Collège des Frères Maristes Champville

Collège des Frères Maristes Champville
Collège des Frères Maristes Champville
Established 1966
Type Private
Religious affiliation Catholic
Principal Mr. Leon Kilzi
Location 33°56′5.02″N 35°37′1.68″E / 33.9347278°N 35.6171333°E / 33.9347278; 35.6171333
Colours Blue, & White          
Nickname Champville
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The Collège des Frères Maristes Champville is a private French-language, Marist catholic educational institution set in Dik El Mehdi, El Metn, Lebanon, which teaches all scholar levels. It is one of the very best educational institutions in Lebanon.


Presentation of the institution

Annotated aerial view of the Collège des Frères Maristes Champville

The Collège des Frères Maristes Champville is a private, christian institution which declares its role to be to "serve Lebanon's youth within its rules and following the priorities set within its Educational Project".[1] The College is directed by the Marist brothers with the help of an educative team.

Values and missions of the Educational Project

In pamphlets, the College published the following:

"Brothers and personel [sic?] alike, faithful to the intuitions of our founder, saint Marcellin Champagnat, we wish to make the College a place for "faith, culture and life",[2] in a "specific Marist style""[3] which is made of a familial spirit and of simplicity.
"We teach our students to "learn to know, learn to do, learn to live together, and most particulary to learn to be" so that, progressively, they can be initiated to the ideal of life, where harmony reigns amongst "faith, culture and life"."

Facts and figures

The College was founded in 1966 in continuation of the Collège du Sacré-Cœur located in Jounieh and founded in 1903. It lies upon a green hill in Dik El Mehdi, Northern Metn, Lebanon over about 22 hectares (1 ha = 10,000 m2, so 22 ha = 220,000 m2) of surface. It now holds around 3000 students.[4] The College teaches fifteen scholar years, divided into eight couples (except for the last year which comes alone). These eight are, in order:

  1. Nursery (Maternelles)
  2. Benjamins (Benjamins)
  3. Minimal (Minimes)
  4. Small (Petits)
  5. Average (Moyens)
  6. Big (Grands)
  7. Secondary (Secondaires)
  8. Terminal (Terminales)

Teaching and learning

The College prepares its students to two baccalaureates (that is, the Lebanese and the French) and provides a bilingual teaching of Arabic and French languages since they start. In the sixth grade, the College provides English language courses. From another perspective, the College gives scientific subjects the utmost importance and teaches Math and Sciences in preparatory classes, then Math, Biology and Physics - Chemistry in secondary classes. The three forms of baccalaureate a Collège des Frères Maristes Champville student can get are General Sciences (mainly Math and Physics), Life Sciences (mainly Biology and Chemistry) and Social and Economic Sciences (mainly Sociology and Economics). There is no Linguistic baccalaureate formation within the College. In parallel, the College provides DIY courses for students between the second and the eighth grades; Computer Studies between the second grade and second secondary grade; Media Instruction between the sixth and the ninth grades; and an initiation to editing TPE documents (French TPE = Travail Personnel Encadré, which translates to Personal Coached Work).


The timetables of Maternelles and Benjamins spans over thirty weekly classes of fifty minutes' length each. The timetables of all other classes, except Double-Baccalaureated classes in Second Secondary and in Senior level, span over thirty-five weekly classes of fifty minutes' length each. A particularity of this College in its recesses is that after each fifty-minute class, the students get a ten minutes' break, but for the third and fifth fifty-minute classes. After the third class, they get a twenty-minute break; and after the fifth, they get a forty-minute break, during which they may head for one of the two cafeterias for lunch. Double-Baccalaureated classes get four additional classes, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, in order to be able to satisfy the required learning for their two official exams. A usual day at the College starts at 07:40 AM and ends at 03:10 PM for usual classes. Maternelles and Benjamins start at 07:40 AM as well, but leave at 01:30 PM.


The College believes that an education can only be complete when it includes, not only the intellectual instruction, but the spiritual, moral, physical and cultural instructions as well. Which is why it provides five options for extra-curricular activities: Sports, Cultural activities, Scouting, MEJ, and Groupe Champagnat.

Sports and cultural activities

In the everyday life of any Champville student with a passion for sports, there is always room for training. That's why the Sports department of Champville organizes inter-grade tournaments in football, basketball, and more ball games. It also has the concept of Afternoon Athletism, which means that the sportsmen and sportswomen of the student body are able to train professionally with coaches after school. For the cultural angle, the school welcomes all types of people to activities such as ballet, dance, painting, judo, tae-kwon-do, aikido, and other such activities, on Saturdays, between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Every year, the Activities' members (the member of any or both the sports and cultural activities) present a show in which they display what they have learnt during said year.


To aid the formation of any young member of the society, the College also provides three choices in Movements, which are optional to all students and to anyone not in Champville. These are Scouting, MEJ, and Groupe Champagnat. All of them meet on Saturdays between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM.


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