Major contractors CAST
Bus DFH-3
Mission type Navigation
Launch date 31 July 2010
Carrier rocket Long March 3C
Launch site Xichang
COSPAR ID 2010-036A
Orbital elements
Regime Geosynchronous

Compass-IGSO1, also known as Beidou-2 IGSO1 is a Chinese navigation satellite which will become part of the Compass navigation system. It was launched in July 2010, and became the fifth Compass satellite to be launched after Compass-M1, G2, G1, and G3.

Compass-IGSO1 was launched at 21:30 GMT on 31 July 2010.[1] The launch used a Long March 3A carrier rocket, flying from the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre. The satellite is developed in the basis of the DFH-3 satellite platform and has a lifespan of 8 years.


The primary instrument aboard Compass-IGSO1 is navigation system operating in L-band. Compass-IGSO1 is the second satellite of Compass navigation system with optical synchronization link. Space segment of an instrument called Laser time transfer (LTT) consists of corner-cube retroflectors array (hexagonal shape 49 × 43 cm, 90 pcs, 33 mm diameter, 770 cm2 reflective area[2]) and single-photon avalanche diode based detector developed in cooperation with CTU.[3] The ground segment is the dedicated Chinese satellite laser ranging network. The combination of traditional passive laser ranging with active single photon detection aboard is producing data for ground-to-space oscillator time-base with 10−11 s precision.

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