List of Doctor Who serials by setting

List of Doctor Who serials by setting

The majority of the stories in the long-running television series Doctor Who and its spin-offs include an element of time travel, with the settings taking place on dates across a wide span of time in the fictional universe of Doctor Who – the "Whoniverse". To date, 11 actors have portrayed the Doctor, with each receiving an ordinal number (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.). This list encompasses the adventures of all 11 Doctors and the spin-off series Torchwood (TW), The Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA) and K-9 (K-9). It also includes the singular pilot episode of K-9 and Company (K-9 & Co). It does not cover audio dramas, such as those by Big Finish Productions, or novels.



Not all of these stories can have a possible date attributed to them. Some have none; some have more than one, and some have contradictory dating. For example, most of the adventures in Doctor Who featuring the fictional UNIT organisation contain information that would attribute various, often contradictory dates between the 1960s to the 1980s to them. Over the long period of production, different writers have suggested different dates on which the stories are set, resulting in some noted controversy regarding these stories. Other stories take place on the timeless fictional planet of Gallifrey; stories set there can be attributed to a distinct chronological order but cannot be attributed to any specific date.

Many stories and episodes depict or refer to events similar to historical events in real life, or involve characters identifiable as real-life historic individuals. Many dates or periods of time are given without specifying the calendar or units of time; they may be in the Gregorian calendar and the units of time are those in common, everyday usage in the real world.

Specific dating


Story[1] Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
Castrovalva[xr 1] "Event One" ("the hydrogen in-rush that preceded the creation of the universe").[2] 5th 1982
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] (Planet One scene)[citation needed] the oldest planet in the Universe with the oldest writing in the universe, "Hello Sweetie"[citation needed] 11th 2010
"The Runaway Bride"[xr 3] (Earth's formation) 4.6 billion BCE[citation needed] 10th 2006
City of Death[xr 4] (primeval Earth) between 4.4 and 2.7 billion BCE (i)[citation needed]
400 million BCE (ii)[citation needed]
4th 1979
The Hand of Fear[xr 5] (opening) c. 150 million BCE[citation needed] 1976
Time-Flight[xr 1] (primeval Earth) c. 140 million BCE[citation needed] 5th 1982
Earthshock[xr 6] (Adric's death) c. 65.5 million BCE[citation needed]
An Unearthly Child (episodes 2–4) c. 100,000 BCE[citation needed] 1st 1963
"Curse of Anubis" (still images of K-9 Mark I) "Thousands of years ago"[citation needed] K-9 2009
The Myth Makers c. 1250 BCE[3] 1st 1965

1st Millennium AD

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
"Exit Wounds"[xr 7] (Jack's burial) 27[citation needed] TW 2008
The Romans leading up to 18 July 64[4] 1st 1965
"The Fires of Pompeii" 23–24 August 79 (majority)[citation needed]
c. February 80 (final scene)[citation needed]
10th 2008
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] & "The Big Bang"[xr 8] Friday, 21 January 102[citation needed][citation needed]
118 (The Pandorica taken to Rome)[citation needed]
420 (The Pandorica taken during raid by the Franks)[citation needed]
11th 2010
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" (flashback of the Doctor in Belgium) 800[citation needed][citation needed] 10th 2008

