Classical office furniture

Classical office furniture


Chinese Antique furniture can be divided into two categories, one is valuable antique furniture, mainly referring to that made four or five hundred years ago in the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. This period was the pinnacle of the Chinese traditional furniture-making era. This furniture has a heritage value, and is therefore expensive. Because of scarcity of raw materials, from folk to buy fewer and fewer old furniture, selling a little piece, so the old furniture is not only up or down.

The second is imitation Ming and Qing furniture, modern technology workers since the Ming and Qing furniture inherited the production process of production and sales of furniture, antique furniture but also to spend such a good material, and therefore very expensive price.



In imitation of the classical furniture purchase, to distinguish between material on, or a chicken wing wood is rosewood, mahogany or rosewood, the very particular about. If the piece of antique furniture is a mahogany or rosewood marked, and the price is very cheap, it is definitely not true. If the real price break, it depends on the specific material, because each kind of material can be divided into high, medium and low. For example there are dozens of Rosewood, when 1 cubic meter of feed from a few thousand dollars to more than ten million prices are, therefore, as difficult to distinguish between non-professional consumers, which requires consumers to go to the time of purchase reputable manufacturers and stores to buy.

If you fancy an expensive antique furniture, consult a knowledgeable person. When you purchase, carefully check the appearance and detail of furniture, such as the feet of antique furniture is stable, horizontal shape; assembled a combination of tightness, to see if there are signs of infestation; drawer sliding switch is flexible; bonding not smooth at the smooth wood grain and so on.


A common value of furniture misunderstanding is that its value depends on wood. Many collectors believe that as long as the pear, red sandalwood furniture will be able to appreciate, no matter how you can buy, this is a typical "only material of." In fact, the furniture, the wood is only artistic medium, like sculpture with plaster and painting with the paper. Even the best paper, if it was a folk characters, just a waste. No artistic standard of the furniture, can only stay in the use of level, do not have art appreciation potential.

At present, China only produced in Hainan, pear, pear has been basically in a depleted state, a lot of people in order to reap huge profits, even pear roots are dug out. Facing the depletion of a large number of precious wood, the market is flooded with shoddy with precious wood antique furniture, most without any art form, process at all, only as a material of pounds to buy, there is no value to the collection.

Classical office furniture

Classical Chinese at home, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty is generally divided into two categories. Ming home concise, simple as the basic features, and pay attention to the Qing Dynasty carved home is in the richly ornamented in the integration of folk tales and myths and legends, showing a graceful harmony of the gas.

Nostalgia and style: from a psychological perspective, the more away from an era, the more people cherished mystery of that era, more and more longing that era of the times. In Quweicunzhen, Qucuqujing in that era to remember and absorb the culture and nutrition, reside in during the first few recite ancient poetry, will find some refined feeling.

Natural and simple: home decoration in ancient China, the emphasis is on timber quality wood; in the decoration process, and its contents are derived from natural things, such as flowers, birds, fish and insects, animals, landscape trees, heaven and earth, the rich The moral imagination and a better running through them. Qing home often appear as bats, deer, monsters and magpies, to whichever harmonics. In the depiction of characters, and often all of them smiling, reflecting the indomitable Chinese people, an optimistic spirit.

Atmosphere and overflowing: ancient furniture and more light and spacious room with large basis for decoration, such as on the nave in the article a few, screens and shelves in the bedroom bed and so on. Today's modern home, the hall and bedroom space is increasing, so a few articles such as furniture have its place, 3 – 4 meters in length of several articles on the big living room, it is very smooth and stylish It is an excellent display of arts and crafts equipment, coupled with its own carved, they further create the artistic atmosphere.

Quotes of

People of artistic furniture, new imitation Ming red sandalwood, pear wood antique furniture and other hobbies and expanding collection of groups, and the art market matures, more and more expensive materials scarce, demand is greater than the supply of more and more obvious contradictions, aggravated New imitation red sandalwood, pear classical furniture market's move up in price. On the current market, the furniture can be divided into popular and dependable availability of high artistic quality furniture and furniture products into two categories. Products not only have high practical value of art furniture, but also has cultural, artistic, collectible and investment value appreciation. Therefore, consumers should be fully considered in the choice of furniture, the value of furniture itself, only the high art of furniture stand the test of the market before, it has a long life and investment appreciation potential.

