List of companies listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange

List of companies listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange
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Sector Issuer Name Class Number of Listed Shares Type
Real Estate & Construction Solidere S.A.L. A 100,000,000 Common Shares
B 65,000,000 Common Shares
Bank Audi S.A.L. Listed Shares 32,902,309 Common Shares
GDR 9,829,902 GDR
C 4,000,000 Preferred Shares
D 1,250,000 Preferred Shares
B.L.C Bank S.A.L. Listed Shares 50,900,000 Common Shares
Bank of Beirut S.A.L. Listed Shares 13,535,945 Common Shares
B 3,000,000 Preferred Shares
C 2,920,000 Preferred Shares
D 4,000,000 Preferred Shares
Banking Byblos Bank S.A.L. Listed Shares 205,023,723 Common Shares
Preferred 1,000,000 Preferred Shares
Priority 206,023,723 Priority Shares
Banque BEMO S.A.L. Listed Shares 5,400,000 Common Shares
Preferred 200,000 Preferred Shares
BLOM Bank S.A.L. GDR 7,389,601 Common Shares
Listed Shares 7,166,667 Common Shares
2004 750,000 Preferred Shares
2005 1,000,000 Preferred Shares
Trading Rasamny-Younis Motor Co. S.A.L. Listed Shares 10,400,000 Common Shares
Holcim (Liban) S.A.L. Listed Shares 19,516,040 Common Shares
Industrial Ciments Blancs S.A.L. Bearer 6,000,000 Common Shares
Nominal 3,000,000 Common Shares
Uniceramic S.A.L. Nominal A 4,290,000 Common Shares
Bearer C 8,580,000 Common Shares
Beirut Global Income Listed Shares 340,000 Common Shares
Beirut Preferred Fund Listed Shares 325,756 Common Shares
Funds Beirut Lira Fund Listed Shares 275,000 Common Shares
Beirut Golden Income Listed Shares 410,000 Common Shares


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