List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters

List of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters


The following is a list of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters.

Principal characters

The following principal characters and groups have their own pages. These links are organized alphabetically, by both first name and surname. All other characters will be listed alphabetically by first name, surname, and title.





April O'Neil

Baxter Stockman

Bebop and Rocksteady

Casey Jones

Foot Clan

Hamato Yoshi




Mei Pieh Chi

Mighty Mutanimals

Rat King


Stockman, Baxter


Tokka and Rahzar



Venus de Milo

Yoshi, Hamato

Crossover characters

Several characters from other comic book series have crossed-over into the TMNT universes. Notable appearances are listed below:

Savage Dragon

Usagi Yojimbo

Usagi Yojimbo is a samurai rabbit and master swordsman from an alternative universe's 16th century Edo Period in Japan, where animals are the dominant species, not humans. He appeared in two episodes of the 1987 series. Usagi Yojimbo is a comic book series created by Stan Sakai starring the ronin hero rabbit, Miyamoto Usagi, which had several crossovers with the TMNT comics; apparently the TV show writers did not understand the distinction and misnamed the character after the comic book. The character returned for the 2003 animated series with his actual name, Miyamoto Usagi, and became a friend and close ally of the turtles, especially developing a strong friendship with Leonardo, since both are swordsmen. Leonardo also ended up in Usagi's dimension when Ultimate Draco scattered the five mutants to different parts of the multiverse.

Supporting characters

Ace Duck

Example of an Ace Duck figurine, wearing a hat

Ace Duck is an anthropomorphic duck character created for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toyline by Playmates Toys. His action figure was released as part of the 1989 lineup. Ace's back-story, as described on the back of the toy's packaging, explains that he was originally a human test pilot named Ace Conrad who was caught in Krang's transport beam and cross-mutated with a duck. After the mutation, he came across the Turtles and eventually found himself in their employment.[1] In the Archie comics continuity, Ace Duck resides on Stump Asteroid as a professional wrestler, and thus had little interaction with the Turtles outside of a few issues.


The Adversary was a gigantic, demon-like being created from the souls of the early prehistoric rats who devoured the eggs of the mythical Great Turtle. After the eggs of the Great Turtle were eaten, the rats subsequently feasted on the turtle's sorrow, growing larger and more powerful, the souls of these rats combined to create the Adversary.

Ancient One

The Ancient One is a Japanese ninjutsu master who adopted and trained Hamato Yoshi, making him akin to a "grandfather" to Master Splinter and a "great-grandfather" to the Turtles. He is a short, fat, elderly man who has two different appearances during the course of the series. When he trained Yoshi, he had long silver hair and a beard, and wore a green robe. When he met Leonardo, his appearance had changed considerably; now almost bald, (though it was concealed by a hat) he wore a revealing vest and sumo-like diaper.


Angel is the name of a youth who grew up in Casey Jones' neighborhood. Her grandmother requested that Casey look after Angel. Angel comes under the influence of a street gang known as the Purple Dragons. She quickly becomes involved in thefts as part of her initiation and soon finds herself fighting in a wrestling ring to become a full-fledged member. Casey comes to her aid when he and the Turtles infiltrate a Purple Dragon hideout and pull Angel off her path of delinquency. Angel then becomes a close friend of the Turtles, appearing several times in later episodes as a guest star, or as part of the central plot point.



Aguila is an ancient general who first appeared in the movie TMNT as one of the true antagonists of the film. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Aguila's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Aguila and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl a flesh and blood immortal.


Armaggon is a mutant shark from the future. He appears in the Archie Comics version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where he teams up with the Shredder and Verminator-X to obtain control of Donatello's Time-Slip Generator. The character first appeared in The Mighty Mutanimals #7 (February 1993) where he battled Ray Fillet and inferenced having battled the heroic mutant at some point in his own past, which was to be Ray's future— a statement that soundly confused the mutant manta. He was created by writer Stephen Murphy and artist Peter Laird. Interestingly, the fact that Armaggon remembers Ray may indicate changes to the timeline took place, as Ray Fillet as well as the other Mutanimals were all slain during the Terracide storyline. The Mutanimals did not encounter any modern day version of the character, yet Armaggon clearly stated he had battled Ray in what would be the 'future' of the Archie comics continuity prior to the Terracide storyline, which seems to have had little or no known effect on the future world the Turtles visited, though there were no references made to Ray or the Mutanimals at that point by Armaggon or his allies, leaving the shark's earlier statement to Ray in doubt. Armaggon also appeared in the Tournament Fighters videogame.


Aska (アスカ Asuka?) is a character who appears exclusively in the SNES version of Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters fighting game. Aska is a kunoichi who enters the tournament to win money for her dojo. She has long hair with a hachimaki wrapped around her head, a red leotard, and the upper half of a white gi. In the Japanese version of the game, Mutant Warriors, Aska's leotard showed more of her body and her victory animation was different. Also, some of her moves were different and her combination moves were a bit more limited.

Aska was rated as #4 on the list of "Top Ten Fighting Women" by Electronic Gaming Monthly in 1993.[2]


Berserko (originally known as Drakus) helped Krang to design and build the Technodrome. But he was betrayed by Krang so, Drakus came to earth and took on a new name Berserko he wanted revenge on Krang who destroyed his world and nearly killed him. He built a tank called the Annilhilator and began a rampage on the city. Fortunatlely the turtles managed to stop him and turned him in to the authorities.

John Bishop

Agent Bishop (dressed in black) and his later incarnation as President Bishop (dressed in white)

Agent John Bishop (later President Bishop) (voiced by Matt Hoverman, and later by David Zen Mansley) appears regularly in the 2003 TV series as both enemy and ally. He was originally a soldier during the 1800s who was abducted by aliens during the Battle of New Orleans. Escaping (or being released by) the aliens later, he became the head of the Earth Protection Force, commissioned by President Ulysses S. Grant, to prepare Earth for an alien invasion. By binding alien DNA to his own, Bishop has been able to lengthen his natural life-span and increase his physical abilities, making him strong, highly agile and a formidable threat to the Turtles. On one occasion ("Hun on the Run") he took on the Turtles, Hun, and Karai, battling against them simultaneously and evading their attempts to bring him down.

However, after some conflicts with the Turtles (whom he suspected of being alien agents), at certain times he and his organization became even grudging allies of the Turtles and their friends, especially during the Ninja Tribunal story arch, and developed a grudging respect for them. Years later, during a catastrophic event in the E.P.F laboratories, Bishop was saved by one of his alien captives before the facility collapsed. The selfless act of the alien redeemed Bishop completely, and from that point on he engaged himself in peaceful relations with alien races and was eventually elected President of the Pan-Galactic Alliance for his efforts. When the Turtles were stranded in the future, Bishop employed them time and again for difficult missions, and although they initially distrusted him (with good reason, considering their common past), they eventually came to accept that people can change after all.