2nd Millennium

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
The Time Meddler Late Summer 1066[5][citation needed] 1st 1965
"The Gunpowder Plot" (cold open) c. 1101-1125[6] 11th 2011
"The Big Bang" (The Pandorica (containing Amy Pond) is a prized possession of the Knights Templar) 1120[7] 2010
The Crusade October 1191[8] 1st 1965
The Time Warrior (excluding UNIT scenes) c. 1189-1199[9][citation needed] 3rd 1973
The King's Demons 4 March 1215[10] 5th 1983
"The Big Bang" (The Pandorica (containing Amy Pond) is donated to the Pope) 1231[citation needed] 11th 2010
Marco Polo 1289[11] 1st 1964
The Aztecs 15th century
"Dead Man Walking" (still images of Death) 1479[citation needed] TW 2008
The Masque of Mandragora late 15th Century[citation needed][citation needed] 4th 1976
City of Death[xr 4] (Da Vinci's workshop) 1505[citation needed] 1979
"Lost in Time"[xr 9] (Rani & Queen Jane) 19–20 July 1553[citation needed][citation needed] SJA 2010
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (except final scene) 22–23 August 1572[12][citation needed] 1st 1966
"The Vampires of Venice" 1580[citation needed] 11th 2010
The Chase[xr 10] (William Shakespeare & Francis Bacon with Elizabeth I) c. 1596[citation needed] 1st 1965
"The Shakespeare Code" 1599[citation needed] 10th 2007
"The Gunpowder Plot"[13] 4 November 1605[14][15] 11th 2011
Silver Nemesis (Lady Peinforte & Richard in the past)[xr 11] 23 November 1638[citation needed] 7th 1988
"The Eternity Trap"[xr 9] 1665[citation needed][citation needed] SJA 2009
The Visitation 5 September 1666[16] 5th 1982
"The Impossible Astronaut" (the Doctor hiding under Matilda's skirt) mid-late 17th Century[citation needed] 11th 2011
"The Curse of the Black Spot" 1 April 1699 or shortly thereafter[citation needed]
The Smugglers c. 1696–1699[citation needed][17] 1st 1966
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (8 consecutive Reinette scenes) 1st: 1727[citation needed][citation needed]
2nd: months later[citation needed]
3rd/4th: unspecified
10th 2006
The Highlanders Shortly after 16 April 1746[citation needed][citation needed] 2nd 1967
The War Games (Jamie's return to Culloden) 1969
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (8 consecutive Reinette scenes) 5th: c. 1746 (when aged 23)[18]
6th: c. 1764 (5 years prior to 7th)
7th: c. 1769 (when aged 37)[18]
8th: 1774, when aged 42[18]
10th 2006
The Reign of Terror 5 days,[citation needed] ending 27 July 1794[citation needed] 1st 1964
"Greeks Bearing Gifts"[xr 13] (soldier and prostitute) 1812[citation needed] TW 2006
The Mark of the Rani 1820s[19] 6th 1985
"The Next Doctor" c. 10 December 1851 (flashback)[citation needed]
24 December 1851 (majority)[citation needed]
10th 2008
The Chase[xr 10] (Abraham Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address) 19 November 1863[citation needed] 1st 1965
The Evil of the Daleks[xr 14] (episodes 2 to 6) 2 June 1866[citation needed] 2nd 1967
"The Unquiet Dead" December 1869[citation needed] 9th 2005
The Chase[xr 10] (Mary Celeste scene) 25 November 1872[citation needed][citation needed] 1st 1965
"Father's Day" (Bell summoning Watson) 10 March 1876[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Tooth and Claw" 1879[citation needed] 10th 2006
The Gunfighters 26 October 1881 1st 1966
Ghost Light 1883[citation needed] 7th 1989
"Rose" (Doctor at Krakatoa) 26–27 August 1883[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Attack of the Graske" (partly) 25 December 1883[citation needed] 10th 2005
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" (Delhi flashback) 1885[citation needed] 2008
Timelash[xr 15] (meeting HG Wells) summer 1885[citation needed] 6th 1985
"A Good Man Goes to War" (London) 1888,[citation needed] on or after 9 November[citation needed] 11th 2011
"Lost in Time"[xr 9] (Sarah Jane's plot) 1889[citation needed] SJA 2010
"Vincent and the Doctor"[xr 13] 1–3 June 1890 (majority of episode)[citation needed]
July 1890 (opening scene in the wheatfield)[citation needed]
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] (Vincent scene) 3 June – 30 July 1890[citation needed][citation needed]
The Talons of Weng-Chiang c. 1890s[citation needed][20] 4th 1977
"Fragments" (Jack joins Torchwood) 13 September 1898[citation needed] TW 2008

For additional events that possibly occur in this period see [nb 1][nb 2]

