Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan

Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan
Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan (Pak)
Motto Unity Faith & Discipline
Formation 6 September 1984 (1984-09-06)
Type Sports federation
Headquarters Quetta, Pakistan
Membership OCC(UK), ACP (PAK),SCDL(Lebanon)
Patron,Chairman Hayatullah Khan DurraniMalik Abdul Rahim Baabai

Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan Urdu: ۔چلتن ایڈ و ینچرذایسوسی ایشن بلوچستان is non-profit earning Government constituted adventure sports Association consisting of young boys and girls dedicated for the promotion of Mountain Adventure and sports climbing and associated sports in Balochistan Pakistan to protect new generation from the critical abuse of drugs Providing them voluntarily with maximum healthy sporting opportunities by organizing training camps / National & Provincial level events / expedition 95 % of all the players receiving training facilities by CAAB are students’ of schools and Colleges of Balochistan. The Activities of CAAB are financed by the self-help method donations/ subscriptions from the members BSCB & PCSB Quetta.



Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan (Pakistan) formed on 14 August 1948 and officially established in `1984 by Hayatullah Khan Durrani. Ramazan Ali.Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai, Agha Faisal Shah. Abdul Ghafar Durrani,Aziz-Ur-Rehman Khilji.The only one largest organization working in Balochistan to promote Camping /Hi-king/Rock & Snow Climbing Mountaineering and Caving Adventure sports providing facilities to the youth (male/female) as Mountain Adventure Sports, developing a team work spirit for the protection of UN heritage "Juniper Forests" in Balochistan and also to keep away youngsters from critical abuse of drug and upholding the motto of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline.

This Association is affiliated on international level with the representative of British C. R. Association Orpheus Caving Club (UK.) UIS (USA),SCDL (Lebanon), at National level with Alpine Club of Pakistan (Isb), Pakistan Cave Research & Caving Federation / Pakistan Sports Climbing Federation / Adventures Foundation Pakistan (Isb) on provincial level affiliated with the Balochistan Olympic Association and recognized with BSCB and registered with the SWD, Govt. of Balochistan, (DSW202) according to its own constitution as non-profit earning organization as defined in section 51-D (1) of the income Tax ordinance, 1979. Under the provisions of United Nations NGO’s law.

Silver Jubilee of Chiltan Adventurers

The celebrations of the silver jubilee ceremonies of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan [1] are continued since October 2010 1st and 2nd phase of the training and competition of speed and Rock-climbing events for youth and senior boys / girl successfully ended here in the Mountains of Hanna Lake Quetta. 55 male female youth and senior mountaineers participated in the events.Minister ports Mir Shah Nawaz Khan Marri and Minister Prosecution Miss Rahillah Hameed Durrani (T.I) were Guest of Honour of the Prize and Certificate distribution ceremony while Hayatullah Khan Durrani (Pride-of-Performance) founder Chiltan Adventures Association Chief organizer of the Events and Programmes and Agha Faisal Shah President of the association upraise the activities of Chiltan Adventurers being held in the past 25 years 1984 to 2010.

Abubakar Durrani Receiving Award from Prime Minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani

Finally among the large number of male female mountaineers and cavers Minister ports Mir Shah Nawaz Khan Marri & Minister Prosecution Miss Rahillah Hameed Durrani Awarded the merit certificates and commemorative shields and appreciated the brilliant activities of CAAB held in the past 25 year. The 3rd phase of silver jubilee ended with the re-exploration of 218m new cave (Spinkai Cave) 80 km towards Zhob from Killa Saifullah District. Chief organizer of the silver Jubilee events Hayatullah Khan Durrani announce the 4th and final phase of the Silver Jubilee events Grand Camp of mountaineers and Juniper Defenders in December at Ziarat and chotair Valley.

