List of female Transformers

List of female Transformers

Female Transformers are extraterrestrial robots in the Transformers universe that possess the outward appearance of humanoid females.


Transformers: Generation 1

They were seen in the 1985 animated television series, in which they were indicated to be rare, and believed extinct by most other Transformers. They did not appear in the American Marvel comic book series, where it was specifically stated (although later retracted) that Transformers do not have genders.

It is very clear that the difference between male and female Transformers is much more than the shape of their bodies, it is a sociocultural difference, with each "gender" possessing—in a general sense—the traits usually associated, at least partially stereotypically, with the human genders. Furthermore, the two genders feel attraction to one another, to the extent that romantic relationships exist between certain members. The nature of such relationships is not elaborated.

Marvel Comics

In the Marvel UK comics, there are no female Transformers until a human feminist accused the Autobots, who are treated as males, of being sexist. The Autobots initially argue that sexism is impossible for their genderless race, but they build Arcee to prove they are not sexist. Though Prime later decides that it was a mistake to build her just to prove they aren't sexist, he recognizes Arcee as a valuable Autobot.

Animated series

There is no precise, officially-given, in-story explanation for why females, or even males, should exist. In the animated series, the Transformers were manufactured by the Quintessons for commercial sale.

Female Cybertronians are particularly rare, and in the four million years that Optimus Prime and his crew were absent from Cybertron, they were thought to have become extinct. However, a small band of the warriors, led by Elita One, waged a guerrilla war against Shockwave, secretly stealing Energon without his knowledge. They were discovered in the Earth year 1985.

Dreamwave Productions

Female Autobots from Dreamwave Comics.

Elita One, Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer appeared briefly in the final issue of Dreamwave Comics Generation One series among the female Transformers sent by the Quintessons to Cybertron. Although they were supposed to participate in the next plot arc, involving the return of Optimus Prime, the company's closure left this story unfinished.

