrad, Count of Blankenburg-Regenstein
  • Henry (-1235), son
  • Siegfried II (-1251), son
  • Ulric, Count of Regenstein-Heimburg (-1267), brother
  • Ulric III (1287–1322)
  • Albert II (1310–1349), son
  • Albert III (1341–1365), son
  • John Ernest, Count of Blankenburg and Regenstein (-1599)


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