20th Century

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
"Exit Wounds"[xr 7] (early Torchwood) 1901[citation needed] TW 2008
Horror of Fang Rock c. 1901-1910[21] 4th 1977
"Small Worlds"[xr 16] (Lahore) 1909[citation needed] TW 2006
Pyramids of Mars[xr 17] 1911[citation needed] 4th 1975
"Rose" (Doctor at Southampton) 9 April 1912 (the eve of RMS Titanic's voyage)[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Human Nature" & "The Family of Blood" 10 November 1913[citation needed] and at least 2 more days[citation needed]
Penultimate scene: between 4 August 1914 and 11 November 1918[citation needed]
10th 2007
"To the Last Man"[xr 16] (WWI hospital) Between 11 April[citation needed] and 11 November[citation needed] 1918[citation needed] TW 2008
"Blink"[xr 18] (Kathy & Ben in Hull) 5 December 1920[22] 10th 2007
"From Out of the Rain"[xr 16] (early carnival) 1920s[citation needed][citation needed] TW 2008
"Golden Age" (perpetually repeated day) 24 February 1924[citation needed] 2009
Black Orchid 11 June 1925[citation needed] 5th 1982
Carnival of Monsters (perpetual S.S. Bernice day) 4 June 1926[citation needed][citation needed] 3rd 1973
"The Unicorn and the Wasp" 23 November 1926 (church & library scenes)[citation needed]
3 December 1926 (majority)[citation needed][citation needed]
4 December 1926 (Agatha Christie's car discovered at Silent Pool & she arrives in Harrogate)[citation needed][citation needed]
10th 2008
"Immortal Sins" (New York scenes) July[citation needed] 1927[citation needed] (majority)
summer[citation needed] 1928[citation needed] (after Angelo's release)
TW 2011
"Daleks in Manhattan" & "Evolution of the Daleks" 1 November 1930[22] 10th 2007
The Abominable Snowmen c. 1935[citation needed] 2nd 1967
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Berlin scenes) 1938[citation needed][citation needed] 11th 2011
"The Impossible Astronaut" (The Doctor appearing in The Flying Deuces) July or August 1939[23]
"Captain Jack Harkness" (WWII dance hall) 20 January 1941[citation needed] TW 2007
"The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" Between 21 January and 10 May[citation needed] 1941[24] 9th 2005
"Ghost Machine" (railway station scenes) 1941, during The Blitz[citation needed][citation needed] TW 2006
"Victory of the Daleks" 11th 2010
"The Big Bang"[xr 2] (painted scene of "Lone Centurion" Rory)
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] (Churchill and Bracewell scene) 1941[citation needed]
Lost in Time (Clyde fighting the Waffen-SS) warm season of 1941[citation needed] SJA 2010
"The Impossible Astronaut" (POW camp tunnel scene) 2nd World War 11th 2011
The Curse of Fenric 1943[citation needed] 7th 1989
"Death is the Only Answer" (Einstein's perspective) 18 September 1945[citation needed][citation needed] 11th 2011
"Dreamland" (Roswell cold open) 13 June 1947[citation needed] 10th 2009
"The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith"[xr 16] (Foxgrove) 18 August 1951[22] SJA 2008
"A Christmas Carol" (Frank Sinatra's party) 24 December 1952[citation needed] 11th 2010
"The Idiot's Lantern" 1–2 June 1953[citation needed] 10th 2006
"Dreamland" c. June 1958[citation needed] 2009
Delta and the Bannermen Wednesday & Thursday, c. 7 March 1959[citation needed][citation needed] 7th 1987
"Random Shoes" (Christie & Halliday in A for Andromeda) late summer 1961[citation needed] TW 2006
"Ghost Machine" (Lizzie Lewis' rape & murder) 29 March 1963[citation needed]
"City of the Daleks"[25] (Sylvia at the end) 1963[citation needed] 11th 2010
An Unearthly Child shortly before 22 November 1963[citation needed] 1st 1963
"Rose" (Doctor in Dallas) 22 November 1963[citation needed] 9th 2005
Remembrance of the Daleks 22–23 November 1963[citation needed] 7th 1988
"The Cambridge Spy" (scenes in the past) 23 November 1963[citation needed] K-9 2010
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (Maria in the past) 13 July 1964[citation needed] SJA 2007
The Chase[xr 10] (Ian & Barbara return home to London) 1965[citation needed] 1st 1965
Children of Earth[xr 20] (first 456 encounter) November 1965[citation needed][citation needed] TW 2009
The Daleks' Master Plan 1 January[citation needed][citation needed] 1966[citation needed][12] 1st 1966
The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve (final scene) 1966[12][citation needed][26]
The Chase[xr 10] (Empire State Building scene) 1965
The War Machines 13 July-20 July[citation needed] 1966[citation needed] 1966
The Faceless Ones[xr 14] 20 July[citation needed] 1966[citation needed] 2nd 1967
The Evil of the Daleks (episode 1)[nb 3]
The Web of Fear August 1966[citation needed][27] 1968
"Blink" (DI Shipton, Martha & the Doctor) March or April 1969[citation needed][citation needed] 10th 2007
"The Impossible Astronaut" 8 April 1969[citation needed] 11th 2011
The Invasion Spring 1969[28][29] 2nd 1968
Spearhead from Space 3rd 1970
Doctor Who and the Silurians early Summer 1969[30]
The Ambassadors of Death Summer 1969[citation needed]
"Day of the Moon" (excluding final scene) July 1969,[citation needed] before 16th[citation needed] through 20th[citation needed] 11th 2011
Inferno 23–25 July 1969[31] 3rd 1970
"Day of the Moon" (regeneration) January 1970[citation needed][citation needed] 11th 2011
Terror of the Autons late Summer 1970[32] 3rd 1971
The Mind of Evil Autumn 1970[33]
The Claws of Axos c. November 1970[34]
Colony in Space (Earth) c. late 1970 / early 1971[35]
The Dæmons 30 April - 1 May 1971[36][citation needed]
Day of the Daleks (present day) 11–14 September 1971[citation needed][37] 1972
The Sea Devils Autumn 1971[38]
The Time Monster few days on and about 29 September 1971[citation needed][39]
The Three Doctors (UNIT & Minsbridge scenes) c. November 1971[40] 1st 1972-73
The Green Death February 1972[citation needed][41] 3rd 1973
The Time Warrior (UNIT research facility scenes) September 1972[42] 1973-74
Invasion of the Dinosaurs c. October 1972[43] or c. 1974[citation needed][citation needed] 1974
Planet of the Spiders (Earth scenes) March or April 1973 (majority)[44]
3 weeks later (final scene)[citation needed][44]
Robot 4–5 April[citation needed] 1973[45][citation needed] 4th 1974-75
Terror of the Zygons c. May/June 1973[46][47] 1975
The Android Invasion Friday, 6 July 1973[citation needed][48]
The Seeds of Doom c. late 1973[citation needed] 1976
The Hand of Fear (excluding opening) early 1974[49]
Mawdryn Undead (Brig. & Tegan; unconscious Brig. returned) 1977, shortly before 6 June[50][citation needed] 5th 1983
Image of the Fendahl Lammas Eve (31 July) 1977[citation needed][51] 4th 1977
City of Death[xr 4] (Paris) 1979,[citation needed] sometime between 26 January & 31 May[citation needed] 1979
The Five Doctors (Fourth Doctor & Romana in Cambridge) October[citation needed] 1979[citation needed][citation needed][52][citation needed] 1st 1983
Shada 4th 2003
Logopolis 28 February 1981[citation needed][citation needed] 1981
Four to Doomsday 5th 1982
"A Girl's Best Friend" 18–25 December 1981[citation needed] K-9 & Co. 1981
Mawdryn Undead (Turlough on Earth; Brig. & Fifth Doctor; final exteriors) 1983[53][citation needed] 5th 1983
The Five Doctors (Sarah Jane, K-9, & Brig on Earth) c. 1983-84[citation needed] 1st 1983
The Awakening 1984[citation needed][citation needed][54][55] 5th 1984
Resurrection of the Daleks (Docklands) [xr 21]
Planet of Fire 1985[citation needed][citation needed][nb 4]
Attack of the Cybermen 6th 1985
The Tenth Planet December 1986[citation needed] 1st 1966
"Father's Day" 7 November 1987[citation needed] 9th 2005
Silver Nemesis (modern day scenes)[xr 11] 23 November 1988[citation needed] 7th 1988
"Random Shoes" (Eugene Jones' childhood) 1992[citation needed] TW 2006
"Father's Day" (young Rose at home) early 1990s[citation needed] 9th 2005
The Chase[26] (House of Horrors scene) 1996[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed][citation needed] 1st 1965
"The Eleventh Hour" (young Amelia scenes) 11th 2010
"The Big Bang" (young Amelia and National Gallery scenes)
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Amelia, Rory & Mels as children) c. 1997-1998[citation needed] 2011
Doctor Who (1996 film) 30 December 1999 – 1 January 2000 (Pacific Standard Time)[citation needed] 7th 1996
"Fragments" (second Jack flashback) 31 December 1999 – 1 January 2000 (GMT)[citation needed] TW 2008

