Coronation Street home video releases

Coronation Street home video releases

Many selected episodes, specially produced episodes, and feature length spin-offs of the British television soap opera Coronation Street have been released on video and DVD.



The Magic of Coronation Street

In 1982, a VHS video entitled The Magic of Coronation Street - Distant Memories 1960 -1964" was released by Granada Video. Its running time was 172 minutes and it featured six episodes of the programme,together with specially shot sequences featuring Annie Walker, Elsie Tanner and Len Fairclough. Later, "The Magic of Coronation Street" was released as two separate packages, each containing three episodes, by Vestron Video.

Episodes featured:

Part one: Episode 1 (9 December 1960); Gas Main Leak (9 February 1961); Christmas Day 1961

Part two: Elsie discovers that Bill Gregory is married (11 July 1962); This is Your Life (12 December 1962); Cinderella (23 December 1964)

The Jubilee Years

In 1985, to celebrate the serial's 25th anniversary, two video tapes were released (again on Vestron Video), entitled "The Jubilee Years - Part One" and "The Jubilee Years - Part Two". These featured a previously unseen character Alice Hughes revisiting the Street to recall characters like Ena and Elsie and catch up on 'current happenings' with Ken and Deirdre Barlow, Betty Turpin and Hilda Ogden.

The Life and Loves of Elsie Tanner

In 1987 The Life and Loves of Elsie Tanner was released, with the characters of Mike Baldwin, Emily Bishop and Elsie's daughter, Linda, recalling Elsie's time on the Street. In this production it is hinted that Elsie has died, an event not referred to in the series proper until 2011, when her son Dennis Tanner said she and her husband Bill Gregory passed away in 2004 after a car crash in Portugal (Emily tells Linda that she was "sorry to hear about her mother"). Pat Phoenix, who played Elsie, had died the previous year. So many may imply that this one off special is not at all a part of the series canon.


30th anniversary set

In 1990, as a celebration for the serial's 30th anniversary, ten video tapes were released by Windsong Video Productions, each featuring four episodes from a specific year and introduced by someone who was close to the stories that year (for example, Betty Turpin's husband Cyril died in 1974, therefore Betty Driver hosted the 1974 tape). These tapes were initially distributed by Granada Video for viewing in the UK only, but were reissued on NTSC tape (a year later) for viewing in the US and Canada.

Year Host Episodes
1961 William Roache The First Episode; Blackpool; Ida's funeral; Harry marries Concepta
1962 William Roache Dennis' concert; Christine's breakdown; Ken marries Valerie; The Walker's Silver Wedding
1964 Eileen Derbyshire Martha's death; Emily jilts Swindley; The Evacuation; Wrestling
1968 Eileen Derbyshire Elsie and Len; Dennis marries Jenny; Hilda vs Elsie; Val's ordeal
1974 Betty Driver Cyril's death; The Importance of Being Earnest; Majorca; Eddie's Christmas
1977 Helen Worth The Community Centre Dance; Len marries Rita; Jubilee; The Ogden's second honeymoon
1983 Johnny Briggs Ken, Deirdre, Mike; Car in Lake; Ogden's 40th; Len's Death
1984 Thelma Barlow Elsie's departure; Street Olympics; Mavis jilts Derek; Stan's funeral
1986 Sally Whittaker Peter and Susan Barlow's 21st; The Rover's Fire; The New Rovers; Kevin marries Sally
1989 Barbara Knox Factory demolition; Alan's trial; The Tram; Christmas Eve

The Cruise

In 1995, Coronation Street - The Cruise was released on VHS to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the show. However it proved controversial as only a few months after it was released on video, it was shown on ITV on Sunday March 24, 1996, provoking many complaints.

Viva Las Vegas

Coronation Street: Viva Las Vegas! follows Jack and Vera and other characters to America.

Time Life releases

Many VHS tapes were made in the 1990s for the British market, from mail-order company Time-Life Distribution, with each tape consisting of a compilation of footage featuring a particular character (for example, Gail, Rita, the Duckworths). They were made only in PAL format and not distributed in the United States or Canada.


This Is Coronation Street (2003)

In 2003, a special DVD set called This is Coronation Street was released on Region 1 DVD. On the two-disc set is the 40 Years on Coronation Street one-off special as well as the first five episodes of the programme. In 2004, a Coronation Street: Secrets DVD box set of televised specials was released in Canada, but not in the United States, despite both being in region 1.

Out of Africa

Romanian Holiday

A Knight's Tale

In 2010, for the fiftieth anniversary, a direct-to-DVD feature length film was released. Reg Holdsworth (Ken Morley) and Curly Watts (Kevin Kennedy) reprised their roles. In addition, Brian Capron returns as Richard Hillman's cousin.

Network releases

Network DVD, in association with Granada, have released a series of DVDs for each decade of the programme, each featuring eight episodes from a specific year. They are all available in box sets of 10, with the 1970s available individually.


