Lireo is a fictional queendom in the world of Encantadia, the main setting of the Philippine "telefantasya" (fantasy-themed television series) of the same name. In the series, Lireo is the homeland of the Diwata race, and is the youngest of the four kingdoms comprising present-day Encantadia (the others being Sapiro, Hathoria and Adamya).

Lireo was first glimpsed in the telefantasya "Mulawin", where the Diwatas were introduced as allies of the Mulawins (the titular bird-people of that series). Lireo and its people were explored at length in "Encantadia", whose story centered on the royal Diwatas known as "Sang'gres". The founding of Lireo and the early history of the Diwatas, as well as much of the backstory of "Encantadia", was prominently told in "Etheria". Part of the action of "" once again takes place in Lireo.

The wise, strong, brave and powerful Cassiopea was the first ruler of Lireo. Cassiopea helped in the extinction of Etheria. Cassiopea became a member representing Lireo at the Council of Encantadia. At the start of the series, the ruler was Mine-a who was succeeded by her daughter Amihan. The ruler of Lireo carries the title of "Ynang Reyna" (Queen Mother). This kingdom is the keeper of the Jewel of Air.

The Diwatas are the fairest of all people from Encantadia. They do not seem to grow old. They can only die in battle or in deep sickness. They also have a close relationship with the Mulawins since the time of Cassiopea.

Lireo is considered the most progressive among the kingdoms. Their kingdom is obviously powered by a large windmill. They have the tallest towers and also seem to have cable cars in the palace. Their armies are the only ones who have "Sasakyang Panghimpapawid" (Airships). Their most powerful weapon of war is the "Katapulto" (fire catapult).


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Lirean Culture

Lireo is a matriarchal culture. Women enjoy equal if not higher status as that of men. This is evident in the fact that only females may ascend the throne. Lireo does not have a definite caste system, however, itis known that Sanggres are the highest among them. Damas are diwatas that serve the Sanggres. A special class is the warrior class, they are known as the Lirean Guard. This order serves as the military power of Lireo. This class is trained in the arts of war.

Lireo's architecture is unique. Its towers are very tall, and it seems that cable cars serve as transportation between the many towers. The towers are located in the central part of Lireo, where the Sanggres live. In the rural parts of Lireo, small houses dot the landscape. The houses there have only one story. The houses are often surrounded by gardens where they plant food.

Lireo is the kingdom that pioneered the manufacture of airships("Sasakyang Panghangin"). The date when these airships were first created is not known. It can only be speculated that it was created in the later rule of Cassiopiea or in the rule of Mine-a. Lireo is the only kingdom that makes use of windmills. These windmills are the structures that power Lireo. Lireo makes use of catapults as their most powerful siege weapons.

Lireo is a kingdom that worships Emre, better known as Bathala. Bathala is their counterpart to our God. Lireo has many statues made to his liking. They offer many things before the said statues. Lireo, however, does not resort to human sacrifice for the pleasing of Bathala. It is not mentioned if Lireo built huge temples for Emre. It is also not mentioned if Lireo has priests that act as religious leaders.

Lireo's literary works are not known. It is known that they make use of a writing system similar to the alibata. Lireo has a library in the Palace of the Sanggres. Lirean rules, policy, history and other forms of literature are stored there. The Law of Lireo is also stored there. Not much is known about the many laws that pervade throughout the kingdom.However, the following are known laws:
*Lirean law states that only female Sanggres may ascend the throne
*Lirean law states that Sanggres cannot back off from a dare.
*Lirean law states that traitors of Lireo must be killed.
*Lirean law states that the Queen has absolute power over the kingdom, if she adheres to every Lirean Law.
*Lirean law states that the Queen can issue any decree, law or policy.
*Lirean law states that the Queen may not take a husband during her rule, but she must have heiresses to take over once she descends the throne. Lireo is a kingdom that is on friendly terms with the kingdoms, Sapiro and Adamya. Lireo's enemy is the kingdom of Hathoria. Lireo does not quickly retaliate to hostile attacks. They will only attack back if necessary. Lireo's warriors are not as strong as those of Sapiro and Hathoria. Its greatest strength is the Race of the Sanggres, the royalfamily. These Sanggres are very powerful, matching the masters of Hathoria and Sapiro in the skill of war.

