Hawaii (disambiguation)

Hawaii (disambiguation)

Hawaii is a state of the United States, nearly coterminous with the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii may also refer to:

In Hawaiian history:
* Ancient Hawaii
* Kingdom of Hawaii
* Republic of Hawaii
* Territory of Hawaii

In Hawaiian geography:
* Hawaii (island), the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands
* Hawaii County, Hawaii, coterminous with the Island of Hawaii

In other uses:
* "Hawaii" (novel), a 1959 novel by James Michener
** "Hawaii" (film), a film adaptation of Michener's book
* "Hawaii" (TV series), a short-lived NBC TV series
* "Hawaii" (song), a 1963 song by The Beach Boys
* Hawaii (band), a speed/power metal band
* USS "Hawaii", either of two ships of that name in the U.S. Navy
* Hawaii National Bank, a Chinese bank established in the USA
* University of Hawaii

ee also

* "Hawaii Five-O", a TV police drama series
* Hawaiian (disambiguation)
* Hawaiki

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