Many stories airing between 1968 and 1989 involved an organisation called UNIT. The dating of these stories is uncertain (see UNIT dating controversy).

21st Century

Doctor Who’s 2005 series' present-day setting jumped a year into the future, beginning with "Aliens of London"[citation needed] The 2006 series did not state the present-day years, but treated the preceding episodes' events having already occurred. The 2007 series, its tie-in websites, spin-off series Torchwood and its tie-in website realigned the present-day into 2007, while nevertheless retaining the preceding series' events in the past.[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed] This paradox is accounted for below by referring to the five 2005 episodes' 2006 events as having occurred in "2006-A".[citation needed]

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
"Fragments" 2003 (Toshiko's backstory)[citation needed]
2004 (Owen's backstory)[citation needed]
TW 2008
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Leadworth Comprehensive School) c. 2004[citation needed] 11th 2011
The End of Time[citation needed] (Rose scene) 1 January 2005[citation needed] 10th 2010
"The End of the World" (Jackie Tyler's side of the telephone conversation) no later than 5 March 2005[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Rose" 5–6 March 2005[56]
"Aliens of London" & "World War Three" March 2006-A[56][citation needed]
"Boom Town" September 2006-A (6 months after "World War Three")[citation needed]
"The Parting of the Ways" (modern-day scenes) late 2006-A[citation needed]
"The Christmas Invasion" 24–25 December 2006-A[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed] 10th
"Attack of the Graske" (modern-day scenes) 25 December 2006-A[citation needed]
"School Reunion" early 2006[citation needed][citation needed] 2006
"Love & Monsters"
"Army of Ghosts" & "Doomsday" 2006, at least two months after "Love & Monsters"[citation needed]
"Cyberwoman" (Canary Warf flashbacks) TW
"Fragments" (Jack hires Ianto) 2006, shortly after "Doomsday"[citation needed] 2008
"The New World" (Oswald Danes' trial) 2006[citation needed] 2011
"Everything Changes" early October 2006[citation needed][citation needed] 2006
"Day One"
"Ghost Machine" late 2006[citation needed]
"Small Worlds"
"Greeks Bearing Gifts"
"They Keep Killing Suzie" December 2006, nearly three months after "Everything Changes"[citation needed]
"Random Shoes"
"Out of Time" late December 2006[citation needed]
"The Runaway Bride"[xr 3] 24 December 2007[citation needed] 10th
"Combat" end of 2006 or early 2007[citation needed] TW
Web of Lies ("missing day") 2007,[citation needed] before "Captain Jack Harkness"[citation needed] 2011
"A Day in the Death" (Maggie's wedding day) March 2007[citation needed] 2008
"Let's Kill Hitler" (companions' young adulthood) c. a year before "The Eleventh Hour"'s 2008 majority[citation needed] 11th 2011
"Smith and Jones" 31 March 2007[citation needed][57] 10th 2007
"The Lazarus Experiment" 1 April 2007 (12 hours after "Smith and Jones")[citation needed][57]
"Blink" (majority of episode)[xr 18] 2007[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed]
"Captain Jack Harkness" (present-day scenes) May 2007[citation needed] TW
"42" (Francine scenes) May 2007 (Election Day, one day before "The Sound of Drums")[citation needed][57] 10th
"End of Days" TW
"Utopia" (Cardiff Rift cold open) 10th
"The Sound of Drums" & "Last of the Time Lords" (after time reversal) May 2007[57] (Four days after "Smith and Jones")[citation needed]
"Invasion of the Bane c. August 2007[citation needed][citation needed] SJA
Revenge of the Slitheen early September 2007[citation needed]
Eye of the Gorgon autumn 2007
Warriors of the Kudlak c. early November 2007 (cold open)[citation needed]
3 days later (remainder)[citation needed]
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? (present day scenes) late 2007
The Lost Boy c. December 2007[citation needed]
"Voyage of the Damned" 24–25 December 2007[citation needed] 10th
"Adrift" (cold open) 7 months, 11 days before "Adrift"[citation needed] TW 2008
"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" 16 January 2008[citation needed][citation needed]
"Sleeper" 22–23 January 2008[citation needed]
"To the Last Man" (present-day) 29 January 2008[citation needed]
"Meat" February 2008[citation needed]
"Reset" 20 February 2008[citation needed]
"Dead Man Walking" 27 February 2008[citation needed]
"A Day in the Death" 5 March 2008[citation needed]
"Something Borrowed" 12 March 2008[citation needed]
"From Out of the Rain" 19–20 March 2008[58]
"Adrift" (except cold open) begins on 21 March 2008[citation needed]
"Fragments" 21+ months after "Doomsday"[citation needed]
"Exit Wounds"
