European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget

European Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget

The Commissioner for Financial Programming and the Budget is the member of the European Commission. The current commissioner is Janusz Lewandowski.

The portfolio is primarily responsible for the management of the budget of the European Union and related financial issues except for budgetary discharge which falls under the Admin Commissioner.


Current commissioner

Commissioner Grybauskaitė was approved by the European Parliament in 2004 as Commissioner for Financial Programming & the Budget, a position expanded since the Prodi Commission to include Financial Programming.

The Commissioner's 121.6 billion euro 2008 budget proposed that for the first time, the budget towards sustainable growth (€57.2 billion) would be higher than that of the Common Agricultural Policy (€56.3 billion), traditionally the largest source of expenditure in the EU. There would be an increase in cohesion funds, energy and transport of 14%, research by 11% and lifelong learning by 9%. There would also be an increase in the administrative budget, aid to Kosovo and Palestinian institutions and funds towards the Galileo project. [1]

List of commissioners

Name Country Period Commission
1 Albert Coppé  Belgium 1967–1973 Malfatti Commission, Mansholt Commission
2 Wilhelm Haferkamp  Germany 1973–1977 Ortoli Commission
3 Christopher Tugendhat  United Kingdom 1977–1985 Jenkins Commission, Thorn Commission
4 Henning Christophersen  Denmark 1985–1989 Delors Commission I
5 Peter Schmidhuber  Germany 1989–1995 Delors Commission II & III
6 Erkki Liikanen  Finland 1995–1999 Santer Commission, Marín Commission
7 Michaele Schreyer  Germany 1999–2004 Prodi Commission
8 Marcos Kyprianou  Cyprus 2004 Prodi Commission
9 Dalia Grybauskaitė  Lithuania 2004–2009 Barroso Commission I
10 Algirdas Šemeta  Lithuania 2009–2010 Barroso Commission I
11 Janusz Lewandowski  Poland 2010 onwards Barroso Commission II

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