The 1960s box set was released on July 31, 2006.

Year Released Episodes
1960 31 July 2006 Florrie Lindley moves in to the corner shop, and Ena Sharples warns her about Elsie Tanner. Ena Sharples faints. May Hardman dies of a Brain Tumor.
1961 31 July 2006 Albert Tatlock's niece Valerie moves in with him and she starts dating Ken Barlow. Joan Walker gets married, as do Concepta Regan and Harry Hewitt. Ida Barlow gets killed after being struck by a bus. Elsie Tanner accuses Ena Sharples of writing a nasty letter to her.
1962 31 July 2006 Ken proposes to Val Tatlock she says yes and they get married later that year. Christine Hardman has a mental breakdown Lucille Hewitt starts tormenting her Step-Mother, Concepta.
1963 31 July 2006 Sheila's attempted suicide and Jerry and Myra's marriage.
1964 31 July 2006 Florrie's shop rage and Stan's wrestling antics
1965 31 July 2006 The destruction of one of the houses on 'The Street' plus the birth of Ken and Val's twins.
1966 31 July 2006 Ena's encounter with louts and her alleged shoplifting, Bet Lynch arrives.
1967 31 July 2006 The infamous train crash involving some of your favourite characters including Ena Sharples, Elsie & Steve Tanner marry & Harry Hewitt gets killed.
1968 31 July 2006 Val Barlow's hostage experience plus Ena's envy of Bobby the Cat.
1969 31 July 2006 Betty Turpin arrives, Minnie's gambling addiction plus the notorious coach crash to Windermere that hospitalises the residents of the street.


The 1970s box set was released on 25 July 2005.

Year Released Episodes
1970 25 Jul 2005 Ena and Minnie ask Cyril to help get Albert out of his house but they didn't realise that he would do it by breaking into the place! Bill tells Elsie that Phyllis is dead and he is buying a bar in Portugal. He asks her to marry him. Elsie marries Alan Howard. Ray Langton has an affair with Audrey Fleming. Joe Donelli confesses his role in Steve Tanner's murder to Irma Barlow, and his downward spiral leads to a dramatic Christmas showdown with her father Stan and Minnie Caldwell.
1971 25 Jul 2005 The maisonettes burn down after Val electrocutes herself the night before she and Ken are to leave for Jamaica; Stan finds out that Ray Langton was the one who got him nearly sacked at the Yard; Ray pretends Irma is his French girlfriend on a business date, which backfires when the girlfriend of Ray's partner is actually French; Emily gets drunk after trying to pick the best wine in a Street contest; Ernest and Emily get engaged; Annie and Ernest celebrate their birthdays, and Ernest gives Emily her engagement ring; Ena refuses to go to Blackpool with Minnie and Dave, causing Minnie to call Ena a bigot; When Annie leaves for a day, Lucille and Bet go-go dance on top of the bar for the regulars.
1972 19 Sep 2005 Emily and Ernest's wedding; Billy attempts to sell the Rovers behind Annie's back; Len, Elsie and Rita enjoy a night on the town; Stan is accused of peeping on ladies undressing; Alf's feelings for Maggie are complicated after the death of his wife; Stan drinks in the pub Olympics despite having alcohol poisoning; Rita gets into a fight at the Capricorn after a woman calls her a bitch; Elsie realizes Alan is developing an addiction to alcohol as the residents perform a Christmas show in the Select.
1973 19 Sep 2005 Bet Lynch is found bleeding and unconscious in the street.
1974 7 Nov 2005 Cyril Turpin passes away and Betty is confused with grief, Bet and Hilda have a big row in the street over a purchase of Betty Turpin's sideboard.
1975 7 Nov 2005 A couple of men try to rob the rovers which later causes annie to fall downstairs.
1976 16 Jan 2006 A man attempts to keep Gail hostage in her flat until Emily and Tricia call the police and have the man arrested; Stan attempts to hide his unlicenced TV and breaks it, just as Hilda returns home with the licence; Stan and Albert are locked in the Rovers cellar and have free drinks; The gossip on the Street is that Deirdre is pregnant — until she sets the busybodies straight; Ernest and Emily's financial troubles are exacerbated when he is refused a loan by the bank; Ernest agrees to play musical accompaniment to a stripper and Emily walks in whilst she is practising her routine; Len threatens to give Rita the sack and she hits him, knocking him unconscious; Handel returns to the Street and informs Ena that Minnie will be living at Whaley Bridge permanently, whilst Hilda curses her husband and their miserable lives after finding that Stan stole part of the Christmas money.
1977 16 Jan 2006 Ken finds Janet dead in bed after she takes an overdose of pills, Gail & Suzie plan to clean the chimney for Elsie but end up cleaning out the wrong one and the Ogden's end up having their living room and themselves covered in black soot, The jubilee celebrations come to a halt when the lorry won't start after Stan had left the lights on all night.
1978 6 Mar 2006 Ernie Bishop is shot and killed, Suzie Birchall puts her foot through the Ogden's ceiling after attempting to get rid of pigeons, Ray Langton leaves for Holland.
1979 6 Mar 2006 Despite Eddie's well-meaning help, a rat in the café causes Gail distress and Emily customers, and whilst Annie and Deirdre are discussing knitting patterns in the back room, a lorry crashes into the Rovers (and presumably a pram carrying little Tracy); Fred buys a toupée and Albert says he looks daft, and Alf lashes out at Annie as a result of his injuries following the lorry crash; Brian marries Gail