Bishop is a parody of Agent Smith from The Matrix film series. He appeared as a boss in the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare. He also made a cameo appearance in Tales of the TMNT vol 2 #61.


General Blanque is the war-mongering leader of the Federation, and the counterpart of Triceraton Prime Leader Zanramon. As the Federation and the Triceraton Republic are direct enemies, he and Zanramon are bitter rivals.



Bloodsucker is the name of a minor character created by Rick Veitch in Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book for his "The River" story arc, which took place in issues #24-26. He is a mutated leech with relative intelligence and great physical power. He has taken on an anthropomorphic appearance, and retains the sucking ability of a leech, greatly intensified by his size. His mutation is result of exposure to the mutagen in Raphael's bloodstream.


Bugman (real name Brick Bradley) is Michelangelo's comic book hero come to life. Bugman is half-man-half-insect. Bugman is a parody of Spider-Man and other comic book superheros. He was transformed into a superhero by a laboratory experiment gone awry, has a secret identity, and he has a vulnerability to the metal Leestanite.

Candy Fine


Carter is a young man who appears in the 1987 cartoon from season nine who had come to study martial arts under Splinter. He gained the ability to mutate into a giant yellowish creature after being exposed to the Turtle's mutagen. After the turtles found out a short while later, Carter became a part of the team for the remainder of season nine and the first half of season ten. After choosing to return to his previous collage life in season ten, Donatello stabilized Carter's mutation, but on his way out of the city, Carter learned from April O'Neil that she and the Turtles were captured by Dregg, Krang, and The Shredder. After the events in "Turtles to the Second Power", Carter decided to travel to the future with the turtles friends Landor and Merrick seeing it as the only way to be fully cured of his mutation.

Chaplin (Dr.)

Dr. Chaplin

Dr. Chaplin appeared in the 2003 animated series, voiced by Sam Riegel. Introduced in the series' third season, the young, enthusiastic engineer is made the head of the Foot Clan's Science Division following the numerous failures and subsequent demotion of his predecessor and idol Baxter Stockman, much to Stockman's chagrin. A lot of Chaplin's work is based on that of Stockman's, but much perfected.


Raphael's "right-hand man" during his reign as the Shredder, Cheng was an extremely powerful healer, curing Splinter of his rabies and mutation into a bat. It would later be revealed that Cheng was a servant of Lady Shredder and that he was against Raphael the entire time.


Chronos (real name Winston Fripp) is a villain. He is found by the Turtles to be committing crimes within the city and challenges them to stop two other crime plans of his. Once they do so, he is revealed to be Winston Flipp, someone who the Turtles apprehended and tied up for the police in a clocktower, in which the ticking drives him insane. When the Turtles capture him once more, Lord Dregg takes advantage of it by pretending to be the man behind Chronos' capture to continue his properganda campaign against the Turtles.

Commander Mozar

Dragon Lord

Coming from the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation series, Dragon Lord is the king of all dragons. A leading expert on mutation, Dr. Cornelius Quease was shunned by other scientists due to his "lunatic theories". In an attempt to get revenge on the world Quease allied himself with the Dragon Lord. Quease planned on trying to capture the turtles and find out what caused their mutation so he could replicate it and mutate himself and the Dragon Lord. He and his Rank army had been trapped in an enchanted glass and have now escaped. The world was once ruled by dragons and he has emerged to reclaim what was originally his. Dragon Lord still doesn't understand some of the wonders of the outside world and can become amazed at such little things like broomsticks. He is amazed to see walking Turtles and wants to digest the same ingredients that made the mutant in hopes that it will make him all powerful.


Originally a high ranking combatant in the Battle Nexus Tournament, Drako was a biped of unknown origins who resembled a dragon from Earth. Drako proved himself a worthy combatant, making it all the way to the final match. There he engaged Splinter, and nearly claimed victory by breaking the rat master's leg. However, Splinter proved the better of the two, defeating Drako with only the use of one foot. Drako, unwilling to accept defeat when he had been so close, attacked Splinter with his army of Shadow Assassins, and would have killed him had it not been for timely interventions by first Miyamoto Usagi and then the Daimyo of the Battle Nexus. Drako later joined forces with the son of the Daimyo to avenge himself upon the Daimyo and Splinter, while the Ultimate Ninja sought vengeance on Leonardo. The pair were fused into a being dubbed 'Ultimate Drako' for a time, before both were slain. The Ultimate Ninja however, was resurrected. Drako remained dead.



Dun, Darius

In the year 2105 Darius Dun is the uncle and guardian of Cody Jones, and C.E.O. of O'Neil Tech. During his time as C.E.O. of O'Neil Tech, Darius utilized his nephew's company for a variety of illicit purposes. Although the full extent of his operations is thus far unknown, Darius has, throughout the series, shown to have a network of cameras to spy on Cody (including one on Serling, Cody's devoted servant-robot); employed private soldiers, first with the Inuwashi Gunjin and later on with cloned versions of the Turtles; run a weapon-production operation (prohibited under O'Neil Tech's charter) kept under the guise of a recycling program; supplied criminal groups such as Triceraton gangs with said weapons; and stole the plans for Cody's time window. He has also established a resource-sharing alliance with would-be world-conqueror Sh'Okanabo, who supplied him with the turtle clones in exchange for the time window.

Fenwick, Vernon

Vernon Fenwick is a cameraman at Channel 6. Vernon and his boss, Burne Thompson, often blame the Turtles for crimes. Vernon is very cocky and self-centered and at the same time very cowardly. Sometimes he tries to take April's place as a news reporter, but his cowardice in the face of almost everything is his undoing. In the first season he is called "Vern Burke", and in at least one comic he was called "Vernon Brindle".

Fillet, Ray

Fine, Candy


Gato is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT as one of the true villains. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Gato's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Gato and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.


Gauntlet is a superhero within the Turtles universe. He has two giant gauntlets on his hands which grant him super-strength. While taking part in a Justice Force's recruitment drive, Gauntlet attempted to defeat an attacking Nano and was easily defeated.

