1953 in television

1953 in television

The year 1953 in television involved some significant events.Below is a list of television-related events in 1953.



*January 19 - 68% of all US television sets were tuned in to "I Love Lucy" to watch Lucy give birth.
*February 1 - Japanese television goes on the air for the first time, when JOAK-TV signs on from Tokyo.
*February 18 - Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz sign an $8,000,000 contract to continue the "I Love Lucy" television series through 1955.
*February 26 - Fulton Sheen, on his program "Life Is Worth Living", reads Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", with the names of high-ranking Soviet officials replacing the key characters. At the end of the reading, Sheen intoned that "Stalin must one day meet his judgment". Stalin died one week later.
*March 17 - Patrick Troughton becomes television's first Robin Hood, playing the eponymous folk hero in the first of six half-hour episodes of "Robin Hood", shown weekly until April 21 on the BBC Television Service.
*March 25 - CBS concedes victory to RCA in the war over color television standards.
*April 3 - "TV Guide" is published for the first time, with 10 editions and a circulation of 1,562,000.
*May 25 - KUHT in Houston becomes the first non-commercial educational TV station.
*June 2 - The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is televised in the UK. Sales of TV sets rise sharply in the weeks leading up to the event. It is also one of the earliest broadcasts to be deliberately recorded for posterity and still exists in its entirety today.
*July 18 - "The Quatermass Experiment", first of the famous "Quatermass" science-fiction serials by Nigel Kneale, begins its run on the BBC.
*"The Tonight Show" begins as a local New York variety show.
*August 30 - NBC's "Kukla, Fran, and Ollie" is the first publicly announced experimental broadcast of a program in RCA compatible color.
*October 19 - Arthur Godfrey fires Julius La Rosa on the air.
*October 23 - The first television station in the Philippines, DZAQ-TV of Alto Broadcasting System goes on the air.
*November 22 - RCA airs (with special permission from the FCC) the first commercial color program in compatible color, the "Colgate Comedy Hour with Donald O'Connor".
*December 2 - BBC broadcasts its 'Television Symbol' for the first time, the first animated television presentation symbol in the world.
*December 17 - The FCC reverses its 1951 decision and approves the RCA/NTSC color system.
*December 24 - NBC's "Dragnet" becomes the first network-sponsored television program.
*December 30 - Westinghouse releases the first color television for a price of $1,250


*July 20 - "The Good Old Days" begins on BBC Television (1953–1983).
*September 29 - "Make Room For Daddy", starring Danny Thomas, premieres on CBS (1953-1964).
*November 11 - The current affairs series "Panorama" launches on BBC Television. It is now the longest-running program on British television.
*December 1 - "CBC Theatre" begins on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It is later known as "General Motors Theatre" (1954–1956) and "General Motors Presents" (1958–1961).
*"Flash Gordon", (1953–1954), starring Steve Holland.
*"Romper Room" premieres (1953–1994).

Television shows

"listed by starting year"
*"Muffin the Mule" (19461955)
*"Gillette Cavalcade of Sports" (19461960)
*"Author Meets the Critics" (1947–1954).
*"Juvenile Jury" (1947–1954).
*"Kukla, Fran and Ollie" (1947–1957).
*"Howdy Doody" (1947–1960)
*"Kraft Television Theater" (1947–1958)
*"Meet the Press" (1947–present)
*"Candid Camera" (1948–present)
*"Television Newsreel" (UK) (1948–1954)
*"The Ed Sullivan Show" (1948–1971)
*"The Texaco Star Theater" (1948–1953); the show was renamed Buick-Berle Show this year (1953-1954)
*"Bozo the Clown" (1949–present).
*"Come Dancing" (UK) (19491995)
*"Martin Kane, Private Eye" (1949–1954)
*"The Goldbergs" (1949–1955)
*"The Voice of Firestone" (1949–1963)
*"Hawkins Falls" (1950, 1951–1955))
*"Cisco Kid" (19501956)
*"The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show" (1950–1958)
*"The Jack Benny Show" (1950–1965)
*"Truth or Consequences" (1950–1988)
*"What's My Line" (1950–1967)
*"Your Hit Parade" (1950–1959)
*"Your Show of Shows" (1950–1954)
*"Dragnet" (1951–1959)
*"I Love Lucy" (1951–1957)
*"Love of Life" (1951–1980)
*"Search for Tomorrow" (1951–1986)
*"Hallmark Hall of Fame" (1951–present).
*"The Roy Rogers Show" (1951–1957)
*"American Bandstand" (19521989)
*"Life is Worth Living" (1952–1957)
*"My Little Margie" (1952–1955)
*"The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" (1952–1966)
*"Adventures of Superman" (19521958)
*"Life with Elizabeth" (1952-1955)
*"The Guiding Light" (1952–present)
*"The Today Show" (1952–present)
*"This Is Your Life" (US) (1952–1961)

Ending this year

*June 26 - "Kaleidoscope" (UK) (1946–1953).
* "Café Continental" (UK) (1947–1953).
*"Amos & Andy" (1951–1953).
*"The Ernie Kovacs Show" (1952–1953).


*January 19 - Desi Arnaz, Jr., actor, son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; born the same date on which his mother's character on "I Love Lucy" gave birth to a fictional baby.
*June 13 - Tim Allen, actor.
*October 9 - Tony Shalhoub, actor.
*October 22 - Jeff Goldblum, actor.
*October 31 - Michael J. Anderson, actor.

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