Conrad II, Duke of Bohemia

Conrad II, Duke of Bohemia

Conrad II Otto (Czech: Konrád Ota) (died 9 September 1191) was a member of Přemyslid dynasty, son of Duke Conrad II of Znojmo. He was the duke of Znojmo from 1177 until he was made margrave of Moravia from 1182 to 1186. He was then duke of Bohemia from 1189 to his death. Conrad was the son of the Serb princess Maria of the Vukanović dynasty, and thus grandson of the zhoupan Uroš I of Serbia.

In Summer 1176, he invaded the region north of the Danube which belonged to Duke Sobeslav II. He attacked churches and monasteries and was excommunicated by Pope Alexander III.

Conrad rose against his predecessor, Frederick in 1182 and his naming as margrave was by the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, an opponent of the Bohemian duke. On the Duke Frederick's death in 1189, he was made duke with the unanimous support of the nobility. In May of that year, he accepted the formal affirmation of the emperor.

During his short reign, he was beholden to the nobles. He was forced to concede them a set of privileges, the Iura Conradi (1189). Among the concessions were:

  • freemen guaranteed against the abuses of the duke or the provincial courts under his zhupans
  • extension of the right of inheritance to the daughters and brothers of deceased lords
  • confiscation of property only after a long legal procedure conforming to local custom

Released from the obligation of participating in the Third Crusade, Conrad II accompanied Henry VI, the emperor's son, to Southern Italy as part of his attempt to conquer the Kingdom of Sicily from Tancred in right of his wife, Constance. Conrad died of the plague in Naples. He was succeeded by Wenceslaus II, son of Sobeslav I.

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Duke of Bohemia
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Wenceslaus II

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