Gecko, Mondo

General Traag

Gladst, Murno

Murno Gladst is a recurring character in the animated television series. He is a mutant who utilized mutagen to achieve eternal life. He appears in several episodes of the show, often surrounded by his family of 'serogates', and appears to offer food to the Turtles at times of need. For instance, in the Episode "To Catch a Turtle-Dove", he appears beside a battle-worn Leonardo and offers him as mellon while advising: "The way out of here is not from without, but from within. Don't press your fingers into my face, eat me." His words were often garbled to the point of near-inaudibility, and his face was often portrayed as a single glow of white light.

Go-Komodo (Dragonlord)

Warlord Go-Komodo (also known as the Dragonlord) is the owner of Komodo Industries and the last descendant of The House of Komodo, a clan apparently descended from dragons. The rest of the House of Komodo's members had been exterminated in World War I.

Hambrath, Starlee

Starlee is the bright and chipper O'Neil Tech intern from Omatran. She proves to be a valuable help to the Turtles and to Cody in getting their amphibious friends home to their own time as well as helping to take out the occasional bad guy here and there such as Jammerhead and Cody's deranged Uncle Darius when he took over Cody's Turtle X battle suit. Despite how cool and collected they usually act around each other, there is a deeper feeling of love that both Cody and Starlee have yet to admit to one another despite the Turtles' best efforts to push it forward (Playtime's Over). Starlee also helped hooking up the Turtles with their brand new future tech ninja weapons to survive against some of the toughest and strangest criminals in 2105. It is unclear where Cody's and Starlee's relationship ended up when the turtles returned to their own time; however it is still clear that they have feelings for each other.


  • Amok
  • Highbeam
  • Magma
  • Overdrive
  • Raptor
  • Seizure
  • Titanus

The Turtles meet H.A.V.O.C. in the process of thrwarting a robbery, meeting mutants and H.A.V.O.C. members Raptor, Amok, and Overdrive, and then later, the H.A.V.O.C. leader, Titanus. The Turtles find out that while H.A.V.O.C. has offered the Turtles a safe haven from those who think they are the villains, H.A.V.O.C. is actually creating mutants instead of protecting them, and actually tries to turn the entire city into mutants.


Introduced in the 2003 TV series, voiced by Greg Carey, Hun (real name Hunter Mason) is the leader of the Purple Dragons street gang. Incredibly strong and physical, he prefers to use fists rather than weaponry. He is identifiable by three slashes on his face caused by splinter before he became a mutant, a purple dragon tattoo on his left arm, and a Foot Clan tattoo on his right arm. He is one of the Utrom Shredder's most powerful and reliable henchmen and at one time his right hand man before he was replaced in favor of Karai. Later after discovering the truth about the Shredder, Hun broke away from the Foot. Afterwards, Hun re-formed the Purples Dragons into a crime syndicate, and began pulling off major heists.

In the TV special Turtles Forever, Hun is accidentally mutated into a turtle-like humanoid after coming into contact with mutagen carried by the 1988 incarnation of Donatello. Hun re-allies himself with the Utrom Shredder, and he confronts both the 1988 and 2003 Turtles to avenge his mutation. But when he realizes that Shredder's plot to wipe out the source of all Turtles universes is rapidly erasing the 2003 timeline, he helps the Turtles complete their mission to stop Shredder before he himself is erased.

Initially, Peter Laird was not fond of the character, but later declared that he was one of his favorite new characters created for the series, as Hun was further fleshed out. Laird hinted for some time that Hun may make his way into the Mirage universe. On August 6, 2008, Tristan Jones confirmed that Hun would make his way into Tales of the TMNT #56 - a re-tooled version of his scrapped character Copperhead, who in turn, was based on Hun from the beginning. Jones' blog revealed Hun's full name in the comics to be Hunter Mason.

Hun also appears in most of the modern TMNT video games as a boss character. He also appeared as a playable character in the game TMNT: Mutant Melee.



Jhanna and Moriah are two members of an alien race who fought in fair combat for rule. Although Moriah cheated and pulled out four monsters, Jhanna eventually defeated her in fair combat when the Turtles took care of the monsters. Donatello seemed to have a very slight romantic relationship with Jhanna: he saved her once during the fight, and, before she left for her own planet, she left Donatello a lock of her hair. This relationship was never continued.

The Jones

Jones, Cody

The great-grandson of Casey Jones and April O'Neil, Cody Augustus Jones (voiced by Tom Wayland) is a fourteen year old who lives in the Earth year of 2105. He maintains a collection of memorabilia from the adventures of the Turtles, and owns O'Neil Tech, a massive technology producer. Due to his ownership of the O'Neil/Jones fortune, he is incredibly wealthy. However, he is too young to run the company himself, which is on turn mostly operated by his uncle Darius Dunn. His wealth and position also means that he is restricted to his penthouse apartment, for fear of kidnappers, and rarely sees the outside world. He is looked after by a butler-like robot called Serling.

Jones, Sid

Casey Jones' less than pleasant cousin whose only appearance in the comics was in Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1. One winter, Sid randomly appeared at Casey's Northampton house with his buddies to search for money Sid believed was buried there by Casey's grandparents. At the time Sid appeared, April, Casey, and the turtles were living there after a particularly brutal attack from the Shredder. Attempting to take over the house and find the money that was stashed there, Sid and his friends were repulsed by the Turtles and forced to leave.

Jones, Shadow

Casey Jones' adopted daughter. She is the daughter of Gabrielle, a woman Casey met and fell in love with, and married during the City At War story arc. Her mother died due to complications during childbirth. After that she was raised by Casey as his own. She went into a dark phase, but after an incident involving werewolves, she changed her path in life. Casey and April, fearing for her safety, had her moved to a farmhouse in Northampton, Massachusetts to live with Splinter and another adopted uncle, "Stainless Steel" Steve, and his friend Metalhead. She lightened up and grew very skilled in ninjutsu, which was taught to her by Splinter until his death.

Jordon Perry (Professor)

Justice Force

The Justice Force is a band of superheroes in the TMNT universe.

Kellerman, Clayton

Clayton Kellerman is an egomaniacal and opinionated talk show host that tries to vilify the Turtles in his show called "On Trial". The character and show is a parody of the late talk show host Morton Downey, Jr..


A young pizza delivery boy trained in the martial arts. He plays a significant role in the second movie and aids the Turtles against the Foot Clan. Keno was played by martial artist Ernie Reyes, Jr., who was a stunt double for Donatello in the first film.


Japanese prince and son of Lord Norinaga. He is displeased with his father's war against the rebellion, and is not afraid to admit it in front of his father and everyone in the palace. Appearing in the third movie, he picks up a magic scepter and switches places with April O'Neil.


