Madrasa (grape)

Madrasa (grape)
Colour Pink
Also called Matrassa
Major regions Mədrəsə village of Shamakhi, Goygol, Samukh, Gabala raions, Ganja, Azerbaijan
Notable wines Madrasa

Madrasa (Azerbaijani: Mədrəsə, also known as Matrassa and Madrasi) is a pink-skinned red grape variety cultivated in the southern Caucasus at least since the nineteenth century [1], in particular in Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as several Central Asia countries. Most plantings of Madrasa are found near the Caspian Sea in Azerbaijan and Armenia.[2]


Origins and specifics

Madrasa is indigenous to the village of Madrasa of Shamakhi Rayon of Azerbaijan.[3] This variety falls into sweet grape category.[4] It is claimed that Madrasa was grown as early as 15th century.[5] In the beginning of the 20th century, Madrasa variety was brought to Ganjabasar region of Azerbaijan. The vines are of mid size and have strong roots. Their leaves are sharp. The grapes are of round shape and thick skin. Madrasa variety matures in the beginning of September in Shamakhi and in August in Ganja. The concentration of sugar ranges from 23-24% in Shamakhi and 20-21% in Ganja.[6]


During the crushing and fermentation, 50% of the spirit gets recovered.[7] Widely sold "Giz Galasi" (Maiden Tower), "Yeddi Gozal" (Seven Beauties), "Gara Gila" and "Naznazi" wines are made from Madrasa.[3] "Xan Madrasa" red table wine produced by Vinagro is made by fermentation of Madrasa variety vine juice, which are grown in Goygol and Samukh districts of Azerbaijan by squashing juice technology. Wine is then stored two years. Its alcoholic content is 9-14%. Xan Madrasa was awarded 2 gold and 1 bronze medals at international wine contests.[8]


Various synonyms have been used to describe Matrassa and its wines, including Chirai, Chirai kara, Kara Chirei, Kara Chirai, Kara Schirai, Kara Scirai, Kara Scirei, Kara Shirai, Kara Shirei, Madrasa, Matrasa, Matrasse, Sevi shirai, Shirai, Shirai kara, Shirei, Shirei kara and Sirei.

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