Chungcheong dialect

Chungcheong dialect
Chungcheong dialect
Hangul 충청도 방언
Hanja 忠淸道方言
Revised Romanization Chungcheong bangeon
McCune–Reischauer Chungchong pangŏn

Chungcheong dialect (Hangul: 충청도 방언/사투리; Hanja: 忠淸道方言) is used in the Chungcheong (Hoseo) region of South Korea, including the city of Daejon.

Chungcheong dialect can be divided into two categories: the Northern Chungcheong dialect, notable for its similarity capital Gyeonggi region speech and the Southern dialect, closer to the Jeolla dialect. Chungcheong dialect is notable for its slow enunciations and unique jargon. It usually replaces the standard ~겠다 at the end of sentences with '~것다' and uses phrases such as '기여' (yes) instead of the standard '맞다' or '근디' (but) instead of '그런데'. Chungcheong people may occasionally pronounce the ending form '~이니까' with '~이니께'. Similar to the Jeolla dialect, Chungcheong dialect often transforms the vowel ㅐ with ㅕ instead of ㅑ, which may be more common in other dialects. However due to the proliferation of Seoul standardization in cities such as Daejon, Chungcheong dialect is difficult to hear outside of the rural regions of the province.

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