Chiefs of Clan Munro

Chiefs of Clan Munro
Sir Robert Munro, 6th Baronet of Foulis. Traditionally 24th Baron and 27th chief of the Clan Munro
Munro of Foulis coat of arms

The chiefs of the Scottish highland Clan Munro, the Munros of Foulis, are according to tradition, descended from a Donald Munro of Foulis who died in 1039. However their descent can only be proved by contemporary evidence back to a Robert de Munro who died in 1369.[1]

According to 19th century historian Alexander Mackenzie, the chiefs of the Clan Munro are from as early as the 12th century designated Barons of Foulis.[2] However although the family line can be proved back to Robert de Munro (d.1369) by contemporary evidence, it cannot be proved that they were all actually Barons before they were made Baronets by Charles I in the 1630s. Strictly speaking Robert Mor Munro (d.1588) who Mackenzie designates the 15th Baron was the first true Baron although the Munro chiefs had previously held their lands from the Earl of Ross and directly from the crown for centuries before that.[3]

In the 1630s Hector Munro of Foulis, traditionally the 19th Baron and 22nd chief of the clan was made a Baronet by king Charles I, thus becoming Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet of Foulis. In 1651 Sir Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet of Foulis died without issue. He was succeeded by his cousin Sir Robert Munro, 3rd Baronet, the eldest male representative of the Munro of Obsdale branch of the Clan Munro, who are descended from chief Robert Mor Munro, 15th Baron of Foulis (d.1588).[4]

In 1848 Sir Hugh Munro, 8th Baronet of Foulis died leaving an only daughter. He was succeeded by his cousin Sir Charles Munro, 9th Baronet who was in fact the eldest male representative of the Munros of Culrain branch of the clan. The Munros of Culrain descend from George Munro, 1st of Newmore who was a son of Col. John Munro, 2nd of Obsdale, who was in turn a grandson of chief Robert Mor Munro, 15th Baron of Foulis (d.1588).[2] Some modern historians have claimed that the Munros of Culcairn, who are descended from George Munro, 1st of Culcairn, who was in turn a son of Sir Robert Munro, 5th Baronet (d.1729) should have become chiefs. It has been claimed, although not proven that because the Munro of Culcairn family was living in London, England, it was assumed that they had died out, even though they had not.[5][6]

In 1935 Chief Sir Hector Munro, 11th Baronet died and was succeeded to the chieftancy of the Clan Munro by his daughter, Eva Marion Munro. However the Baronetcy was succeeded to by Sir George Hamilton Munro, 12th Baronet, grandson Sir Charles Munro, 9th Baronet. Therefore the chieftanship of the Clan Munro and Baronetcy of Foulis became separated. See article: Munro Baronets.[7]

Eva Marion Munro married Col C. H. Gascoigne. Their son, Patrick, took his mother's maiden name, Munro, in order to become chief of the clan. The current chief of the clan is Hector W. Munro.



Modern line

Name Died Notes
Finnian Munro - The younger of Foulis, eldest son of the present chief.
Hector W. Munro - The Present Chief.
Capt. Patrick Munro 1995 Son of Eva Marion Munro and C. H. Gascoigne, took his mothers maiden name to become chief.
Eva Marion Munro 1976 eldest daughter of 11th baronet married Col C. H. Gascoigne.

Foulis-Obsdale line

Name Died Notes
Sir Hector Munro, 11th Baronet of Foulis 1935 Colonel in the Seaforth Highlanders ADC to Edward VII & George V - end of male line.
Sir Charles Munro, 10th Baronet of Foulis 1888 D.L. & J.P. for Ross-shire.
Sir Charles Munro, 9th Baronet of Foulis 1886 Of the Munro of Culrain branch, descended from John Munro, 2nd of Obsdale and Chief Robert Mor Munro 15th Baron of Foulis. Married Amelia, daughter of Frederick Browne.
Sir Hugh Munro, 8th Baronet of Foulis 1848 End of direct line. Married Jane, daughter of Alexander Law.
Sir Harry Munro, 7th Baronet of Foulis 1781 Rebuilt Foulis Castle after a fire destroyed it - MP for Ross-shire 1746 - 47. Married Anne, daughter of Hugh Rose of Kilravock.
Sir Robert Munro, 6th Baronet of Foulis 1746 Colonel in the Black Watch - killed at Falkirk, interred in the Churchyard of Falkirk next to Sir John Graham. Married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Seymour of Woodlands.
Sir Robert Munro, 5th Baronet of Foulis 1729 The Blind Baron. Married Jean, daughter of John Forbes of Culloden.
Sir John Munro, 4th Baronet of Foulis 1697 The Presbyterian Mortar Piece. Married Agnes, daughter of Sir Kenneth MacKenzie.
Sir Robert Munro, 3rd Baronet of Foulis 1668 Great-grandson of Chief Robert-Mor Munro, 15th Baron of Foulis and eldest surviving son of Col John Munro, 2nd of Obsdale.

