Children at Risk

Children at Risk

Children At Risk is a 501(c)(3) non-profit policy research and advocacy organization in Houston, Texas which focuses on improving children's quality of life.[1] Founded in 1989, its primary areas of focus are poverty, childhood health, public education, and safety issues.[1]


Growing Up

Children At Risk has published a biennial report, Growing Up In Houston: Assessing the Quality of Life of Our Children, since 1994 (currently in its eleventh edition) that tracks 130 (or more) Quality of Life Indicators on children's issues. Its most recent report indicates that 20.8% of the Harris County children live in poverty, 6.5 per 1,000 die before age 1, and 38% drop out of high school.[2] Past statistics have often been sources of alarm,[3] and earned the organization a reputation as "feisty and tenacious"[4] and its data a reputation as "exhaustive."[5] Despite initial criticism of the organization as a source of "emotional outbursts and statistical shell games,"[6] its statistics have been recognized as an important source of information for city and county policy makers, who seek out its biennial reports.[4]

The organization also does external research, for example for the National Center for Children in Poverty.[7] Recently, the organization increased its Public Policy & Law Center staff to increase its legislative advocacy and research efforts.[8]

High School Rankings

Children At Risk is also known for their annual High School rankings, starting in 2006,[9] which grade Houston-area schools on teaching fundamentals, advanced placement courses, dropout prevention, and college preparation.[10] The rankings have sparked discussion among high school administrators and others.[11] Unlike other High School rankings, such as Newsweek's "America's Top 100 High Schools", the organizations rankings focus on a variety of diverse indicators, rather than just AP scores.[12] In 2008, the number one-ranked school was the YES Prep Southeast Campus.[10]


The organization has criticized the Texas Education Agency for underreporting of high school dropouts,[13] and has hosted conferences and focused research on the dropout issue.[14][15] The organization has also been a critic of abstinence-only sex education[16] and the clause of the state's constitution which limits child welfare programs to 1% of the state's annual budget.[17] Children At Risk opposed a version of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, which they perceived as using an inadequate child population parity formula, and worked with Representative William Reynolds Archer, Jr. to get an addition $100 million added.[18]

In 1998, the organization spearheaded efforts to get state lawmakers and federal officials to examine Harris County's Head Start program, culminating in federal grants to other nonprofit organizations to work cooperatively with its original provider.[19]

Funding and leadership

Past fundraising efforts have included: a Rock for Houston's Youth Concert,[20] an annual Accolades award event,[21] and promotional donations based on the Houston Astros performance.[22]

Its Board of Directors is composed of Houston community and business leaders, lawyers, and physicians.[23][24] Robert Sanborn, Ed.D., a former faculty member at Emory University, the University of Tulsa, and Rice University, is the current President and CEO.[25][1] Founding President and CEO Jim Mickelson was with the organization for ten years, until 1999.[4] Mickelson's departure was marked by a brief period of disagreement within the board over the direction the organization should develop.[26]


The Journal of Applied Research on Children: Informing Policy for Children At Risk is an open-access and peer-reviewed online journal that is uniquely focused on the needs of children through a holistic prism. Focused on interdisciplinary research that is linked to practical, evidenced-based policy solutions for children’s issues, JARC serves to inform legislative and policy decisions, as well as existing and innovative practice models. Furthermore, JARC aims to serve as a resource to child advocates and community stakeholders by providing case studies on how innovative research and data have been used effectively to influence local, state, or national policies. JARC focuses on timely child-related topics including—but not limited to—human trafficking, food insecurity, teen pregnancy, and the quality of public education. The first edition of JARC, launched in September 2010, highlights Latino children’s issues.


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