Collection Notes

The rising temperature of hot classical furniture collection, home elements of popular classical Chinese. Amoy "old furniture" seems to have become a trend, an investment. Even in Europe also have added old furniture antique Chinese furniture market. Add to note the following three points: First of all, classical furniture collection can not simply focus on material and age, some artistic, high grade, well-made furniture is also worthy of collection. Furniture Today people have a big misunderstanding the value that its value depends on the wood, many collectors are now recognized as long as the pear, red sandalwood furniture to appreciate, no matter how you can buy, this is a typical "only material On. " There is also a view that the older the furniture, the better, more age-old furniture collection. These two views are not desirable, evaluation should be a full range of classic furniture, from rare sexual, material, artistic, recognition, retention and other aspects to judge the value of antique furniture.

Second, buy antique furniture should pay attention to evaluation, fly and buy things particularly gullible. Hu Desheng remind buyers, must be accompanied in the industry to buy antique furniture. "It basically said, there is no major shopping malls and old things, most people see are antique furniture, antique furniture. Of course, also belong to the classical furniture, antique furniture, also has a collection, appreciation and use value. " Third, book knowledge is not blind studies, collection of antique furniture to go on the market must be more around, compare to see more and more to make the right judgments.

National antique furniture specialists, the National Palace Museum researchers, Beijing Wen-Bao Hu Desheng heritage expert for identification center prompts you to: Ming furniture and Ming-style furniture is different, Ming furniture and Ming-style furniture are two concepts should not be mixed. He said the name suggests is the furniture of Ming Dynasty Ming Dynasty furniture production, and Ming Ming furniture is of excellent quality production of furniture, with a very prominent feature, can focus on the excellent performance of the Ming style furniture. Has a prominent feature of the furniture is the age of the collection to share.

Hu Desheng reminded that friends started his collection of antique furniture will need to better understand the basic knowledge, while their money, considering the collection of cultural value and artistic value, not blindly to the collection. How to buy antique furniture is a very specialized problem, and that the Friends of Tibet How to choose the general to the quality of classical furniture? Hu Desheng to provide a simple and practical "three steps", that is 5 meters outside the macro observation; 3 meters away watching styling; 1 meter observation decoration materials, stand "three steps" scrutiny something to collection.

Specifically, Hu Desheng with a Rosewood Case Diao painting: standing outside the 5 meter distance, this piece of furniture will make your eyes bright, attract your attention. Why? Because it is flowing lines, the shape of comfort, plus Diao shape, with a beautiful co-ordination, the overall picture that this case becomes red sandalwood Diao solemn atmosphere. This is called "5 meters away to see the macro." At this time, you then come nearer "3 meters to look for style," and watched 3 minutes, 3 minutes do not impulse buy, be sure to see more than that. The most crucial step is to calmly approached 1 meter to look for materials: carefully watch the pattern lines are smooth, the material is true, work is fine, whether the exquisite carving and polishing is in place.

Needs to be stressed is that, in addition to pay attention to the shape of antique furniture, colors, lines, more wood to observe carefully and see if wax polishing, if the cover was particularly thick paint colors and special light, then it is extremely doubtful, may be manipulated. After these three tests can be assured that the possession of the Friends of the basic home buying mahogany furniture.

Distinguishing Methods

As the essence of antique furniture, Ming and Qing furniture for its fine craftsmanship, culture and full of great space and a natural appreciation of collectors gathered around the baby. However, ancient furniture and other categories of artifacts, as the phenomenon is also false, and fake the way more sophisticated. Fake ancient furniture, has become every furniture collection, hobbies, and researchers can not avoid the thorny issue. In fact, the authenticity of antique furniture may seem difficult to distinguish, in fact, if false, will disclose a lot of places.

