List of wind farms in Romania

List of wind farms in Romania
A wind turbine standing on a field next to a small hut
The Tihuţa Pass is situated at an altitude of 1,200 m (3,900 ft).

As of 2008, there is an installed capacity of 76 megawatts (MW) of wind power in Romania, up from the seven MW installed capacity in 2007.[1][2] Until December 2010, Romania will add around 440 MW to its installed wind capacity from two wind farms: Fântânele-Cogealac and the EDP Peştera.[3] A total number of 170 wind turbines will be installed in 2010 enough to power over 500,000 homes.[4]

The Fântânele Wind Farm will become operational in stages. First, 139 General Electric 2.5xl turbines will be built; they stand 100 metres (330 ft) tall and have a blade diameter of 99 m (325 ft).[5] The wind turbines will have a 2.5 MW capacity and will be operational by December 2009.[6] The second stage will be operational by 2010 and will have an installed capacity of 252.5 MW.[7] When completed, it will be the largest onshore wind farm in Europe, surpassing the Maranchon Wind Farm, the largest wind farm as of August 2009.[5]

Romania has a wind-power potential of around 14,000 MW,[8] and a energy-generating capacity of 23 terawatt-hours.[8] The country's wind power capacity that can be assimilated by the national transport grid is between 3,000 MW and 9,000 MW,[9] while only in the last two years the total power of the requests for connecting to it was about 22.800 MW.[10] The Dobruja region, which consists of Constanţa and Tulcea counties, has the second-highest wind potential in Europe.[11]

The Romanian company Blue Investment will invest US$84 million in a 35 MW wind farm in Baia, Tulcea County that will have 14 Nordex N90 turbines with a capacity of 2.5 MW each.[12] Several companies are interested in investing in wind farms in Romania. The Italian company Enel Green Power, a subsidiary of Enel, plans to build several wind farms with a total capacity of 350 MW.[13] The Swiss conglomerate Cofra Group will build two wind farms, one that will have a capacity of 700 MW in Dobrogea and one that will have a capacity of 400 MW in Neamţ and Suceava counties; the total investment will amount to $1.65 billion.[14] In 2008, Iberdrola bought 50 wind farm projects, with a combined installed capacity 1,600 MW, from two companies for $450 million.[15] Romanian companies interested in building wind farms include Electrica and Green Energy, which have plans to build wind farms that will have a installed capacity of 310 MW with total investments of $420 million.[16][17] The Hungarian company Sinus Holding will build five wind farms in the Northern Moldavia region, having an installed capacity of 700 MW and totaling $800 million in capital investment, that will be built by December 2009.[18]

The first offshore wind-power project in Romania will be constructed by the United States–based Blackstone Group, which will invest $1.4 billion in a 500 MW wind farm located in the Constanţa County sector of the Black Sea on a 40 km2 (15 sq mi) area situated 6 km (3.7 mi) from the shoreline.[19][20] The project will consist of 100 wind turbines producing five MW each; they will be installed in water up to 50 m (160 ft) deep. The project is expected to be commissioned in 2011. - Correction: the named project will be developed into the North Sea, not Black Sea as Blackstone Group L.P. haven't mentioned anything in such respect.


Largest projects

These are the most important wind farm projects in Romania (larger than 10 MW):

Project name Sponsoring company Installed capacity (MW) County Status Notes
Activ Business Casimcea Activ Business 45 Tulcea Approved [21]
Blackstone[citation needed] Blackstone Group[citation needed] cca. 500 Constanţa Approved [22]
Eco Power Eco Power 80 Buzău Approved [23]
EDP Dobrogea Energias de Portugal 225 Tulcea Approved [24]
EDP Medgidia Energias de Portugal 90 Constanţa Under construction [25]
Enel Agichiol Enel Green Power 210 Tulcea Approved [26]
Babadag[citation needed] Martifer 48 Tulcea Approved [27]
Blue Investment Baia[citation needed] Blue Investment 35 Tulcea Under construction [12]
Blue Planet Baia[citation needed] Blue Planet Investments 35 Tulcea Under construction [28]
Fălciu-Berezeni E.ON 30 Vaslui Under construction [29]
Călimani West Wind 27 Suceava Approved [30]
Clisura Dunării[citation needed] Local authorities 10 Caraş-Severin Under construction [31]
Enel Corugea Enel Green Power 70 Tulcea Approved [26]
Eolgen Racoviţeni Eolgen 45 Buzău Proposed [32]
Roşieşti E.ON 46 Vaslui Approved [29]
EOL Săcele Electrica and Holrom 50 Constanţa Approved [33]
Eolica Baia Eolica Dobrogea 126 Tulcea Approved [34]
Eolica Beidaud Eolica Dobrogea 128 Tulcea Approved [34]
Eolica Casimcea Eolica Dobrogea 244 Tulcea Approved [34]
Eolica Ceamurlia South Eolica Dobrogea 28 Tulcea Approved [34]
Eolica Cogealac Eolica Dobrogea 448 Constanţa Approved [34]
Corbiţa Energycum 50 Vrancea Approved [35]
Eolica Corbu Eolica Dobrogea 68 Constanţa Approved [34]
Fântânele[citation needed] CEZ Group 600 Constanţa Under construction [3]
Eolica Grǎdina Eolica Dobrogea 62 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Istria Eolica Dobrogea 74 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Kogălniceanu Eolica Dobrogea 32 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Mihai Viteazu Eolica Dobrogea 174 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Pantelimon Eolica Dobrogea 66 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Sǎcele Eolica Dobrogea 252 Constanţa Approved [34]
Eolica Sarichioi Eolica Dobrogea 102 Tulcea Approved [34]
Eolica Târguşor Eolica Dobrogea 36 Constanţa Approved [34]
Vetrişoaia E.ON 36 Vaslui Approved [29]
Eolus Vind Eolus Vind 30 Constanţa Approved [36]
Europp Galaţi Europp Energocons 33 Galaţi Approved [21]
Eximprod Galaţi Eximprod Buzău 70 Galaţi Approved [21]
Green Energy Green Energy 200 Tulcea Approved [37]
Liteni-Dolhasca Ulli Rowing 34 Suceava Under construction [38]
Market Expert Tulcea Market Expert 33 Tulcea Approved [21]
Mărişelu Local authorities 300 Cluj Approved [39]
New Energy Constanţa New Energy Group 30 Constanţa Under construction [40]
New Energy Tulcea New Energy Group 20 Tulcea Approved [40]
Orşova Toplet Energy 35 Mehedinţi Under construction [41][42]
Romwind Constanţa Romwind 30 Constanţa Approved [21]
Sibioara Sibioara Wind Farm 42 Vaslui Approved [21]
Sinus Holding Sinus Holding 700 Vaslui/Suceava/Neamţ Approved [18]
Tarcău Eolo Energy 24 Neamţ Approved [43]
Tomis Team Dobrogea Tomis Team 600 Tulcea/Constanţa Under construction [44]
Valea Nucarilor Green Energy, Blue Line, Electrogroup 60 Tulcea Under construction [45]
Văcăreni Energie Investments Group 240 Tulcea Proposed [46]
Verbund Casimcea Verbund 150 Tulcea Approved [47]
Scobinti Iasi ACK srl Romania 40 Scobinti-Iasi Approved [48]
Ruginoasa Iasi Moldova-Eolian srl Romania 100 Ruginoasa-Iasi Proposed [49]


Category status Total capacity
Under construction 1559 MW
Approved 5006 MW
Proposed 285 MW
All Stages 6800 MW

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