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Submit It!, Inc. was a privately-held Internet services company located in Bedford, Massachusetts.[1] The original free Submit It! service was created by Scott Banister while he was a student at the University of Illinois. He left during his sophomore year to co-found Submit It! Inc., where he served as vice president of technology. The other co-founders were Bill Younker, the company's president and CEO, and Larry Gormley, the vice president of product development.[2][3][4]


The company's original product was Submit It!, a web site announcement service. In May 1997, it introduced DirectoryGuide, a compilation of Internet search engines and directories.[5] In October 1997, it acquired the search engine monitoring service PositionAgent from NetGambit, Inc., of Chicago.[6] In December 1997, it launched ClickTrade, a service which enabled web sites to run link partner programs.[7][8] Another of the company's products was ListBot, an email list hosting service.


In June 1998, Submit It! Inc. was acquired by LinkExchange.[9] Subsequently, in November 1998, LinkExchange was acquired by Microsoft.[10]


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