Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania

Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania
Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Coat of arms of Pennsylvania.svg
Coat of arms of Pennsylvania (lesser).svg
Lesser version as used in the State Seal (not official on its own)
Armiger Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Adopted 1778
Motto Virtue, Liberty, and Independence

The Coat of Arms of Pennsylvania is an official emblem of the State, alongside the Seal and State Flag, and was adopted in 1778.[1] The Pennsylvania coat of arms features a shield crested by an American bald eagle, flanked by horses, and adorned with symbols of Pennsylvania's strengths - a ship carrying state commerce to all parts of the world; a clay-red plough (a symbol of the Pennsylvania's rich natural resources); and three golden sheaves of wheat, representing fertile fields and Pennsylvania's wealth of human thought and action. An olive branch and cornstalk cross limbs beneath - symbols of peace and prosperity. The state motto ("Virtue Liberty and Independendence") appears festooned below.

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