Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria

Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
British colony



Flag of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria

God Save the Queen
Nigeria (red)
British possessions in Africa (pink)
Capital Lagos
Language(s) English
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - 1914-1936 George V
 - 1952-1954 Elizabeth II
High Commissioner, Governor
 - 1914-1919 Sir Frederick John Dealtry Lugard
 - 1948-1954 Sir John Stuart Macpherson
 - Established 1914
 - Disestablished 1960

The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was created as a merger of Protectorate of Northern Nigeria and Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria on 1 January 1914, partly because of uneven economy in the two territories, and also due to growing tension with the German colonies.

As one of the wealthiest British colonies, it was a good candidate for being the first colony to be granted independence. Nigeria was first given increased autonomy as the Federation of Nigeria on 1 October 1954 and made fully independent in 1960.

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