A turteloid from the planet Shell-Ri-La, he himself is a bipedal turtle although rather diminutive compared to the turtles. He travels the galaxy in his spaceship which is disguised as a Chrysler Building. A running joke was that he would approach the turtles with a "small problem", a phrase that would fill the turtles with dread. Kerma's problems often lead them into situations that encompassed dangers that were anything but small.

King Komodo

King Komodo, half-brother of Go-Komodo was originally nothing more than a normal Monitor lizard until he was mutated by mutagen taken from a sample of Splinter's blood. After being mutated King Komodo attacked the turtles as his brother, Go-Komodo escaped from his rapidly crumbling headquarters. Though the turtles seemed outmatched by King Komodo's strength the monster was eventually defeated by a cyborg-Donatello.

King of Thieves

The King of Thieves first appearance was in issue number 3 of the Mirage Studio's title "Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." This issue was adapted into the Halloween episode "All Hallows Thieves" of the TMNT animated series. He stole a statue from April's shop and used its power to summon countless creatures to steal everything of value. When the Turtles persisted against him, the King awakened the statue as a living being which was eventually defeated. He was sent to jail.


Kluh is an alien Levram warrior who appears in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 TV series. His defeat at the hands of Michelangelo is the source of a repetitive boast about winning the Battle Nexus championship.


Langinstein, Irma

In the 1987 animated series, Irma is a young woman who works as a secretary at Channel 6. Irma, April's best friend, is one of the few humans in the series who accept the Turtles instead of seeing them as evil just because they are different from the humans. She is klutzy, tending to step on people's feet whenever she gets upset.

Lord Dregg

Lord Simultaneous

The master of time, Lord Simultaneous has two different appearances. One is a large, disembodied blue floating head, reminiscent of that projected by Oz. The other is far less impressive: he is a short, old man wearing simple robes and a headdress. He is also shown to be rather complaintive.

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom is a female ninja hired by Krang to destroy the Turtles. She developed a respect for Leonardo and tried to get him to become her partner.


Mallory is a princess from the fictional state Malicuria, daughter of Emperor Aleister. The Shredder tried to kidnap her from at party at the Malicurian Embassy in New York and give her back in exchange for Lydium 90, a metal Krang wanted to repower the Technodrome. She looks exactly like April, who is kidnapped instead of her.

Manley, Chester "Chet"

While walking home one day with his recently bought pet turtles, Chester "Chet" Manley saw a blind man about to walk into a chemical-transportation truck. Shoving the man out of the way Chet saved his life, unfortunately the case Chet's baby turtles were in fell to the ground and smashed, sending the turtles into the sewer, along with some chemicals the truck was carrying (the scene was a parody of Daredevil's origin).

Masumoto, Masahiro "Mas"

A criminal in the Rising Sun story arc who kidnaps Oyuki Mashimi and tries to sacrifice her in order to release the demon, Noi Tai Dar. His plans are later foiled by the turtles and their allies.

Mashimi, Yukio

A character created for the 2003 cartoon to replace Oroku Nagi due to Oroku Saki being an Utrom in the 2003 series, Yukio Mashimi was the life-long friend of Hamato Yoshi. As two orphans living on the streets, Yoshi and Mashimi are taken into the home of the Ancient One where he trained them in the art of ninjutsu. It is here that Yoshi and Mashimi fall in love with Teng Shen, another orphan cared for by the Ancient One. Yoshi and Mashimi eventually become Guardians against the wishes of the Ancient One. Mashimi's jealousy begins to grow as he sees Yoshi ascend within the Guardians along with the fact that Shen loves Yoshi. Mashimi eventually snaps and murders Tang Shen. He then joins the Foot Clan and leads the Shredder to the Guardians' hideout. Seeking revenge, Yoshi attacks the Foot Headquarters and faces Mashimi in a duel. After suffering a fatal wound, Mashimi asks Yoshi for forgiveness and dies thereafter. Likely named after Yukio Mishima.

Mashimi, Oyuki

Created by Dean Clarrain and Chris Allan for the TMNT Adventures comics, Oyuki is a homeless Japanese teen who eventually becomes April O’Neil’s roommate and assistant. Oyuki first met April and the turtles in the Rising Sun arc, where Oyuki was kidnapped and set to be sacrificed by criminal Masahiro "Mas" Masumoto in order to release the demon called Noi Tai Dar. After being rescued by the turtles and their allies, she is offered a home by April.


Metalhead is a superhero capable of manipulating his fluid "metal" hair to form weapons, and a member of the Justice Force several decades ago. In the Mirage comics, he is currently retired from superhero business and lives in Northampton, Massachusetts; in the 2003 cartoon, he remains a member of the current Justice Force, making him the only member to serve in both incarnations of the team. He's the only member of the group to have kept his youth, due, as explained in the comic, to his synthetic nature.


She is the leader of the rebellion against Lord Norinaga. She lives in the time of Ancient Japan. She is in love with Norinaga's son Kenshin. She was played by Vivian Wu. Appearing in the third TMNT movie, Michelangelo developed a crush on her that was never reciprocated. Michelangelo specifically stated that he wanted to stay in the past with her until his choice was swayed by his brothers and April O'Neil. Mitsu was also the daughter of the village elder, and the big sister of a young Japanese boy named Yoshi, who was saved from a fire by Michelangleo.


Miyoko is Shredder's mother. She helped Shredder and Krang to send out some kind of mirror orbiting in Dimension X and burn the Earth in heat.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa Gherabaldi is a mysterious mutant female who first appears in the 83rd episode of TMNT, "Raphael Meets His Match," when she and Raphael were paired together. She was a college student who majored in physics. One day while on a field trip with some friends, a pirate named Captain Filch attacked their boat. Though her friends were able to escape, Filch kidnapped Mona Lisa and after finding out about her knowledge in physics, forced her to help him with experiments on his submarine so he could take over the world. One night she tried to destroy his nuclear reactor and in the process was mutated. After this, she vowed to stop Filch. She and Raph meet when Filch was holding a yacht full of people hostage and teamed together to stop him. Afterward, she followed the Turtles back to New York. She might have been considered as a potential girlfriend for Raphael. What kind of creature she is supposed to be has always been shrouded in mystery. After the explosion on Filch's sub she emerged in her present form; unlike the creation of 99% of the other mutants on the show, no mutagen or animal was in sight. All that is known is that she has webbed fingers, can jump extremely high, and uses her highly developed legs for attacking. She physically resembles a salamander or a newt, only with breasts and hair (distinctively mammalian traits). Given that Captain Filch's henchmen were genetically-enhanced crossbreeds of many sea creatures, it is safe to assume that she is also composed of a variety of different animal types. The show’s infamous amphibian/reptile uncertainty notwithstanding, it is believed that she was intended to be an amphibian (who "swims like a fish" and jumps like a frog). The backing card for the Mona Lisa action figure mistakenly identifies her as "The lovely lizard lady" which only confused things further (Mona Lisa was slightly redesigned for the action figure; in the TV episode she had brown hair and two-toed feet, but her action figure version has black hair and three-toed feet).