The 1980s box set was released on 14 November 2005.

Year Episodes
1980 Elsie Tanner sets fire to her living room; Gail Tilsley has a baby; Renee Roberts dies in a car accident.
1981 After Emily reports Arnold to the police, he wants them to commit suicide together; Stan, Eddie and Hilda search for their laundry; After spending a night at another man's house, Elsie finds that she has been robbed; Eunice bosses everyone around at the Rovers while Beattie accuses Ken of abandoning Uncle Albert; Hilda suspects Stan has been cheating on her again; Mike is upset that Deirdre is marrying Ken, but does not stop them; Annie is horrified when Bet commandeers the Mr. and Mrs. Rovers contest; Mike no longer has a denim buyer, Audrey infuriates Eunice by letting her know that she thinks Fred is attractive.
1982 Betty Turpin is mugged; Eddie Yeates and Marion get engaged
1983 Deirdre Barlow has an affair with Mike and Ken finds out; the Ogdens 40th wedding anniversary; Elsie slaps Suzie and throws her out after Suzie makes a pass at Gail's husband; Eddie and Marion leave town; Annie Walker's final appearance on the show; Len Fairclough dies in a car accident
1984 Elsie's departure; Stan Ogden's funeral
1985 Tracy Barlow runs away; Alf marries Audrey
1986 Rovers fire; the new Rovers; Ken has a punch-up with Mike; Kevin marries Sally
1987 Gail gives birth to Sarah Louise, who is premature; Mavis fears Alan is taking over the Kabin just as he is doing to Rita, and Alan tells Derek and Mavis to mind their business; Mike's new neon sign for the factory keeps everyone awake at night; Susan returns to Mike whilst Alan is shocked to find Alf, Audrey and Mavis intent on stopping his registry-office wedding to Rita; Bet Lynch marries Alec Gilroy; Jack attempts to clean his chimney himself, covering Vera in soot; Ken and Mike nearly come to blows about Susan; Hilda leaves the Street on Christmas Day
1988 Mavis marries Derek; Don marries Ivy; Deirdre's constant council work worries Ken when she cancels a shopping excursion with Tracy; A destitute man holds Deirdre hostage and she escapes into the night
1989 Alan tries to murder Rita; Alan is killed by a Blackpool tram; Ken Barlow has an affair


A 1990s Boxset is set for release on 5 September 2011 [1]


A 2000s Boxset is set for release on 31 October 2011. [2]

Straight to video

Granada has also produced a number of straight-to-video spin-off productions, which were screened on television only after having been available in shops for some time, as an incentive to buyers. The first "exclusive" tape, released in 1995 featuring a storyline aboard the QE2, caused a legal controversy when it was later broadcast. Subsequent releases have included carefully worded statements concerning future television broadcasting

Further releases have included a crossover with Emmerdale, and a United States-set special, Viva Las Vegas!, released on VHS in 1999 and screened on ITV the following year. Written by Russell T Davies, the special featured a guest cameo from actor Neville Buswell, who was then living in America, briefly reprising his role as Ray Langton.

Emmerdale had a straight-to-video episode which featured Corrie's Reg Holdsworth making an appearance.

In 2008, a DVD entitled Coronation Street: Out of Africa was released, featuring the Battersby-Brown family in Africa, with the return of Cilla Battersby-Brown, who brings her son and daughter over to Sun City Africa to help her with her various scams. It is believed that it will not be broadcast on TV. The DVD was released on 10 November 2008. The DVD featured its own soundtrack including an ending theme; "Playboy Money" sung by Andy Chandler.

The popularity of the 2008 release led to the planning of another DVD-only adventure entitled "Coronation Street: Romanian Holiday" and was released on 26 October 2009. It features popular Street couple Roy and Hayley Cropper in a comedy filmed on location in Romaina. It also features Becky McDonald.

The 50th anniversary DVD release, available since November 1, 2010, is called "Coronation St: A Knight's Tale". It's a feature length comedy with a Medieval twist starring Norris Cole and "Scary" Mary and brings back the classic double act of Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts. It also features the characters Jason Grimshaw and a scantily clad Rosie Webster.


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