Conon of Naso

Conon of Naso
Saint Conon
Born 3 June 1139
Naso, Sicily, Italy
Died 28 March 1236
Naso, Sicily, Italy
Honored in Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Churches
Feast 28 March
Patronage Naso, Italy

Conon was a Basilian abbot at Naso, Sicily.

Religious Life

A famous tale from the life of Conon tells that he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and whilst their he received a vision. In this vision, Conon witnessed, a priest he knew being suffocated by a snake. Having returning from the Holy Land, he went directly to this priest and told him what he had seen. The priest at once confessed to Conon that he was taking church funds and keeping it for himself. Conon then persuaded his fellow priest to change his ways. Another tale tells of how Conon healed a sicilian boy of his apoplexy.

Legacy and Veneration

In 1571, Naso was in the midst of a dire famine. The people of the city prayed for the intercession of Conon, their patron. Conon then appeared to a ship captain, who brought grain to Naso, and thus the people of Naso, survived the famine.


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