"Partners in Crime" early April 2008[citation needed] 10th
"The Sontaran Stratagem" & "The Poison Sky" April 2008[citation needed] (few days after "Partners in Crime")[citation needed]
The Last Sontaran (Commader Kaagh's flashbacks) SJA
"The Stolen Earth" & "Journey's End" May/June[59] 2008[citation needed][citation needed] 10th
"The Waters of Mars" [xr 22] (young Adelaide) 2009
"The Eleventh Hour" (majority) 2008[citation needed][citation needed][citation needed][citation needed][citation needed] 11th 2010
"Blink" (final scene)[xr 18] 10th 2007
The Last Sontaran early summer 2008 (majority of episode)[citation needed]
late summer 2008 (final scene)[citation needed][citation needed]
SJA 2008
"Lost Souls" prior to & on 10 September 2008[citation needed] TW
The Day of the Clown c. 9 October 2008[citation needed][citation needed] SJA
Secrets of the Stars 5–7 November 2008[citation needed]
The Mark of the Berserker late 2008[citation needed]
The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith[xr 16]
Enemy of the Bane[citation needed]
"The Family of Blood" (Remembrance Sunday scene) 9 November 2008[citation needed] 10th 2007
"From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love" 2009 SJA 2009
"Planet of the Dead" Easter[citation needed] 2009[citation needed] 10th
Prisoner of the Judoon Summer term 2009[citation needed][xr 9] SJA
The Mad Woman in the Attic
The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
The Eternity Trap
Mona Lisa's Revenge
The Gift
"Asylum" summer/autumn 2009 TW
"Golden Age" (present-day scenes)
"The Dead Line"
"The Devil and Miss Carew" 2011
Children of Earth (majority) [xr 20] Mon-Fri or Tue-Sat, September 2009[citation needed] 2009
The Nightmare Man (flashback scene) c. late 2009[citation needed] SJA 2010
The End of Time[xr 23] December 2009[citation needed] 10th 2009–2010
"The House of the Dead" c. March 2010[citation needed] TW 2011
Children of Earth (final scene) 2009
"The Eleventh Hour" (Amy's bedroom, final scene) 25–26 June 2010[citation needed] 11th 2010
"Flesh and Stone" (Amy's bedroom)
"Meanwhile in the TARDIS" ep. 2
"The Vampires of Venice" (Rory's stag party)
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] (Amy's house) 26 June 2010[citation needed]
"The Big Bang" (Amy and Rory's wedding)
"Vincent and the Doctor" (Musée d'Orsay scenes)[xr 13] between 17 March and 29 August[citation needed] 2010[citation needed]
"The Lodger" 2010[60]
"Blood of the Cybermen"[25]
The Nightmare Man (present-day) September 2010[citation needed] SJA
The Vault of Secrets Autumn 2010
Death of the Doctor
The Empty Planet
Lost in Time (shop scenes) 23 November 2010
Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith late 2010
"Night Terrors early 2011[citation needed] 11th 2011
"The God Complex" (Williams' house) prior to April 18, 2011[citation needed]
"Closing Time" April 18–21, 2011[citation needed]
"The Impossible Astronaut" (Amy & Rory at home) spring 2011, prior to 22 April[citation needed]
"Closing Time" (closing shot of River Song) 22 April 2011[citation needed]
"The Impossible Astronaut" (the reunion picnic and the Doctor's apparent death)
"The Wedding of River Song" (garden scene)[citation needed]
Sky spring/summer 2011[citation needed] SJA
The Curse of Clyde Langer
The Man Who Never Was
Torchwood: Miracle Day (present day) &
Torchwood: Web of Lies (present day)
between July and September 2011[citation needed] TW
"Let's Kill Hitler" prequel (Amy's perspective)
"Let's Kill Hitler" (crop circle cold-open)
summer or early autumn 2011
early autumn 2011[citation needed]
"Dalek" 2012[citation needed] 9th 2005
"The Long Game" (Mitchells' house)
"Fear Her" 27 July 2012[citation needed][citation needed] 10th 2006
"The Hungry Earth" & "Cold Blood" 2020[citation needed] 11th 2010
The Wheel in Space c. 2050[citation needed] 2nd 1968
The War Games (Zoe's return to the Wheel) 1969
"The Korven"
"The Bounty Hunter" (aside from final scene)
"Sirens of Ceres"
"Fear Itself"
"The Fall of The House of Gryffen"
"Jaws of Orthrus"
"Curse of Anubis"
"Alien Avatar"
"The Last Oak Tree"
"Black Hunger"
"The Cambridge Spy" (2050 scenes)
"Lost Library of Ukko"
"Mutant Copper"
"The Custodians"
"Taphony and the Time Loop"
"Robot Gladiators"
"Mind Snap"
"Angel of the North"
"The Last Precinct"
"Hound of the Korven"
"The Eclipse of the Korven"
2050[citation needed] K-9 2009
"The Mad Woman in the Attic"[xr 24] (old Rani, 2nd version) 2059[citation needed][citation needed] SJA 2009
"The Waters of Mars" 21 November 2059[citation needed] 10th
Paradise Towers late 21st Century[citation needed][61] 7th 1987
The Moonbase 2070[citation needed] 2nd 1967
Warriors of the Deep c. 2084[citation needed] 5th 1984
The Seeds of Death end of the 21st century[62] 2nd 1969