Mondo Gecko

General Mono

General Mono is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT. He, along with his three brothers and sister, led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Mono's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Mono and three of his siblings into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.


Commander Mozar


Muckman was a garbage collector who was accidentally mutated into a walking pile of sewage, with a manhole cover for one foot. He was the first character to have a small companion. His name was Joe Eyeball and he rode along in a partially-crushed trash can on Muckman's back. When introduced in a list on TMNT display cards, he was listed as neutral from the TMNT or the Foot Clan, along with Rat King. He tended to shift around from the Turtles to the foot side as packaging would be updated, but he was clearly friendly with the Turtles when introduced to the animated series. The action figure came with a small container of retromutagen ooze that could be poured into his head when a banana peel-covered skullcap was removed, which could then drip out of his mouth.


Ninja Tribunal

Four of the wisest and most powerful ninja in history, the Ninja Tribunal members were once known as the Five Dragons, their fifth member being Oroku Saki. The members of the Tribunal are as follows: the strong but silent Hisomi, the brutal female ninja Chikara, the drill sergeant like Juto, and the sage-like Kon. Each is the respective ninjutsu master of stealth, strength, weapons and spirit. In the year 300 A.D. they were the greatest warriors in Japan, and as such were called upon to battle an evil demon known as the Shredder. After a fierce battle, they defeated it, but Oroku Saki was corrupted by the demon's promises of power. As he seized control of Japan, the four others went their separate ways in order to learn the mystic arts necessary to defeat him. Finally, they reunited and did battle with him, overcoming his dark magic and defeating his dragon form with their own dragon avatars. They then split him up into three components-body, helmet, and gauntlet-in order to prevent him from returning.



A Batman-like vigilante, the original Nobody (a.k.a. Longer) from Mirage's TMNT comic books was simply a Northampton policeman who moonlighted as a nameless vigilante (the name Nobody was given to him by the Turtles). In the 2003 animated series, Nobody is a New York detective disgraced due to the machinations of Ruffington, a corrupt arms dealer he tried to expose. In both incarnations, he meets the Turtles while hunting down Ruffington, and quickly becomes their ally. His comic book incarnation was killed during the events of the Mirage volume 2 comics. In the animated series, he is voiced by Sean Schemmel. The animated version later becomes a member of the Justice Force.


A Japanese warlord in war with the rebellion led by Mitsu. He is displeased with his son Kenshin's disloyalty and sympathy with the rebellion. He appeared in the third movie, and was portrayed by popular Japanese-American actor Sab Shimono.

The O'Neils

O'Neil, August

April's "Uncle Augie", August O'Neil is a world traveler, explorer, and scientist. He imparted in April a love of knowledge and learning. He mysteriously vanished one day due to a strange artifact. The artifact transported him to a world ruled by giant insect like creatures. August eventually discovered an artifact similar to the one that brought him to this world in an ancient temple inhabited by the insect queen, using this device he ended up in another alien world. The world he ended up in this time was inhabited by the Brotherhood, a race of carnivorous reptilian humanoids; they told him that if he fixed their dimensional warp generator, they would share their vast knowledge with the Earth. In reality, they wanted to travel to Earth to eat every living thing on the planet. Donatello and April rescue August from the reptiles, returning him to Earth.

O'Neil, Robyn

April's older sister, who lives in California. She's an outgoing, but somewhat unorganized and irresponsible woman. In the Mirage comics, she has an ex-husband named Colin and a young son named Trevor. It's interesting to note that her design resembles the cartoon version of April, not to mention she has a brief appearance in the 2003 series in the same episode Uncle August appears.


Oroku Nagi

Brother of Oroku Saki (The Shredder). He was killed by Hamato Yoshi for beating Tang Shen, pushing Saki to join the Foot Clan to seek revenge. The Turtles and Splinter would later encounter his ghost haunting the abandoned home of Tang Shen. To set his angered spirit free, the Turtles burned the house down.

Oroku Yoshi

While traversing through the Battle Nexus, Leonardo encountered an entity using the guise of The Shredder. Strangely, this Shredder actually aided Leonardo in battle. When Leonardo felt threatened at The Shredder's presence, he revealed himself to be a well-known warrior in the Battle Nexus, Oroku Yoshi. The Shredder guise Oroku Yoshi wears is actually adapted from the armor worn by Oroku Saki in the 2003 series.

Pennington, Danny

The son of April's boss, a teenage delinquent and a member of the Foot Clan. He led the Foot to the turtles when they were hiding there. He felt guilty when he saw her apartment burn down. He would eventually befriend Splinter and help save him along with Casey Jones. He only appeared in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live action movie. He was played by Michael Turney.

Perry, Professor Jordon


Oroku Pimiko is a female ninja that appears in Image's volume 3 of TMNT. She is, or at least claimed to be, the daughter of Oroku Saki, and is the leader of a band of kunoichi. She briefly battled Raphael for the title and armor of the Shredder, only for both to discover the existence of Lady Shredder, whose true identity is never revealed.

Prime Leader Zanramon

Professor Jordon Perry

Professor Obligado

Punk Frogs

In the second season of the 1987 animated series, the Punk Frogs were accidentally created by the Shredder in the Okefenokee Swamp in Florida. Their names are Napoleon Bonafrog, who uses a whip; Rasputin the Mad Frog, who uses a morning star; Attila the Frog who uses a bow and arrows; and Genghis Frog (the leader), who uses an ax; all were trained by the Shredder in ninjitsu. As Splinter named the turtles after his favorite renaissance artists, Shredder named them after his own personal heroes (infamous figures in history) Napoleon Bonaparte, Rasputin the mad, Attila the Hun, and Genghis Khan respectively. However, they later oppose the Shredder, who had manipulated them against their will, and they join the Turtles' side. All of the Punk Frogs carry a southern accent. After Genghis Frog, Napoleon Bonafrog appears to be the most popular of the four frogs in the TMNT universe (only he and Genghis were made as action figures and both had appearances in the series without Rasputin and Attila)[1].

Puzorelli, Antoine

A high-ranking Italian mob boss, Antoine (sometimes shortened to Anthony or Tony) first encountered the turtles when he hired the Foot Clan to abduct Shadow Jones. The reason for this abduction was, Shadow was Antoine's granddaughter. It seems Antoine's son, Albert had a one-night stand with Shadow's mother, Gabrielle.