The monetary units in Lireo are gold, silver and other metals. Gold has the highest value among them. They have trade relationships with Sapiro. Their economy depends on agriculture like most kingdoms in Encantadia. The diwatas and encantados that live in the rural part of Lireo maintain farms for their livelihood.

The Race of Diwatas

Lireo is the kingdom of the race of Diwatas. The Diwatas have a long history in the annals of Encantadia. The Diwatas are the fairest of all races. Their beauty does not fade with the flow of time, it only grows. They do not grow old in body, only in spirit. They can only be afflicted with the strongest of pestilences, which can lead to their death. They can be slain physically.

Diwatas believe that they will go to Devas, the land of the dead, after they die. When they die, the butterflies of Devas will come to send them to the bliss and heaven that is Devas, where Bathala is said to reside. However, they can be saved. In the far-flung heights of the Northern Mountains in the realm of Sapiro, lie the Tree of Life, the Tree guarded by the being of the name Evades. The leaves of this tree can give new life to the body of the fallen. However, one must answer the riddle of Evades to get the leaves. An exception is Lira, whose pure heart urged Evades to gift her with one of the blessed leaves. The dead, however, must still contain its spirit for the power of the leaves to work. If the Butterflies of Devas has taken the spirit away, the leaves will not work.

The Diwatas are not as strong in body as the Sapirians and Hathors. However, they have certain powers that prove useful. The Sanggres,a race of Diwatas that stem from the line of the most powerful Diwatas. These Diwatas are amongst the most powerful beings in Encantadia. Their words, curses, and blessings will always come true. They are also able to teleport. Each of the Sanggres has many powers.

The Diwatas were a persecuted race in the Age of the Etherian Empire. This discrimination stemmed from the Diwata believed to be the most poweful diwata that walked Encantadia, Esmeralda. Esmeralda was very powerful, since everything she decreed always comes true. She held the powerful Lirean artifact and heirloom, the Sceptre of the Queen. She resided in the forest that would be called Lireo. The Etherians discovered this, and seeing Esmeralda as a potential threat and a source of immense power, they sent skilled assassins to kill her and take her sceptre from her. However, Esmeralda fought back valiantly, though in the end, she was slain. In her dying breath, she whispered the curse that would affect the whole of Encantadia. She swore that the fall of Etheria would stem from the race of the Diwatas. After this, she died, her sceptre disappearing. Because of this, the Etherians stripped the rights of the Diwatas and made them a slaved race, having no freedom whatsoever. From there started the long history of Etheria and the Diwatas. See more in Etheria.


Ethnic group
group=Queens of Lireo

poptime= The Kingdom of Lireo is inhabited by numerous diwatas and encantados. The primary ruler of Lireo are the Sang'gres or Lirean Royalties.
The diwatas in Sapiro are the "damas" or ladies-in-waiting. They are servants of the royalties in the kingdom.
The now defunct Hathoria:
Several diwatas have Hathor ancestry.
Like Hathoria, there seems to be no known diwata inhabitants in the kingdom where small denizens can be found.

rels=Predominantly, the Lireans, as most inhabitants of Encantadia, are worshipers of gods and deities. Their religion is based on mythology and they worship a supreme being called Emre or Bathala. Other important gods of Encantadia are Arde (God of the Dead) and Ether (Goddess of Wisdom and followers of Etherians).
related=Sapirians, Adamians, Hathors and Etherians
Lirean society is matriarchal, meaning that women carry a higher civil status than their male counterparts, and only a female Sang'gre in the matriarch's line may ascend the throne. Proof of this is the fact that the "Ynang Reyna" is forbidden to fall in love and marry or take a husband. The head of Lireo carries the title of "Reyna" (or "Ynang Reyna" if already a mother).

There have been 11 instituted rulers of Lireo since its founding. A Sang'gre (Diwata of the royal bloodline) has ruled over Lireo throughout its history, except for two periods: first, between the reigns of Cassiopea and Mine-a, and, second, during the Hathorian occupation of the throne under Agane. Hereunder is the list of Lirean queens:

Known monarchs

*Amihan - Mine-a’s second-born daughter. After acing all the trials that her mother had presented to her and her sisters, Amihan was crowned as the rightful ruler of Lireo after Mine-a. Queen Amihan’s rule was one of the most tumultuous and challenging times in Lireo as well as all of Encantadia’s. She was a keen, wise and regal queen whose power was attuned to her heart and mind. Amihan's reign was halted upon the invasion of her power-hungry elder sister Pirena, who had allied with the Hathors.