List of female Transformers from Generation 1

  • Elita One - Originally, Elita One was Ariel, girlfriend of dockworker robot Orion Pax, but when the two were fatally wounded during one of Megatron's first attacks, the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion, rebuilt them as Optimus Prime and Elita One, using the same set of schematics. Elita desired to accompany Prime on the Ark's mission, but he refused, saying it was too dangerous. When a Decepticon ambush struck the Ark launch site shortly before the craft took off, Elita disappeared in an explosion, and Prime believed she had died. This was not the case, however, and in the following four million years she led her troops in a guerrilla war against the remaining Decepticon forces on Cybertron, advised and aided by Alpha Trion himself, unaware of her connection to him. In 1985, Shockwave uncovered the location of the Female Autobots' base and the Decepticons were able to capture Elita One, using her as bait to lure Optimus Prime to Cybertron. Prime almost met his end in an acid bath, but Elita used her hidden secret weapon - a stasis field which effectively froze time, allowing her to pull Prime from the path of the acid. However, the ability was a sacrificial one, as it drained almost all of Elita's energy. With Elita now hovering on the brink of death, Prime took her to Alpha Trion, where Trion revealed that only Prime's power supply could properly interface with hers (as a result of their shared schematics). Still unaware of Trion's hand in his creation, Prime re-energized Elita, and the two helped rescue their comrades from a Decepticon attack. Elita and her forces elected to remain on Cybertron and fight the battle there, while Prime returned to Earth.
  • Chromia, Firestar and Moonracer - These three feisty females were Elita One's top agents (and additionally, along with two other unnamed females, comprised the entirety of her forces), and the friends/romantic interests of Ironhide, Inferno and Powerglide, respectively. When Moonracer was caught in a booby-trap during one of the trio's raids on Shockwave's energy stockpile, the continued existence of the Female Autobots was finally revealed to the Decepticons, and Shockwave was able to trail them back to their base and capture Elita One. When Optimus Prime was then lured to Cybertron, Ironhide, Inferno and Powerglide followed and were reunited with their ladies. At BotCon 2005, these three females finally made it into toy form, in a roundabout sense. The Transformers: Energon Arcee figure was remoulded and repainted to resemble Moonracer, but the name could not be legally acquired for the toy, and so she was dubbed Chromia.
Alana as an Autobot
  • Alana - Not born a Transformer, but an alien who used a shape shifting well to turn herself into a female Autobot. She appears only in the episode "Sea Change." On the Planet of Traal, Alana is the leader of the Traalicons, escapes the imprisonment of Deceptitran. Seaspray, Bumblebee, Cosmos, and Perceptor, befriend Alana and her people. After Seaspray saves Alana, Seaspray develops deep feelings for Alana but doesn't know how Alana feels. After Megatron arrives on the planet Traal, Alana hurts Seaspray's feelings by referring to him as another machine as he dips into the pool of transformation. As Seaspray jumps in as well Alana yells to Seaspray that she does love him. He emerges as a Traalicon. They are both chased by Rumble back to the pool of transformation. As they emerge on the other end Seaspray is reverted back into an Autobot and Alana changes herself into a female Autobot who transforms into a gondola. Later she returns to the form of a Traalicon and tells Seaspray that just because they are different on the outside doesn't mean they can't feel the same on the inside. They are seen sail off into the sunset.
It should be noted the name Alana comes from the Gaelic/Hawaiian community meaning "fair, beautiful, offering". Also in polynesian Alana means "new beginning"
  • Arcee - The best known of all female Autobots, Arcee was introduced in The Transformers: The Movie and remained a main character in the subsequent television series.
  • Beta - Although she would be the last of the primary Female Autobots the cartoon series introduced, Beta was actually one the very first - as one of the original Quintesson-created robots, she help lead the rebellion against their five-faced creators eleven million years ago led by A-3 (the young form of Alpha Trion). When a Quintesson scientist attempted to alter history by bringing A-3 into the present, a group of Autobots were displaced into the past, where they encountered Beta and helped to orchestrate the attack on the Quintessons' Hive City, the first major step in overthrowing the aliens. In the Beast Machines toyline, the bio card of Rav - who transforms into a crossbow - mentions that he was given his power by an ancient female Autobot resistance leader. It seems particularly likely that this is a reference to Beta, especially since her weapon of choice was also a crossbow.
  • Minerva - In the Japanese-exclusive Masterforce animated series, Minerva was a teenage schoolgirl who became a Headmaster and controlled a Transtector (a lifeless Transformer body). At the conclusion of the series, the Transtector was bestowed with life, and briefly reappeared in the sequel series, Victory. (For unexplained reasons, the Transtector also used the name Minerva.) The toy of Minerva shared its design with the North American Headmaster named Nightbeat, who was male. (Because both were produced and sold the same year – 1988, it is unclear which is a recolor of which.)
  • A troupe of dancing girls, seen in a flashback to the early days of peace on the planet. Their design is identical to Elita One.
  • A female robot identical to Arcee, save for an enhanced chest, viewed on a TV by Octane in the episode "Starscream's Ghost".
  • The medics on the Cybertron-like planet of Paradron, identical in design to Arcee, aside from their teal colouration. Several pieces of Arcee merchandise have been repainted in their colour scheme: a Heroes of Cybertron PVC figure, a statue from Palisades - both named Paradron Medic.
  • The episode "The Big Broadcast of 2006" featured a female Junkion (named "Nancy" in a Japanese guide).
  • The mates of many of the Destrons from the Japanese exclusive Transformers: Victory, including Esmeral (mate of Deathsaurus) and Lyzak ("sister" of Leozak), appeared in the manga adaptation of the series, making them the first official female Decepticon characters, albeit ones who only existed outside of America.
  • Victory also featured a female Micromaster, Clipper, a Cybertron (Autobot), and girlfriend of fellow Micromaster, Holi.
  • The Japanese exclusive "Operation Combination" toyline of 1992 featured another female Micromaster, Windy, a member of a team that all transformed into trains and combined to form a larger robot, Sixtrain. This toy, along with the rest of her teammates, was re-issued in 2003. Windy is regarded for her ability to and great love of singing.
  • Discharge is a third female Micromaster. She was also available in Takara's 1992 "Operation Combination" toyline. Discharge came with her teammates in the Sixturbo team. She was re-issued in 2003.
  • Nightracer, an exclusive toy available at BotCon '95. A repaint of the Generation 2 Go-Bot, High Beam, Nightracer was conceived by feminist Jovanka "Raksha" Kink, and was made to be a highly-skilled female Decepticon, making the character the first official female of her kind in North America, as well as in toy-form.[1]
  • Road Rage, bodyguard and advisor to a secret Autobot ambsassador to Earth, was a red redeco of the Autobot Tracks available exclusively through online retailer E-Hobby in Japan in 2002. (Although a redeco, Road Rage's colors were originally to be worn by Tracks.)
  • Pathfinder and Smallfoot are female Transformers from another dimension. Calling themselves Go-Bots, they are part of a secret research team that is looking for a way to save their universe from Unicron. They were available with Takara's e-hobby Go-Bots mini-bot set.
  • Crasher was featured in IDW's Megatron: Origin comic book as a part of Megatron's original inner circle. This is significant because she is a character from the Go-Bots continuity. It can be assumed that she traveled to Cybertron from an alternate dimension in the same way as Takara's e-hobby mini-bot team.
  • Howlback of the Cobalt Sentries, a blue recolor of Ravage exclusively available from Takara's e-hobby online store, is female.
  • Flip Sides is a Decepticon sleeper agent and a recoloured version of the Autobot cassette mold used for Eject and Rewind that is available with the 2006 e-hobby re-issue of Twincast, is female.
  • Rosanna, a hot pink and blue recoloured version of Flip Sides, was an e-hobby exclusive who formed part of the Kiss Pre-position cassette team in 2007. She is described as a Cybertron Idol who sings and lends moral support for her Autobot comrades.
  • Angela is a female Sparkbot who was available with her teammates at Japan's Toy Festival in March 2007. She is an agent of Unicron.
  • Windrazor (Mini-Con) (ウインドレイザー) is from the fourth Micron Booster set and is the only female on her team. She says that "The crimson wind runs through!"