A winged superhero who debuted in the second issue of the fourth volume of the Mirage comics, where he saved Michelangelo from falling to his death. Since then he has made several appearances, and was last seen aiding Raphael, Donatello, and the authorities in arresting an alien criminal. He is a member of Justice Force.

Ray Fillet

Reneau, Joi

Joi appears as one of the eight chosen acolytes in the Turtles 2003 animated series' so-called "Lost season". Almost nothing is known about her past (although the fact that she has an aunt in Kumamoto and that she was the first to recognize Japan upon arrival seem to indicate that she has a history there) or why the Ninja Tribunal deemed her worthy enough to join the battle against the original demon Shredder. However, with intense training, her spirit avatar became a hawk which represents fearlessness. During a trip to find artifacts that would prevent Shredder's resurrection, Joi was killed in battle. During some episodes, it was hinted that Raphael had taken a liking to her, and even invited Joi to look the Turtles up should she ever come to New York after the battle was over. Joi returned the feelings apparently, telling Raph "let's survive this first, eh tough guy".

Renet Tilley

Renet Tilley[3] is a Timestress, apprenticed to Lord Simultaneous. Renet is somewhat of a bungler, constantly screwing things up. In her efforts to achieve mastery, she often has to rely on her friends the Turtles to save her.

Rock Soldiers

Saki, Kazuo

Kazuo Saki is Shredder's younger brother. Kazuo Saki works as a policeman in Tokyo, Japan.

Savanti Romero

Savanti Romero is a sorcerer and demon-like being. A former apprentice of the master of time, Lord Simultaneous, Savanti was a greedy and arrogant individual who believed he should be master of time. After a failed attempt at usurping Simultaneous, Savanti was changed into a demon-like being and banished back in time.

His wife, Savanti Juliet, appeared only in one issue of the Mirage comic series—issue number 42, Juliet's Revenge. Driven to insanity by grief over her husband, whom she believed to be dead, she set out to both take revenge on the Turtles, whom she held responsible for his death, and gain for herself the power over all time that he had failed in obtaining.

Scale Tail

Scale Tail is a villain from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue. He is a mutant-humanoid hybrid, resembling that of a King Cobra snake. He is the fourth boss faced in the Game Boy version of the game. He is faced again, along side every other previous boss, in the final level, a gauntlet that must be defeated before the player faces the final boss of Shredder.



Scumbug is a mutated exterminator who appeared in the Archie TMNT comics as well as the original toyline and cartoon series. Scumbug first appeared in the Archie TMNT title. He was exposed to mutagen after being hired by Shredder to exterminate the roaches from his hideout. He was bitten by a roach and slipped in mutagen and fell into the sewer where Shredder was dumping it. Scumbug fought the Turtles in the sewers and was later confronted by Wyrm (a mutant flatworm). As Scumbug and Wyrm fought knee deep in sewer water, they accidentally got electrocuted by nearby power lines. However they would both return in a future issue, and were slated to return in the final story arc of the series, before its cancellation. He was released as a Playmates toy action figure.


Serpiente is an ancient stone general who first appeared in the movie TMNT as one of the true villains. She, along with her four brothers led a massive army to conquer the world in ancient times. To help accomplish this end, Serpiente's brother Yaotl opened a dimensional portal using a wheel-like artifact and an annual alignment of nine stars, releasing thirteen monsters into the world. The monsters decimated his army and their current opponents, a Central American civilization. In addition, opening the portal turned Serpiente and three of her brothers into stone, and left Yaotl immortal.


An alien villain who appears in the "Fast Forward" season of the 2003 series, and who has been behind several of the events in the series. Sh'Okanabo is, according to President Bishop, regarded as a myth, or an alien boogeyman, by many. In reality, he is a dark shapeshifter who attained the title Dread Lord, whose ambition is to cause what is known as "The Day of Awakening": the transformation, via "gene seeds", of all animal life on Earth into Kanabo drones controlled by him.


Shibano-Sama is the founder of the Foot Clan in Feudal Japan. When his burial urn was in the Asian-American Cultural Center, Shredder tried to open it so Shibano-Sama could teach Bebop and Rocksteady ninja skills. However, he shunned Shredder and stripped his henchmen of their powers after Spinter demonstrated the final secret techniques of the Foot, which Shredder didn't know. Oddly enough, the final Foot Techniques parodied Three Stooges slapstick (in particular, the "Kur-Li maneuver").


The Shogun (also known as the Shogun Warrior) is an enemy character who appears exclusively in the NES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game as the boss of Scene 6. Shogun is a warrior dressed in a samurai-like armor who wields a halberd and can detach his head from the rest of his body. According to the manual, he's an alien from Sector Six of the Dead Star Zone and his weapon is called the "Ultimate Galactic Sword".

Silver Sentry

A Superman-like superhero in the world in the second TMNT animated series, Silver Sentry is the hero who first inspires Michelangelo to establish a crime-fighting persona of his own, the Turtle Titan. Although generally ineffective as a superhero, Michelangelo nevertheless manages to save Sentry from the mind control of his arch-nemesis, Dr. Malignus, establishing a friendship between the two heroes. He is a member of Justice Force.




In an alternate dimension, where the turtles are superheroes, Master Splinter was known as Master Sliver. He taught his sons everything he knows about their powers until they became the protectors of the city of Megatropolis. However, Sliver somehow became evil, now calling himself The Sliver and began a campaign to rule the world. Eventually, Sliver had created the most powerful doomsday weapon, the Penultimate Nullificator (a parody of the Ultimate Nullifier), capable of wiping out all life on Earth; with a few modifications, he ensured it could only destroy life outside his tower. He planned to lure the Super Turtles to his tower and imprison them in a cage of Utromidium, the only substance stronger than their powers, so he would eventually turn them. He was then tricked by Blobboid, disguised as Michelangelo, who was pulled into that dimension by Ultimate Drako, into releasing his brothers. Unfortunately, the Sliver possessed all of the Super Turtles' powers and extensive knowledge, incapacitating them in seconds. Only Michelangelo was left and with his ninjitsu moves, imprisoned the Sliver in his own cage. The Super Turtles managed to reverse the nullificator into blasting life inside the tower. The Sliver then died by his own device.


Speega is a Tyrannosaurus leader who, along with a Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus, are descendants of a group of dinosaurs that escaped extinction millions of years ago by escaping to the center of the earth. They have been on a mission to save endangered species ever since.