Prime Minister Award for Abubakar Durrani of Chiltan Adventurers

on 2 November 2010 Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani Awarded Youth adventurer and canoeist Award to Mohammad Abubakar Durrani of Chiltan Adventurers & HDWSA at Prime Minister Secretariate Islamabad on account of outstanding performance in the field of Adventure and canoeing sports in the country,

K2 Base Camp Expedition

Group of Chiltan Adventurers with Lino Lacedelli and Gianni Alemanno at Concordia base camp 2004

In July August 2004 for appreciation of Italian Expedition and Delegates arrived Pakistan for celebration of K2 Golden Jubilee ceremony Alpine Club of Pakistan Islamabad marked an Pak_Italy friendship expedition headed by Hayatullah Khan Durrani founder of CAAB as chief of the Pakistan National mountaineering team and Malik Abdul Rahim Baabai as (Manager) to represent Pakistan in 1st climbed of Golden Jubilee ceremony of K2 mount at Concordia and K2 base camp on 30.31 July 2004 organized by the Government of Italy under the leadership of Italian federal Minister Gianni Alemanno Gerygory Alimano followed by Lino Lacedellithe first mountaineer on earth who climbed K2 in 1953..on the eve of this great ceremony Mehar Dill Khan Baabai of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan was world's first 12 year mountaineer who reached to the K2 base. after this successful expedition on returning home by bus from Skardu to Rawalpindi five mountaineers of this expedition were killed in bus accident at the spot near Kohistan, they were Abdul Samad Khilji, Mohammad Ali Khan Mandokhail, Syed Thaimoor Shah, Nasibullah Khilji and Waqas Ahmed.[2][3]

Construction of CAAB Martyrs Monument

In the loving memory of those 5 National Heroes Martyr's Mountaineers of Chiltan Adventurers Association who were killed in bus accident after returning home from K-2 Expedition on 08th August 2004. A monument has been constructed at front of IG police office Quetta.

Monument of Chiltan Adventurers National Heroes Martyr's

place for the construction of this monument was allotted by the Quetta Cantonment Board. this monument was proposed and designed by the Chiltan Adventurers founder and Patron Hayatullah Khan Durrani and Chairman Malik Abdul Rahim and Miss Rahillah Hameed Durrani assist by Arzgwani Architect Quetta .funds for the construction was allocated by Miss Rahillah Hameed Durrani provincial minister and patron of Chiltan Adventurers.

Juniper Defender Award

Silver Jubilee Juniper Defender Award (Certificate) by Government of Balochistan bestowed to Hayatullah Khan Durrani.

On 25-10-2010 The Government of Balochistan Sports, Environment and Youth Affairs Departments announce the Silver Jubilee “Juniper Defender Award” to Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (founder Chiltan Adventurers) on the eve Silver Jubilee of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan from his long outstanding performance since 1984. The Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan is an environmental analyst of the preservation of the 3000 years old word heritage of Juniper forests and wildlife in Ziarat and Zarghoon Ghar region of Balochistan Pakistan. He established Juniper Defenders center at Chautair Valley Ziarat, to educate people and create awareness to stop the destruction of this valuable world heritage and the endangered species within.

Officials of CAAB

Newly elected office bearers of Chiltan Adventurers Association Balochistan (Pak) elected on 5 October 2010

  • 1) Miss Rahilla Hameed Durrani (T.I). Chief Patron / Provincial Minister.
  • 2) Mr. Hayatullah Khan Durrani (P.P). Founder /Patron
  • 3) Mr. Abdul Wali Khan Khilji, Patron
  • 4) Mr. Sardar Ahmed Khan Durrani. Patron
  • 5) Mr. Malik Abdul Rahim Babai, Chairman
  • 6) Mr. Abdul Sattar Khan Durrani. Vice Chairman.
  • 7) Mr. Haji Abdul Baqi Khilji, Dy, Chairman.
  • 8) Mr. Agha Faisal Shah, President,
  • 9) Mr. Abdul Ghafar Noorzai, Senior Vice President
  • 10) Miss. Zarmina Rehman Khilji. Vice President
  • 11) Mr. Mohammad Asif. Secretary General
  • 12) Mr. Jan Mohammad Durrani, Joint Secretary
  • 13) Mr. Imran Khan Durrani. Finance Secretary
  • 14) Mr. Mohammad Aslam Kassi, Press Secretary
  • 15) Miss Nazia Abdul Haiy Baloch. Female Coordinator.
  • 16) Mr. Mohammad Yousaf Khan. Camp Counselor
  • 17) Mr. Mohammad Abubakar Durrani. Youth activities Organizer.
  • 18) Mr. Ali Mohammad Khilji, Field Organizer
  • 19) Mr. Malik Nadeem Ahmad Advocate, Legal Advisor.


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