Beast Wars

Female Transformers appeared in the Beast Wars series with Airazor and Blackarachnia being main characters in the animated series.

Beast Wars Second

  • Scylla is a female Seacon Pirate from Beast Wars the Second who transforms into a squid. Pronounced "S-Kyu-Leh," she was available in Japan in 1998. While a Predacon, she is in love with the Maximal Scuba. She is armed with a blowing kiss of death. Her toy form was a repainting of 1988 Seacon Tentakil. The name Scylla, is a reference to one of two monsters situated on either side of the Strait of Messina in Greek mythology.

Beast Machines

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

  • T-Ai- She is not technecally considered a transformer, she is a female computer program with the appearance of a little girl. But she is notheless Cybertronian in origin.

Transformers: Universe

  • Blackarachnia - Decepticon who turns into a technorganic black widow spider.
  • Crystal Widow - Autobot who turns into a technorganic black widow spider.
  • Glyph - Autobot who turns into a volkswagen beetle.
  • Midnight Express - Autobot Micromaster who turns into a bullet train.
  • Red Alert - Autobot Micromaster who turns into a fire engine.
  • Nemesis Strika - Decepticon who turns into a Cybertronian 6-wheeled combat vehicle.
  • Roulette - Autobot who turns into a car
  • Shadow Striker - Decepticon who turns into a car.

Transformers: Armada

  • Combusta
  • Falcia
  • Heavy Metal is the combined gestalt form of three Extreme Competition Mini-Cons: Mudbath, Kickflip, and Breakage. The team was renamed and given the female gender by the Official Transformers Collectors Club. Heavy Metal is the only Gestalt that is made up of an entirely female team and therefore the only known female gestalt.
  • Ironhide
  • Spiral
  • Sunburn of the Aqua Raider Team is a female Mini-Con who sides with Unicron. These toys came with DVDs of the Japanese version of Transformers: Armada, and were featured in its accompanying mini-comic book, "Transformers: Legend of the Microns – Linkage" by Hirofumi Ichikawa.
  • Sureshock
  • Twirl
  • Road Rebel Released as Thyristor in Japan, this blue and redeco of Corona Sparkplug is a celf-centered female Mini-Con with a loud sound system.

Transformers: Energon

  • Arcee - A second character named Arcee was part of the later Transformers: Energon series. This character was named Ariel in the Japanese version of the series, Transformers: Superlink. In the Japanese Superlink stories, Ariel, the female Omnicon is said to have taken female form to show her caring role for the other Omnicons. Likewise, in Generation One, Arcee showed a protective and nurturing role to human child Daniel Witwicky. In a Japanese-exclusive repaint of the Energon Arcee figure, named Ariel - Paradron Type.

Transformers: Cybertron

  • Offshoot, one of four Mini-Cons available with Primus as a Wal-mart exclusive. Although Offshoot did not come with a personal biography, she was given characterization on the Transformers Collectors Club web site.
  • Override
  • Thunderblast
  • The Transformers: Cybertron cartoon has featured an unnamed female Autobot civilian refugee on Earth who transforms into a motorcycle. This character is male in the Japanese version of the series.

Transformers: Timelines

  • Airazor - Maximal who turns into a jet.
  • Arcee - Autobot who turns into a transmetal-spider.
  • Crasher - Decepticon who turns into race car.
  • Elita One - Autobot who turns into a boat.
  • Flamewar is a female Decepticon. In addition to the other Energon Arcee repainted versions available at BotCon 2005 mentioned above was Flamewar, a red, black and blue coloured agent of the Tripredacus Council.
  • Quickslinger is a fan created character which was made official by the club comic. She is a lavender repaint of Cybertron Ransack.

