Clintona Minicoaches

Clintona Minicoaches
Clintona Minicoaches
Slogan A minicoach for every occasion
Founded 1961
Headquarters Little Warley, Brentwood
Service area Thurrock,
Service type Bus
Routes 4
Web site Clintona Minicoaches

Clintona Minicoaches is a small bus and coach company located in Brentwood, Essex who operate bus and coach services services in Essex, and also specialise in private hire.



Clintona was formed in the year of 1961 [1]

Current routes

Clintona operate a few contract routes in Essex, as well as rail replacement work, school contracts and private hire work.

Route Number Route Notes
5 Felmores Shops to Basildon Bus Station Daily evenings. Essex CC contract. Daytime service operated by First Essex.
99 Tilbury Town Station National Rail to Tilbury Ferry via Tilbury Mon-Sat. Contract service. Tilbury Town-Tilbury Ferry shuttle, for the passenger ferry to Gravesend.

Previous bus routes

Clintona have operated many bus routes in the past.

  • Route 210 was a circular contract route serving Loughton, Debden, Abridge, Lambourne End and Chigwell. The contract was given to Clintona from 1 October 1998, and due to low patronage, Essex CC stopped the route on 27 March 2004.
  • Route 217 was awarded to Clintona on the 21st April 1999 operating between Ongar and Epping. It ceased on 27 March 2004.
  • Route 394 was a contract route between Abbess Roding and Epping, serving small villages and hamlets connecting them to the nearest town. It operated with Clintona from 1 October 1998 until 27 March 2004 where Essex CC stopped the route.
  • Route 396 was a contract route between the small village of Hastingwood and Harlow, operating between 1 October 1998 to 27 March 2004 like many of their other routes. The withdrawal of this route left Hastingwood without a bus service.
  • Route 97 was operated by Clintona from 1 October 1998 until 28 August 2004, between Temple Grove and North Springfield in Chelmsford.
  • Clintona operated the Loughton/Debden local services 214/215/219/220 for quite a few years. The routes were originally operated by Wests Coaches since the routes began, before the bus operations of Wests Coaches was taken over by County Bus. Clintona then won the contracts from 1 October 1998, until the contract passed to Imperial Buses on 28 August 2004. The routes later passed to Arriva Shires & Essex, and have since been replaced by services 542/543.
  • Clintona operated Thurrock Council contract route 388 from Aveley to Basildon between 1 October 1998 until 3 September 2005.
  • For a short period, Clintona operated the Sunday service 100 between Basildon and Lakeside between 8 October 2006 and 21 January 2007. The Mon-Sat service was (and still is) operated commercially by First Essex between Chelmsford and Lakeside.
  • Another short lived route was route 380 which operated between Tilbury Ferry and Orsett via Chadwell St Mary from 2 October 2006 and 26 January 2007. It was a Thurrock Council contract route.
  • The Harlow Sunday network was operated by Clintona for quite a while. Routes 4 (Latton Bush-Harlow), 10 (Church Langley-Harlow), 11 (Katherines & Sumners-Harlow) and 12 (Old Harlow-Staple Tye) were operated from 8 April 2002 until 26 August 2006 when Arriva Shires & Essex took over the contracts. They are now operated by Regal Busways.
  • Brentwood local routes 71/72 (Stondon Massey to Warley) and 261 (Blackmore to Brentwood) were contract routes awarded to Clintona from 1 October 1998 to 30 August 2008. It was then awarded to Imperial Buses, which the routes are still operated by.


Clintona operate minibuses and minicoaches.

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