Post 21st Century

Story Story date(s) Doctor Year aired
Nightmare of Eden c. 2116[citation needed][63] 4th 1979
Day of the Daleks (future) 22nd century[citation needed][37][citation needed] 3rd 1972
"The Rebel Flesh" & "The Almost People" 11th 2011
The Dalek Invasion of Earth 2164 1st 1964
"Shadows of the Vashta Nerada"[25] 23rd century,[citation needed] at Christmas[citation needed] 11th 2010
The Twin Dilemma August 2200[64] or 2300[citation needed][citation needed] 6th 1984
The Leisure Hive (Argolis) c. 2290[citation needed][65] 4th 1980
Vengeance on Varos c. 2285-2320[66] 6th 1985
Mindwarp (Thoros-Beta)
The Ultimate Foe (King Ycranos & Peri)
3 July 2379[67] 1986
The Androids of Tara c. 2370s[citation needed][68] 4th 1978
Colony in Space 1–5 March 2472[citation needed][69] 3rd 1971
The Rescue 2493[70] 1st 1965
Earthshock[xr 6] 2526[citation needed] 5th 1982
Frontier in Space 2540[citation needed][71] 3rd 1973
The Tomb of the Cybermen after 2570[72] 2nd 1967
"Midnight" 27th century[73] 10th 2008
The Sensorites 28th century[citation needed] 1st 1964
Revenge of the Cybermen c. 2875[74] 4th 1975
State of Decay c. 2929[75] 1980
The Mutants 30th century[citation needed][76] 3rd 1972
Terror of the Vervoids 16 April 2986[citation needed][77] 6th 1986
"The Beast Below" 3295[citation needed] 11th 2010
The Infinite Quest 40th century[citation needed] (segment 1 several years prior to remainder)[citation needed] 10th 2007
"The Impossible Planet" & "The Satan Pit" no earlier than 3926[citation needed] 2006
"Mission to the Unknown" late 3999[78] (6 months before Daleks' Master Plan)[citation needed] 1st 1965
The Daleks' Master Plan 4000[citation needed] 1965–1966
"A Good Man Goes to War" (Battle of Zaruthstra) 4037[citation needed] 11th 2011
"Planet of the Ood" 4126[citation needed] 10th 2008
"The End of Time" (Ood scene) 4226 2010
"A Christmas Carol" 24–25 December 4398[citation needed] 11th
The Invisible Enemy c. 5000[citation needed] 4th 1977
"The Girl in the Fireplace"[xr 12] (spaceship)[citation needed] 51st century 10th 2006
"The Time of Angels" & "Flesh and Stone"[citation needed] 11th 2010
"The Big Bang" (Doctor and Amy in the forest scene)
"Silence in the Library" & "Forest of the Dead"[citation needed] 10th 2008
"Adam" and "Exit Wounds"[xr 7] (Jack's childhood on Boeshane Peninsula) TW
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Luna University) 5123[citation needed] 11th 2011
"Closing Time" (Luna University) mid-late 5120s[citation needed]
"The Pandorica Opens"[xr 2] (Stormcage Containment Facility, Royal Collection and Maldovarium scenes) 5145[citation needed] 2010
"The Impossible Astronaut" & "Day of the Moon" (Stormcage Containment Facility scenes) 52nd century[citation needed] 2011
"The Doctor's Daughter" 24 July 6012[citation needed] 10th 2008
"Turn Left" (Shan Shen scenes) 85th century[73]
"The Time of Angels" (museum scenes) 171st century[citation needed] 11th 2010
Planet of Evil c. 37,166[79] 4th 1975
"The Bounty Hunter" (Ahab's arrival in the future) c. 52,050[citation needed] K-9 2009
"The Long Game" 200,000[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Bad Wolf" & "The Parting of the Ways" 200,100[citation needed]
The Mysterious Planet (Ravolox/Earth) c. 2,002,000[citation needed] 6th 1986
The Ark c. 10,000,000[citation needed] and then 700 years later[citation needed] 1st 1966
"The End of the World"[xr 25] 5,000,000,000[citation needed] 9th 2005
"New Earth" 5,000,000,023[citation needed] 10th 2006
"Gridlock" 5,000,000,053[citation needed] 2007
"Utopia" 100,000,000,000,000[citation needed]

