Transport in Malaysia

Transport in Malaysia

Transportation in Malaysia is varied in Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia. The main modes of transport in Peninsular Malaysia include buses, trains, cars and to an extent, airplanes. East Malaysia has a less developed transportation network. Most of the major cities there are connected by air routes.



As of 2009, there are 50,214.6 km of paved roads (including 1,471.6 km of expressways) in Malaysia. As of 1999, there are also 15,942 km of unpaved roads.

Driving on the left hand side is compulsory since the introduction of motorcars in Federated Malay States on 1903 during British colonial era.

*"see also Malaysian Federal Roads system"
*"see also Malaysian State Roads system"


"see also Malaysian Expressway System"
* PLUS Expressway Berhad


"See Keretapi Tanah Melayu and Rail transport in Malaysia articles".

There are a total of 2000 km of rail tracks, of which, 207 km are electrified.


Malaysia has 7,200 km of waterways, most of them rivers. Of this, 3200 km are in Peninsular Malaysia, while 1,500 km are in Sabah and Sarawak has 2,500 km. These figures are true as of year 2004.


As of 2004, Malaysia has 279 km of condensate, 5,049 km of gas, 1,841 km of oil and 114 km of refined products pipelines.

*"See also Peninsular Gas Pipeline"

Ports and harbours

This is a list of Malaysian ports and harbours:
*Kota Kinabalu
*Lahad Datu
*Pasir Gudang
*George Town, Penang
*Port Dickson
*Port Klang
*Tanjung Berhala
*Tanjung Kidurong
*Tanjung Pelepas


*Penang Ferry Service
*Langkawi Ferry Service
*Pangkor Ferry Service
*Tioman Ferry Service
*Labuan Ferry service
*Tawau Ferry service
*Miri Ferry service
*Sandakan Ferry service

Marine merchantile

Total: 360 ships (1,000 GRT or over) 5,389,397 GRT/DWT|7,539,178|metric|first=yes by type: bulk 59, cargo 100, chemical tanker 38, container 66, liquefied gas 25, livestock carrier 1, passenger 2, petroleum tanker 56, roll on/roll off 5, vehicle carrier 8 Foreign-owned: China 1, Germany 2, Hong Kong 8, Indonesia 2, Japan 2, South Korea 1, Liberia 1, Monaco 1, Norway 1, Philippines 2, Singapore 81, Vietnam 1
registered in other countries: 75 (2003 est.)

Transportation within Kuala Lumpur

*Public transport in Kuala Lumpur
*Transportation in Kuala Lumpur
*Ampang Line
*Kelana Jaya Line
*Kuala Lumpur
*KTM Komuter
*Rawang-Seremban Line
*Sentul-Port Klang Line
*Sri Petaling Line
*North-South Expressway


* [ The World Factbook]

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