Original of Foulis line

Name Died Notes
Sir Hector Munro, 2nd Baronet of Foulis 1651 Died age 17 - ending direct male line.
Sir Hector Munro, 1st Baronet of Foulis 1635 Brother of Robert. Made 1st baronet by Charles I. Died in Hamburg, Germany. Married Mary, daughter of Hugh Mackay of Farr and Strathnaver.
Robert Munro, 18th Baron of Foulis 1633 The Black Baron served in the 30 years war - died at Ulm, Germany. Married Margarat daughter of William Sutherland of Duffus.
Hector Munro, 17th Baron of Foulis 1603 Brother of Robert. Married Anne daughter of Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord Lovat.
Robert Munro, 16th Baron of Foulis 1589 Died 8 months after his father.
Robert Mor Munro, 15th Baron of Foulis 1588 Known as Mor due to his large stature. A loyal protector of Queen Mary- first Protestant and 1st to be buried at Kiltearn Church. Married Margaret, daughter of James Ogilvy of Cardell. Robert later married a daughter of Alexander Ross of Balnagowen.
Robert Munro, 14th Baron of Foulis 1547 Married Margaret, daughter of Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield. Loyal supporter of Scotland against invasion of Protector, Duke of Somerset - killed at Pinkie
Hector Munro, 13th Baron of Foulis 1541 Extensive lands confirmed to him by James V at Stirling 1541. Married Kathrine, daughter of chief of MacKenzie of Kintail.
William Munro, 12th Baron of Foulis 1505 Justicary and Lieutenant of Inverness and the Earldom of Ross. Married Anne, daughter of Lachlan Og MacLean of Duart. Killed in a raid assisting Chief of the Mackays.
John Munro, 11th Baron of Foulis 1490 In minority was under his uncle John who led the Clan at Clachnaharry 1454, married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Calder of Calder.
George Munro, 10th Baron of Foulis 1452 Under the Great Seal of James I, dated at St. Andrews 1426 - lands of great extent confirmed to him, killed at Battle of Bealach nam Broig. Married a daughter of Alexander MacCulloch of Plaids.
Hugh Munro, 9th Baron of Foulis 1425 Joined the Lord of the Isles in contest with Duke of Albany 1411. Married Isabel, daughter of John Keith of 1st of Inverugie.
Robert de Munro, 8th Baron of Foulis 1369 A charter confirmed by David II of Scotland 1364. First married Jean, daughter of Ross of Balnagowen. Later married a daughter of the laird of Forrester of Corstorphine.

Traditional chiefs

The earliest ten chiefs of the Clan Munro cannot be confirmed by contemporary evidence. George Munro traditionally the 7th Baron is recorded as the first chief in the Munro MS History written by George Martine between 1673 and 1697.[1] Robert Munro traditionally the 6th Baron is recorded as receiving a charter during the reign of Robert the Bruce in Robertson's Index of Charters, compiled in 1798 but this charter cannot be found.[8] George Munro traditionally the 5th Baron is recorded by 18th century historian Alexander Nisbet as being on a charter of the early 13th century but this charter cannot be found either.[1]

Name Died Comments
George Munro, 7th Baron of Foulis 1333 Succeeded his grandfather - continued his support of Bruce, killed at Halidon Hill. Married a daughter of Ross of Balnagowan.
George Munro 1314 Only son of Robert - predeceased his father, was killed at Bannockburn. Married a daughter of Kenneth the 4th Earl of Sutherland.
Robert Munro, 6th Baron of Foulis 1323 Joined the party of King Robert the Bruce, led the clan at Bannockburn in 1314.
George Munro, 5th Baron of Foulis 1282 Had all his Ross-shire lands confirmed to him by charter from Alexander II of Scotland before 1249.
Robert Munro, 4th Baron of Foulis 1239 Married daughter of the Earl of Sutherland.
Donald Munro, 3rd Baron of Foulis 1195 Said to have built the old Tower of Foulis 1154. Assisted Wm the Lion in repressing rebellion.
Robert Munro, 2nd Baron of Foulis 1164 Loyal subject of David I of Scotland and Malcolm IV of Scotland - Interred in Church of Chanonry of Ross - burial place of Munros for 400 years.
Hugh Munro, 1st Baron of Foulis 1126 First member of the line "Baron of Foulis".
George Munro 1101 Assisted Malcolm III of Scotland in contention with Macbeth for Crown of Scotland.
Donald Munro 1039 Founder of the ancient House of Munro.

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