Cindy (given name)

Cindy (given name)

Cindy or Cyndi
Given Name

Gender Female
Related names Cynthia
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Cindy, Cyndi, and Cyndy, are similar variants are diminutives of the feminine given name Cynthia.


People with the given name Cindy

Fictional characters

People with the given name Cyndi

People with the given name Cyndy

  • Cyndy Brucato, a Minneapolis-St.Paul news anchor who got her start at WDIO-TV in Duluth, Minnesota
  • Cyndy Garvey (born 1949), an American TV personality and former wife of baseball player Steve Garvey
  • Cyndy Violette (born 1959), an American professional poker player who won a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2004

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