Negated timelines

Some stories depict events occurring in timelines that are specifically stated as having been subsequently negated.

Story Possible Date(s) Doctor Year Aired
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (Trickster and teenage Andrea) contemporaneous with 1960s entry[citation needed] SJA 2007
"City of the Daleks"[25] 1963[citation needed] 11th 2010
Pyramids of Mars[xr 17] (a future destroyed Earth) 1980[citation needed] 4th 1975
"Turn Left" (5 successive time periods) right version of left/right choice: June 2007[80]
Christmas star: 24 December 2007[81]
Donna's dismissal: months later; between June and November 2008[82]
Christmas prize: 24–25 December 2008[83]
Leeds and TARDIS scenes: over 3 months later, spanning at least 3 weeks[84]
10th 2008
"Last of the Time Lords" One year after "The Sound of Drums"[citation needed] 2007
"Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?"[xr 19] (altered present) contemporaneous with 2000s entries[citation needed] SJA
"The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith" (altered present) 2008
"The Wedding of River Song" (majority) 5:02 pm, 22 April 2011[citation needed][85] 11th 2011
"The Mad Woman in the Attic"[xr 24] (old Rani, 1st version) 2059[citation needed][citation needed] SJA 2009
Day of the Daleks 22nd Century[citation needed] 3rd 1972

Parallel universes

Some stories depict events occurring in what is specifically stated to be a different, parallel universe.

Story Possible Date(s) Doctor Year Aired
Inferno contemporaneous with 1970s entry[citation needed] 3rd 1970
"Rise of the Cybermen" & "The Age of Steel" 1 February 2007[citation needed] 10th 2006
"Army of Ghosts" & "Doomsday" 3 years after the events of "The Age of Steel"[citation needed]
"Journey's End" (Dålig Ulv Stranden scene) several years after "Doomsday"[citation needed] 2008

Vague or unspecified dates

Undated stories and episodes

Many of the stories do not give sufficient information to determine possible dates at which they might be set, though they can often be seen to be set in a contemporary period or at some future time.

