Community Quality Councils

Community Quality Councils

Community Quality Councils is a grass-root movement which emerged because of Dr. W. Edward Deming's encouragement to build cooperation between education, government and business organizations to build strong and prosperous communities for safety, healthy and economic propersity.


When Dr. Deming taught at MIT with Dr. Myron Tribus, they initiated many quality and productivity organizations. In their brilliance, they also initiated a community based alliance for cooperation in shared learning which apply quality principles in cooperation in lifting the whole community instead of just big businesses in isolation. Many local governments and academics got involved in fostering an era of growth and prosperity. They strived to grow the economic pie of the local combined resources and economy.

As Dr. Deming traveled the United States and taught the principles and methods from his many published books and articles, he shared the Massachusetts quality council efforts. In a short few months and under a year about several dozen local, county and state community councils were formed. In these continuing adoptation of the teaching, the World Center for Community Excellence was established in Erie, PA.

Many companies reached out to the communities. And soon the movement spread to Canada, UK, Australia, and many other countries around the world. The US Malcolm Balridge Quality Award spread the use of quality and a greater recognition by many. US Federal, many state government and hundreds of local communities got involved. (Mary Walton cites many examples in her book on applying Deming teachings.

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