*Cassiopea - Cassiopea was the very first ruler of Lireo, who established the realm, heralding it as the land of the Diwatas. The love child of Memen (a half-Etherian, half-Diwata noble) and Ornia (a Diwata), the newborn Cassiopea was entrusted to Evades to be protected from the wrath of her father's estranged wife the Etherian queen. She was the direct descendant of Esmeralda, who was said to have been the most powerful diwata to have walked the face of Encantadia and the root cause of Etheria’s discrimination of the diwatas. Cassiopea was blessed by Evades to grow up fast so she could fulfill the prophecy as the savior of her demeaned race from the cruel oppression it had endured under the Etherians. Queen Cassiopea was responsible for cleaving the gem bestowed by Emre (Bathala) into what became the four elemental gemstones. For this, Emre punished Cassiopea and condemned her to live in the forest unable to return home to Lireo until all the gemstones were reunited. Cassiopea probably became the oldest living diwata looking after the generations of her bloodline.

*Ursula - An early queen of Lireo about whom very little is known. Queen Ursula is said to have died due to a grave illness brought about by the Hathors. She is also said to not have had the shoulder mark of the Sang'gres.

*Demetria - The queen of Lireo immediately prior to Mine-a. As with Ursula, not much is known about Queen Demetria apart from her being stricken by disease, and her not having the mark of the Sang'gres.

*Mine-a - Albeit being heir to the Etherian kingdom from her adoptive mother Queen Avria, Mine-a, whose bloodline is later revealed to be pure Diwata, became Cassiopea’s true successor and chose to accept the queenship of Lireo. During Queen Mine-a’s reign, Lireo flourished into one of the most progressive and highly advanced kingdoms in Encantadia alongside Sapiro. She was a prudent and rational ruler who showed kindness, sympathy and conviction towards her people (a far cry from the Hera Mine-a she used to be). She was a skillful warrior and one of the strongest Sang’gres during her time. Mine-a also became the sole keeper of the four Gemstones of Fire, Wind, Water and Earth subsequent to Sapiro’s fall and after Raquim handed the gems to her. Mine-a was blessed with four daughters whose birth paved the way for a strong breed of Diwatas. Her daughters, namely Pirena (by Hagorn), Amihan (by Raquim), Alena and Danaya (by Enuo), became the new keepers of the four gemstones.

*Pirena - Pirena is Mine-a's first-born daughter. Queen Pirena’s regime was the start of Lireo’s Dark Ages. After forging an alliance with King Hagorn of Hathoria, her father, she invaded Lireo and usurped the throne from Queen Amihan. Although technically the diwatas and other encantados would still refer to Amihan as the true queen, Pirena's possession of the crown and occupation of throne theoretically made her queen.

*Agane - After the battle that ensued during the dispute of Queen Pirena and Hagorn, whose support paved the way for Pirena’s reign, Pirena was banished from Lireo. Agane, Hagorn’s half sister and head of the Hathorian forces, was then installed as the new ruler of Lireo. She was never considered Queen though but Hagorn's trusted viceroy to rule over Lireo. Agane had a hand in Lireo's downward spiral in its darkest era. She was the first full-blooded Hathor to rule over Lireo who was as power-famished and as cunning and unmerciful as her dethroned predecessor.

*Mira - Sang'gre Mira, Pirena’s only daughter was captured by Hagorn and the spirit of her heart taken away from her by Lavanea, guardian of Mt. Lavanea. Hagorn foresaw ruthlessness and malevolence in the jaded Mira and ultimately she was made a successor to the Lirean throne. Queen Mira’s ascension brought objections from the predisposed ruler, Agane, but her protests came to no avail. Queen Mira’s reign was quite short-lived as she was slain by Asval, the traitorous Sapirian Prince.