Contemporary Future Unknown Doctor Year aired
The Daleks[citation needed] 1st 1963-64
Planet of Giants The Keys of Marinus 1964
The Web Planet[citation needed]
Galaxy 4
The Space Museum (sometime after 2493 CE)[citation needed][86]
The Chase (Mechanus)[citation needed]
The Chase (Aridius & Dalek ship scenes) 1965
The Daleks' Master Plan The Savages The Daleks' Master Plan
The Celestial Toymaker
The Power of the Daleks The story is set on a human extra-terrestrial colony. 2nd
The Underwater Menace (close to 21 March, sometime after 1968)[87][citation needed]
The Macra Terror[citation needed]
The Ice Warriors[citation needed]
The Enemy of the World[88][citation needed]
Fury from the Deep[89]
The Invasion
The Dominators
The Mind Robber
The Space Pirates[90] The Krotons
The War Games (episodes 1–9)
The Curse of Peladon[citation needed] 3rd 1972
Carnival of Monsters Planet of the Daleks 1973
Death to the Daleks
The Monster of Peladon (50 years after The Curse of Peladon)[91]
Planet of the Spiders (Metebelis 3 scenes)[92]
The Ark in Space & The Sontaran Experiment – several thousand years after the 30th C Genesis of the Daleks (millennia before Destiny of the Daleks[citation needed]) 4th 1975
The Brain of Morbius[citation needed] 1976
The Face of Evil
The Sun Makers
The Robots of Death 1977
The Stones of Blood[citation needed] The Ribos Operation[citation needed] Underworld
The Pirate Planet
The Power of Kroll[93] 1978-79
Destiny of the Daleks (millennia after Genesis of the Daleks, 90 years before Resurrection of the Daleks[94]) The Armageddon Factor
The Creature from the Pit
The Leisure Hive (Brighton)
Meglos[citation needed]
The Horns of Nimon
Full Circle
The Keeper of Traken Warriors' Gate 1981
Four to Doomsday[citation needed]
Time-Flight[xr 1] (Heathrow Airport)
Kinda[95] Castrovalva[xr 1] 5th 1982
Arc of Infinity (Amsterdam) (after Time-Flight (Heathrow Airport))[citation needed]) Snakedance
The Five Doctors (First Doctor and Eye of Orion scenes)
Resurrection of the Daleks[xr 21] (Davros in prison)(90 years after Destiny of the Daleks)[94][citation needed]
Frontios[citation needed]
The Caves of Androzani 1984
The Two Doctors[96] 2nd 1985
Timelash[xr 15][citation needed]
Revelation of the Daleks (after Resurrection of the Daleks)[94]
Delta and the Bannermen (opening battle and bus station scenes) Time and the Rani
7th 1987
The Happiness Patrol The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 1988
Battlefield[nb 5][citation needed]
Survival[citation needed]
"The End of the World"[xr 25] (Jackie's phone call and ending[citation needed]) 9th 2005
"42"[citation needed] 10th 2007
The End of Time[xr 23] (Jack & Alonzo; Mickey & Martha; and Verity Newman scenes)[citation needed] 2010
"The Doctor's Wife"
"A Good Man Goes to War"
"Let's Kill Hitler" (Sisters of the Infinite Schism Hospital)
"The Girl Who Waited"
"The God Complex"
"The Wedding of River Song" (final scene)
"The Gunpowder Plot" (Rory through the interdimensional lesion)
11th 2011

Inside the TARDIS

The TARDIS's nature as a time machine makes it impossible to place adventures set solely in the ship to a specific date and locale. However, most of the adventures occur while the ship is in transit between two specifically mentioned locations.

Story In transit from Travelling towards Doctor Year aired
The Edge of Destruction Skaro Big Bang, later 1289 1st 1964
The War Games (episode 10) 2nd 1969
"Time Crash" (Fifth Doctor's perspective) unknown unknown 5th 2007
"The End of the World"[xr 25] 6 March 2005 5,000,000,000 via 2105 and 12005[citation needed] 9th 2005
"Doctor Who: Children in Need", aka "Born Again"[97] 200,100 5006, later to Christmas 2006[citation needed] 10th
"Time Crash" (Tenth Doctor's perspective) 2008[citation needed] Christmas 2008[98] 2007
"Music of the Spheres" 2009 Christmas 1851 2008
"Meanwhile in the TARDIS" ep. 1 25 June 2010 3295 11th 2010
"Amy's Choice" unknown, presumably 1580 unknown, later 2020
"TARDIS"[25] unknown, presumably 2010[citation needed] 23rd century[citation needed] at Christmas[citation needed]
"Space" and "Time" Christmas 4398 winter 2010–2011 2011
"Let's Kill Hitler" prequel (Doctor's perspective) unknown no earlier than autumn 2011[citation needed]
"Death is the Only Answer" unknown, possibly 1996[citation needed] 18 September 1945, approximately 2:00[citation needed]

Gallifrey adventures

The time period in which these adventures take place is not specifically stated.[nb 6]

Story Doctor Year aired
The War Games (episode 10) 2nd 1969
Colony in Space 3rd 1971
The Three Doctors (Gallifrey scenes) 1st 1973
The Deadly Assassin 4th 1976
The Invasion of Time 1978
Arc of Infinity (partly), The Five Doctors (after Arc of Infinity[citation needed]) 5th 1983
The Trial of a Time Lord:
  • The Mysterious Planet (trial scenes)
  • Mindwarp (trial scenes)
  • Terror of the Vervoids (trial scenes)
  • The Ultimate Foe
6th 1986
"The Sound of Drums" (young Master flashback) 10th 2007
"The End of Time"[xr 23] (Time Lord President council scenes and young Master flashback) 2009–2010

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