Live action Transformers films

  • Alice is a Decepticon pretender in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen who earned an unusual nickname in the fan community for her sexually aggressive actions around Sam Witwicky.
  • Arcee also appeared in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as a trio of motorcycles. She was voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Transformers: Animated

Several female Transformers have appeared in Transformers: Animated.

  • Arcee - An Autobot who fought in the Great War. In several flashbacks, she is found injured by Rachet. Both of them are captured by the rogue bounty hunter, Lockdown. She was carrying vital information and orders Ratchet to wipe her memory so that the information doesn't fall into Decepticon hands. Her memory is wiped clean by Ratchet's EMP-generator. It is later revealed that she was carrying the access codes for Omega Supreme (the Autobot's secret weapon). She was originally teacher, before joining the war effort and was intended to be its instructor, a role that was passed on to Ratchet.
  • Blackarachnia - In flashbacks it is revealed she was originally Elita-1, a young Autobot Academy recruit. After being bit in the arm, leg, and crotch, she swelled up and turned into a techno being. She has a deep-seated hatred for Optimus Prime (who she blames for her condition) and desires to return to her original form by any means.
  • Elita-1 - Once a promising young Autobot Academy recruit, friend of Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime until a horrific event led to her becoming a techno-organic being, Blackarachnia.
  • Red Alert - An Autobot field medic under the command of Rodimus Prime.
  • Sari Sumdac
    Sari as a Protoform and in her upgraded form
    - Originally female protoform which patterned itself after a human scientist, Professor Isaac Sumdac came in contact with it, resulting in the birth of a "techno-organic female clone" of Sumdac (part-human, part-Cybertronian), which he secretly adopts as his daughter. Unaware of her cybertronian origins (believing herself to be human), she befriends the Autobots. While on their ship, she finds the All Spark which scans Sari, but can only identify her key card as mechanical. The AllSpark bestows some of its own powers onto Sari Sumdac's key card - one of which allows the card to recognize when an Autobot is injured, and initiate seemingly-impossible repairs (according to field-medic Ratchet) - which reformats it into a curative spark key allowing her to heal Transformers. She helps them adjust to living on earth and aids them in protecting Detroit (and Earth). After her father is kidnapped by Megatron, it is revealed to her that there was no record of her existence. The Autobot tried to figure out why Sari has no documentation of being Professor Sumdac's daughter. Bumblebee suggested Sari is an alien and Bulkhead suggests Sari is a robot created by Sumdac. This led to wondering of who is Sari's mother. The truth is revealed when her arm is injured (while saving her father from the Decepticons), with the most of the skin peeled back on her elbow, revealing what appeared to be damaged, crackling circuitry. Professor Sumdac tells her how he found a "liquid metal being", which Prowl revealed them to be a cybertronian protoform. She later upgrades herself using her key (in order to fight alongside the Autobots), transforming her into a semi-robotic teenager. In this upgraded form, she possesses a teenage body (which functions like a techno-organic powersuit) equipped which energy-based roller blades & weapons. Her robotic-looking helmet can also dematerializes to reveal her human face. It is believed she possesses both human DNA & an Cybertronian spark.
  • Strika - Leader of the Decepticon strike force, Team Charr.
  • Slipstream- A character in the Animated series, this transformer was unintentionally created by Starscream in his image with an aspect of his personality she advises him not to figure out. Like her creator, she is short-tempered and snippy as well as merciless when she targets a weakspot in her opponent. Her color scheme is an homage to the Generation 1 Overlord. Although not named in the show, the Hasbro panel at botcon 2009 confirmed her name.
  • Rosanna- First seen on Derrick J. Wyatt's blog as a collection of character designs who may or may not appear in the third season of Animated. Rosanna was one character who did appear in the episode 'Decepticon Air'. An update of the previous G1 character, she appeared among the crowd cheering Sentinel Prime as the new 'Magnus' upon his return to Cybertron.
  • Flip-Sides- Originally seen on Derrick Wyatt's blog, she has the same appearance as Rosanna, but is a Decepticon, much like their previous incarnations. She has been seen in the series.
  • Botanica- Also first seen on Derrick Wyatt's blog. An Animated update of her Beast Machines incarnation only this version of her is an Autobot rather than a Maximal. She doesn't appear in the third season.

Transformers: Prime

  • Arcee
  • Airachnid
  • Slipstream - Unconfirmed in the animated series, confirmed in the prequel comic.
  • Solus Prime - One of the Thirteen Primes, archetype for all female Transformers.


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