*Lira - Lira was hailed by Mine-a, her "Ila" (grandmother) and former queen, as Encantadia’s "luntiae" that will return Lireo to its powerful and peaceful reign and achieve tranquility for the land of Encantadia. She was the key to the reunification of the four elemental gemstones and their guardians. Upon the diwatas' triumphant overthrow of the Hathors from Lireo, Amihan (whose reign was restored) blessed and installed Lira as the new queen of Lireo and Encantadia. Queen Lira ascended the throne in accordance with her mother’s wish and the prophecy that she is the only heir to Amihan. Queen Lira’s reign was the shortest reign in Lirean history; shortly after receiving the crown, Lira abdicated the throne in favor of a peaceful life in the mortal realm.

*Danaya - After Queen Lira renounced her right to the Lirean throne, Imaw and former queen Amihan considered Amihan's sisters in turn to succeed Lira. Pirena, who had already worn the crown previously, declined saying that her reign was one of the most unsuccessful. Alena, next in line, also declined as she was to become queen of another realm upon her marriage to King Ybrahim of Sapiro. This left Danaya, who, though initially reluctant to receive the queenship, ultimately accepted. Queen Danaya was crowned as the tenth ruler of Lireo and headed the land of Encantadia. It was mentioned that Danaya will later give the throne of Lireo to Cassandra, Lira's daughter. During her reign, Danaya, along with her sisters travelled back in time, back when the Kingdom of Etheria was in its full glory, as they were tasked to recover the golden hourglass and obliterate it in order to safeguard their present. Subsequent to their safe return from the past, their former adversaries threathened to wreak havoc in the land of Encantadia. Etheria's former queen, Avria, abducted Danaya and stole her identity alongside the Earth Gem. While Danaya was imprisoned in an unknown place, Avria used Danaya's identity as leverage to strike chaos amongst the citizens of Lireo and to infiltrate a plan to rift the elemental goddesses' apart.

*Cassandra - Upon her return to Encantadia the grown up Cassandra was crowned the 11th monarch of Lireo. This paved the way for the former queen Danaya to finally seek a happy life with her love Aquil which resulted in the birth of their only child.


"Sang'gre" is the Enchanta term used to refer to a Diwata of royal blood, and who as such possesses special powers and destinies above those of a common Diwata. Sang'gre is also used as a title or honorific for such Diwata royalty, who are addressed as "Sang'gre" before their names.

A Sang'gre is identified by a distinctive birthmark on their left shoulder blade that corresponds to the symbol for Lireo (and the Wind element). The symbol resembles the "nga" character of the Baybayin script, an ancient Filipino writing system.

Sang'gres have the ability to teleport or vanish and instantly transport themselves (and others in close proximity to them) to another place. However, while this skill is already second-nature to them, they cannot perform it when they are physically bound or are severely wounded. A Sang'gre's word is all-powerful; his/her curse is feared for it always comes true. They are also the only encantados/encantadas who can be seen by the naked human eye.

The known Sang'gres are listed hereunder, in order of their ages, from eldest to youngest:
* Mine-a
* Cassiopea
* Pirena
* Amihan
* Alena
* Danaya
* Lira
* Mira
* Kahlil
* Cassandra
* Armea

Geographic features

In the eastern part of Encantadia, lie the kingdom of Lireo. Lireo coversmost of eastern Encantadia, reaching as far into the Northern Mountains and to the borders of Adamya in the south. The Forest of Lireo serves as the main border between Lireo and the other kingdoms. The many rivers that stem from the Mountains of East Lireo serve as the borders to Adamya.

The lands by the Northern Mountains, East Lirean Mountains and the Rivers that flow to Adamya are the lands of Rural Lireo. These lands are the main agricultural lands of Lireo. Southern Lireo is especially fertile for many rivers flow there to the Sea of Adamya.

Rivers serve as the main bathing places of encantados and diwatas. The waters here are very pure and safe to drink. The rivers flow from the mountains. There are many waterfalls in Lireo.

The Northeastern part of Lireo serves as Central Lireo, the capital. This part of the kingdom serves as the capital. The Sanggres make their residence here.

One of the many rivers of Lireo contains the famed Fountain of Truth("Batis ng Katotohanan"). The Forest of Lireo serves as the host to the Asnamon Tree, the portal between Encantadia and the Mortal World. It is rumored that the ancient Puno ng Gintong Binhi("Tree of the Golden Seed"), the sacred tree of the Mulawin race, can be found in Lireo.

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