Tang Shen

Tang Shen(唐慎) was the lover of Hamato Yoshi in the Mirage Comics, the movies, and the 2003 animated series. The only TMNT franchise in which she did not appear was the 1987 animated series. In all the franchises in which she appears, her love with Yoshi is ill-fated. She is killed by a jealous suitor, and is in some way linked to Yoshi's move to New York.


Tatsu (played by Toshishiro Obata and voiced by Michael McConnohie) is Shredder's right-hand man, and second-in-command of the Foot Clan, in the first and second TMNT movies. He is skilled at martial arts, but is very violent and has a bad temper—in the first movie, after a bad meeting with Shredder, a frustrated Tatsu starts beating up Foot Clan members. As a running gag, he often growls like an animal, causing others to be either frightened or make cracking comments about it. He leads the Foot Clan in battle while the Shredder stays behind.


Tattoo was a sumo wrestler covered in magical tattoos which he could peel from his body and were able to fight for him, for example, he could remove an image of a dragon from his skin and it would become a real dragon that would obey him. The action figure was completely tatooless; his tattoos were printed on clear oblong labels that the user could customize.


Thompson, Burne

Burne Thompson works at Channel 6 and is April's boss. Thompson, a stocky and brash man, and cameraman Vernon Fenwick often blame the Turtles for crimes in New York City. He also has a girlfriend named Tiffany who despises the Turtles as well. Thompson was voiced by Pat Fraley, and Townsend Coleman was the 1989 alternate.


Tora is an enemy boss who appears exclusively in the NES game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game, where he appears as the boss of the first half of Scene 3. Tora resembles an anthropomorphic arctic wolf who wears a leather jacket and blue jeans. According to the game's instruction manual, he's a ten foot, half ton blizzard beast from the ice planet Traglodoon who has remained undefeated for 2,000 years. Interestingly, his name, Tora, is the Japanese word for Tiger.

Touch and Go

Mr. Touch and Mr. Go are a duo of super-powered assassins hired by Hun to assassinate the Turtles after the Triceraton Invasion. Touch and Go draw their power from pressing their fists together to power up their bodies. Once powered up, Mr. Touch gains strength many times that of humans, while Mr. Go becomes supernaturally fast, able to move at a blur. The power-up is short-lived, however, as both assassins expend their energy with every punch and kick; thus the two must strategize in order to remain in proximity to each other to power up.



Triple Threat

A three-headed pro wrestler from 2105, who was banned from wrestling for his use of violence. His three heads are a red head with a white skull face and dreadlocks on the far right side of his body (who is the most aggressive and constantly displays a desire to "break stuff"), a green head with one eye in the middle (the brains of the body and the most intelligent be far), and a large yellow head on the far left side (who is so stupid his jokes make no sense). Triple Threat possess super-human level strength (he once easily lifted up a car). In his first appearance, he attempted to steal the championship belt and rob New Madison Square Garden, but was beaten by Raphael and Leonardo. The Triple Threat was a professional wrestling stable. In Episode 125, Clash of the Turtle Titans, Triple Threat uses a comic book as his guide to becoming a supervillain. Their individual behavior is highly reminiscent of the Three Stooges (Red=Moe Howard, Green=Larry Fine, and Yellow=Curly Howard). David Zen Mansley voices Triple Threat's Green Head, Marc Odgers voices Triple Threat's Red Head, and Sam Riegel voices Triple Threat's Yellow head.


Don Turtelli is a local crime boss, and a spoof of The Godfather. Being the grandson of Tony "The Tickler" Turtelli, he has a memorable form of interrogation; he uses feathers to tickle the feet of his hostages (including April, Vernon, Zach and Caitlyn); to extract information, interrogate, etc. Two known members of his gang are Rodney and Bruce.

Turtle Titan II

Grandson of the Silver Sentry, who, inspired by the tales of the non-super-powered Turtle Titan (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Michelangelo's superhero alter ego), took his name and appearance in the year 2105. Lacking superpowers of his own despite his legacy, Turtle Titan (as with Silver Sentry, his real name is unknown) instead relies on various forms of gadgetry, including smoke bombs, grappling hooks, a jet pack, and a hard-light shield. In contrast to the original Turtle Titan, Turtle Titan II has proven to be a rather effective and popular superhero, to the point where he has established a working relationship with the New York Peace-Keepers, complete with a Shell-Signal. He addresses people as "Citizen" and is far more mature and responsible than the original Turtle Titan (i.e. Michelangelo).

Ultimate Daimyo

Father of the Ultimate Ninja and master of the Battle Nexus. The Daimyo is supposedly a great warrior who introduced ninjitsu to Earth, and is the holder of the War Staff of Ultimate Power.

Ultimate Ninja

The son of the Battle Nexus Daimyo, the Ultimate Ninja first appeared when he came to Earth to fight Oroku Saki, the Shredder. However, he was cheated of this battle after learning that the Shredder had seemingly met his death at the hands of Leonardo. In response, he challenged Leonardo to a duel, and the two fought to the death. Where Leonardo fought with honor, the Ultimate Ninja did not, and even attempted to kill Leonardo after the fight ended. The Ultimate Damiyo made his son ask for the Turtles' forgiveness, an act that the Ultimate Ninja considered beneath him and humiliating. He later joined forces with Drako, a former competitor in the Battle Nexus, and sought revenge on Leonardo, Splinter— whom Drako still held a grudge against— and his own father. They were briefly merged into a singular entity dubbed 'Ultimate Drako' and came to possess both the Daimyo's War staff and the Time Scepter of Lord Simultaneous, which granted them frightening levels of power before they were ultimately defeated and killed. The Ultimate Ninja was then resurrected as a young child of roughly 7–10 years of age by Lord Simultaneous.

Vam Mi

Vam Mi is a female vampire who had been in hibernation for centuries after she was defeated by and had her heart torn out by Chung I. Eventually Vam Mi was awakened by her servants Bing and Chu Chi using a magic potion which would last only four days, after which Vam Mi would be reduced to ashes. After her awakening, Vam Mi and her minions set off to get Vam Mi's heart, which was in the possession of Venus in order to maintain her existence. After repeated failed attempts, in desperation she summons the Elemental vampire and is transported to the Turtles's sewer home. The Turtles are prepared and surround her with mirrors. Sunlight is reflected onto her from all directions and she is destroyed, leaving behind a pile of ash.