Wood to old furniture

Wood to old furniture, fake, there are two methods: using the traces and the manufacture of parts with antique furniture piece. Manufactured using the trace: a good job of furniture in the new Taomi Shui and tea poured on the water, then put in outdoor ground, let it rain or shine, two-three months, repeated several times, the wood will naturally crack , cracked peeling paint, dark wood color, showing an old gas after the storm, like the time several decades to a century in which the concentration, it is to fool the layman. Authenticity of the water damage is generally not more than one inch mark, and often exceed the number of fake. Some relatively high frequency of use of furniture, such as tables, cabinets, fake usually given rise to the surface with steel ball marks, paint and then blot with a hot cup, a knife marks on a few road, looked really like to use the same for decades. In order to make the pack slurry, commonly used by some fake false-color paint wax, or even use shoe polish. The naturally formed pack slurry, feels not the slightest chill, but there is a sense of warm jade, slippery, and the new package to do a sticky pulp hand astringent feeling resistance, and the existence of a strange taste. Such as careful observation, is not difficult to distinguish authenticity. This method is most commonly used and effective methods. In order to achieve more realistic effects, and some bosses are still made ​​of furniture board drawer gap bitten by rats, or insects do feed off of the old key positions , and even more peculiar is the raised borer moth specialist special effects.

Piece of furniture

Often not easily distinguishable by the characteristics of wood species to produce less wood furniture, furniture made of wood Hunchong better. As long as consumers know how to wood furniture, carefully compare the various components is not difficult to see. The nondescript, both small and lack practical value to the collection of ancient furniture, most people easily deceived. Also use a complete mix of ancient piece of wood furniture with the general split into pieces in order to reap high profits. In practice, the piece of ancient furniture dismantled and then, depending on generic components into one or more intact, and then mixed the old and new parts, assembled in accordance with the original style with some of the old elements of the two or more pieces of furniture. The most common example is the chair into a pair of chairs, ostensibly are old things repaired. Such fake worst way, not only extremely deceptive, but also seriously undermine the precious relics.

Maintenance methods

Chinese classical furniture are connected by a tenon rather than nails. At the same time, classical furniture, modern furniture material is different from the sawn wood, so wood with temperature and climate changes in expansion and contraction. Regular maintenance is essential, the following describes some common methods:

  • to avoid long-term sun exposure, as easy to make the wood out of balance within the water, causing cracks.
  • the temperature should not be too large, to avoid the air and off, resulting in drastic temperature changes.
  • to avoid overheating of the objects directly on the table, it will destroy the surface of the protective lacquer and wax.
  • use a soft cotton cloth

Classical Furniture

Or soft brush to clean, avoid using metal brush, stiff brush or coarse cloth.

  • to avoid the bump and scratch hard objects, in particular, to remind the children at home.

/ on the cork furniture, at least once a month with wax and walnut oil, can keep the surface smooth, moderately shiny. Waxing is not too dense, otherwise it will plug the pores of wood.

Tips to buy antique furniture

Smell the smell: It is now on the market of wood furniture, in addition to all solid wood furniture, most have wood-based panel components. Therefore, when purchasing special News smell. If the flow of tears, sneezing, indicating a relatively high formaldehyde emission furniture, may be a problem, not to buy. See report: consumers to dealer for quality inspection report to see whether the furniture, formaldehyde emission standards to the extent permitted inside. National standard "interior decoration materials, wooden furniture of harmful substances," provides formaldehyde emission of wood furniture in not more than 1.5 milligrams per liter, such as formaldehyde to buy wooden furniture, do not buy, the proposed purchase to the standard sheet produced e1 furniture, only to reach the standard grade sheet e1 really can not harmful to humans.

Ask the price: Most wood furniture, high levels of formaldehyde using the cheap artificial plates, set of wooden furniture, so prices tend to "low." Because of cheap low-quality man-made extensive use of glue boards, resulting in formaldehyde emission poisoning.

Contract: the best customers in the purchase of furniture, signed a "contract for the sale of furniture", and environmental protection clause in the contract.

Invoicing: there are a large number of consumers, lured by low prices in the dealer, took the white bars, receipts, just walk away, out to the complaints of quality problems, such as non-formal invoice valid evidence is often difficult Therefore, be sure to buy furniture dealer issued the formal invoice.

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