Giles family

Giles family

The Giles family is a fictional British family created by cartoonist Carl Giles at the end of World War II, appearing first on 5 August 1945.NamedRef|Adscene|1 During the war, much of Giles's work had been cartoons featuring Hitler, Mussolini, and the typical British Tommy, but he felt the need to expand after the war, hence the family. The format was a single daily cartoon and was published in the Daily Express and Sunday Express from 1945 until 1991. An annual collection was published each Christmas.

The family belongs to the better-off British working class and usually seen living in a semi-detached house. The scenes in which they are depicted usually comment on a topic headlining the news of the day. The Giles family is patriotic but suspicious of authority.

The ages of the family remained the same throughout the 46 year run of the cartoon series, but their home, their hobbies and their dress reflected the changing British fashions and standard of living.


The Giles family consist of the following characters

*Grandma. The most distinctive character of the series. Always present but rarely given a direct voice. She is the ultimate head of the family (despite what Father may think). She is seen using such things as skis, a motorbike, a hangglider, a Sinclair C5, and playing the tuba. A proper battle axe of a woman, who is crossed at one's peril.

*Father. Grandma's son. A mild and philosophical character. Still deludedly considers himself to be the head of the family. He works, but it's never revealed where. Is passionate about boats, fishing, betting and hiding from the younger, louder members of the family. Would do anything for a quiet life and is often seen lounging in the garden.

*Mother. The power behind the dynasty; it is she who organises everyone else. Cheerfully tackles endless housework and mountains of cooking for the extended Giles family. People mostly tend to do as she tells them.

*George. Mother and Father's elder son, is a bookworm and will very rarely be seen without one in his hands. Smokes a Sherlock Holmes style pipe and wears a beret and sandals. Absent in later cartoons.

* He is married to the skinny bespectacled Vera who is constantly suffering from a cold. They have one baby son, George Jr.

*Ann, eldest daughter and her babies, the twins, Lawrence and Ralph. The twins are Ann's children by an absent G.I. father.

*Carol, blond daughter, always seen reading a magazine and lounging about.

*Ernie, the younger son of the family. A smaller version of his Dad in looks and attitude, but with a child's cheekiness.

*Bridget, the youngest daughter of the family. Wears a gymslip and has never been in any trouble because she never gets caught.

*Grandma's Parrot.

*Butch The dog a shaggy mongrel .

*Second dog a collie.

*Natalie a black cat.

Other characters are

*Larry, (a.k.a "Stinker") the mop-haired child from next door, often seen with a camera. Said to be the alter ego of Giles himself.

*Chalkie the schoolmaster A walking skeleton of a man with no sense of humour. He is modelled on one of Giles's own teachers and is Giles's revenge for what he felt was unfair treatment at school


There is a statue of the Giles family in Queen Street in Ipswich, England.

Grandma made a cameo appearance in the DC Comics publication .


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