Verminator X

A mutated feline from the late 21st century who has repeatedly fought the turtles in both the present day and in the future in the Archie comics continuity. Educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Verminator X (or Manx, as he was originally called) first came into the turtles' lives when he partnered with Donatello in order to figure out a solution to the flooding world's increasing rat population. Successful in their endeavor, and with their reputations established and comfortable amounts of money gained, Manx set his sights on another goal: immortality. He began grafting cybernetic components to his body and ultimately turned evil, allying with Armagon, a mutant Shark, and the present day Shredder, whom they recruited due to the fact that he was constantly able to fight the Turtles as a cohesive unit on his own, and attempting to steal both The Black Stone and the White Stone to power a time-slip device created by Donatello which allows one to traverse time. While the trio failed in capturing the Black Stone from Mecca, they did capture its twin the White Stone. However they could only achieve immortality by having both stones according to the legend. Verminator X later recanted his evil ways and re-established his friendship with Donatello.


An English trader working with Lord Norinaga, who supplements Norinaga's soldiers with his own mercenaries and firearms in the third film. Not much is known about him, although his initial appearance in the movie hints that he and Norinaga have been allies for a while. Though seemingly loyal, Walker really only cares about himself, his money, and his pet birds. He fell to his death at the end of the film, plunging off a cliff while attempting to climb down a rope to safety.


War is a fictional monstrous blue or purple creature with big claws, and one of the evil forces of nature who have allied themselves with Null to defeat the Turtles. Designed by Peter Laird he is one of the four horseman of apocalypse, and appeared in the TMNT video game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters, however his allies Death, Famine, Pestilence, and Null did not. They are originally from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comics published by Archie Comics.

Warrior Dragon

The Warrior Dragon is a character from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures comic book. An anthropomorphic Chinese dragon, the Warrior Dragon was originally a fireman in Chinatown that was forced to use some sort of ancient relic to help save the people in a burning curio shop. While the fireman rescued them, he remained with the form of the Warrior Dragon forever. While at first the Warrior Dragon was giant sized (where he had to battle a giant sized Foot Soldier, impaling him on the torch of the Statue of Liberty), later on he learned to control his transformation to make it more human sized. The Warrior Dragon also developed a bit of a relationship with April O'Neil, who at the time was also developing ninja skills and use of the Katana. The Warrior Dragon was given his own action figure in Playmates Toys' Ninja Turtles, which was released under the name of Hothead. Hothead was also featured in the Nintendo Entertainment System version of Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters fighting game.


A character from the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Whit is an English mercenary working for Walker, but was locked up for trying to start a mutiny against him. He is rescued by the Turtles when they arrive to save April, and Whit later sides himself with the Turtles and the rebellion. Whit was played by Elias Koteas, who also played Casey Jones in the same film.



Created by Mirage Studio's staff artist Ryan Brown, Wyrm is a mutated garbageman. In the Archie Turtle comic Wyrm is a planarium (often misspelled "planetarium" in Playmates copy) worm exposed to Krang's mutagen. Bebop and Rocksteady dump a barrel in the sewer through which the planarium worm swims. He then appeared in his mutated form while the turtles were busy facing off against Scumbug. Wyrm and Scumbug grappled each other while they were both knee-deep in sewer water and accidentally electrocuted themselves due to some live powerlines. Even so, both Scumbug and Wyrm would return in a future issue. Wyrm bears a striking resemblance to Ed Roth's many creations, including Rat Fink. In 2009, Wyrm was picked by ToyFare, a monthly toy collecting magazine published by Wizard Entertainment, as the most popular non-turtle figure in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line.

X (Dr.)

X (Mr.)

Mr. X is Mondo Gecko's former master in the 1987 television series, though both characters appeared later in the series after the show started airing on CBS. He took Mondo in and trained him to be a criminal. Like Mondo, he was present in the sewers (for reasons completely unknown) at the same time the turtles (and Mondo himself) had been exposed to the mutagen the Shredder had used in his attempt to kill Hamato Yoshi. Unlike Yoshi, Mr. X did not mutate upon contact with Mondo, and even more strangely, was not detected by Yoshi, who arrived on the scene not long after the turtles were exposed to the mutagen. According to the original flashbacks of the first season, the exposure happened within what the turtles and Splinter would later come to call The Lair, which had been Yoshi's home up till that point. Why he did not also take the turtles with him as well as Mondo is also unknown. The character appeared in only one episode, which was used to debut Mondo Gecko in the TV continuity.


In 1000 B.C., Yaotl led a brotherhood poised to conquer the world. During an attack on a Central American city, Yaotl learned of a constellation known as the Star of Kicaan, which would align every three-thousand years to open a portal to another world. He became immortal but the price was costly, for his four generals were turned to stone and thirteen monsters were released, decimating their army and their opponents. He only appears in the 2007 film, as at first, he was thought to be the main antagonist of the film, as he assigns the Foot Clan to capture the thirteen monsters, but it turns out that he is actually sending the monsters back to their world in order to undo his wish of immortality and redeem himself of the atrocities they've done.


A small Japanese child that was a secondary character in the third TMNT movie. Yoshi lived in Ancient Japan. He was rescued by Michelangelo from a fire. He developed a friendship with Raphael. Yoshi is also the brother of Mitsu, daughter of a village elder. There was some discussion on whether or not Yoshi was really the TMNT's Master Yoshi, master of Master Splinter. But this query was ended when realized that Yoshi lived in Ancient Japan, and Master Yoshi lived in the aftermath of World War II (though there is the possibility that Yoshi may be Hamato Yoshi's ancestor).


Zach is a child who admires the turtles greatly and aspires to help them fight crime. He first appears in the episode The Fifth Turtle of the 1987 series, where he gets in the way rather than actually helping. However, he begins to show up in more episodes, including some where he is quite helpful in stopping the criminals in their plot. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Zippy Lad

Zippy Lad (a.k.a. "Pat") is a former superhero and member of the Justice Force, appearing in both the Mirage comic books and the 2003 animated series. A speedster during his prime, he now uses a wheelchair. His Mirage incarnation is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Kurtzburg Memorial Hospital (a facility created specifically to treat extra-humans), while his cartoon incarnation was last seen aiding the current incarnation of the Justice Force during their membership drive.

Zixx, Torbin

In the year 2105 Torbin Zixx is one of the most cunning and ablest smugglers in the galaxy. He has had several run-ins with the Turtles, as both ally and enemy. He commonly uses holograms to deceive his foes (and is especially fond of using them to fool Raphael). He is highly agile and appears to know a lot of martial arts himself (or whatever they call it on the planet he comes from), but he usually uses brains and deception in a fight rather than brawn and fists. Zixx is a smooth-talking, sneaky manipulator and con man ("You can't spell Zixx without a double-cross").



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